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  • Athletics 2016: The Track & Field Annual 2016
    Athletics 2016: The Track & Field Annual 2016 (Paperback) Peter Matthews

    The cover photo of this year's annual is of Jessica Ennis-Hill, the 2012 Olympic heptathlon champion, who returned to the top of the podium at the 2015 World Championships in Beijing. The 29-year-old from Sheffield decided to compete at the championships only a month beforehand. As usual the annual is packed full of essential information for the track and field enthusiast, with results from all...

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  • House of Spies
    House of Spies (English, Hardback) Peter Matthews

    The Spy Hotel

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  • After Urban Regeneration
    After Urban Regeneration (English, Paperback) Dave O'Brien

    Focusing on the history and theory of community in urban policy, and including a unique set of case studies that draw on artistic and cultural community work, After urban regeneration engages with debates on how urban policy has changed and continues to change following the financial crash of 2008

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  • London's Statues and Monuments
    London's Statues and Monuments (English, Paperback) Peter Matthews

    The streets and public spaces of London are rich with statues and monuments commemorating the city's great figures and events - from Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square and Sir Christopher Wren's Great Fire Monument to the charming Peter Pan statue in Kensington Gardens, the range is glorious.

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  • Men Wear Stilettos Better Part 3 Ruby's Story
    Men Wear Stilettos Better Part 3 Ruby's Story (Paperback) Peter Matthews

    Ruby was born male, but hated this side of her life. Trapped in two world's, yet always dreaming of one. Struggling to live a gay life with her partner, yet always yearning for her own life to be fulfilled.Continuously battling with the gay lifestyle, and that of her own transgender lifestyle.Living a life of drag and sex parties,just to be able to make her goals seem achievable; as she struggles...

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  • Sigint
    Sigint (English, Hardback) Peter Matthews

    Communicating in the chaos of war is complicated, but vital. Signals intelligence makes it possible. For the first time, the secret history of global signals intelligence in the World Wars is revealed.

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  • Twelve Theories of Human Nature
    Twelve Theories of Human Nature (English, Paperback) Leslie Stevenson, David L. Haberman

    Rev. ed. of: Ten theories of human nature / Leslie Stevenson, David L. Haberman.

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  • The Archers in Fact and Fiction
    The Archers in Fact and Fiction (English, Hardback) Cara Courage

    Twelve leading academics from across the United Kingdom use storylines from BBC Radio 4’s The Archers to examine life in rural Borsetshire, bringing their academic research to new audiences. The irreverent but thought-provoking contributions will have you laughing and thinking.

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  • Hot Sun, Cool Shadow
    Hot Sun, Cool Shadow (English, Paperback) Angela Murrills, Peter Matthews

    Hot Sun, Cool Shadow is the story of one couple's discovery of the Languedoc--a region of France near the Mediterranean coast and the Pyrennes--and their quest for a new home where they could have a simpler life and where they could "live to eat."

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  • London's Bridges
    London's Bridges (English, Paperback) Peter Matthews

    Traces the history of all 33 Thames bridges within Greater London, exploring the architecture and stories from Hampton Court Bridge in the west to the iconic Tower Bridge in the east. This book is suitable for those interested in the history of London.

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  • System Leadership in Practice
    System Leadership in Practice (English, Paperback) Rob Higham, David Hopkins

    This book is indispensable reading for school leaders and senior teachers, educational policy makers and advisors, as well as anyone involved or interested in education and its leadership.

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  • Decentring Urban Governance
    Decentring Urban Governance (English, Hardback) Mark Bevir

    This book seeks to rethink governance not as a particular state formation, but as the diverse policies emerging associated with the impact of modernist social science on policy making, considering the diverse meanings that inspire governing practices across time, space, and policy sectors in urban context. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, the book goes beyond neoliberalism, and is...

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  • Who's Buried Where in London
    Who's Buried Where in London (English, Paperback) Peter Matthews

    An illustrated guide to the final resting places of London s rich, famous, and royal residents, sure to appeal to anyone wishing for an alternative history of the British capital."

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  • London's Statues and Monuments
    London's Statues and Monuments (English, Paperback) Peter Matthews

    A fully revised and updated guide to London's statues and monuments, appealing to anyone interested in the British capital's history.

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  • Men Wear Stilettos Better Part 1
    Men Wear Stilettos Better Part 1 (Paperback) Peter Matthews

    Robert Garcia, was not your ordinary boy next door. For he had a secret that he kept from his family, whilst he was growing up. It was not until he left home, that he was able to explore his identity. Robert discovered Roxy, his female persona. As he left his hometown of Kent, to move to Brighton Sussex, did he discover the gay scene; and before long he befriended a drag queen, who would have a...

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  • The Man Who Forgot Christmas
    The Man Who Forgot Christmas (Paperback) Peter Matthews

    It was the Eve of Christmas 1990, when Anthony Miller lost his father in a road traffic accident. Not being able to cope with the grief, his mother places him in care, by the advice of her daughter and that of the local authorities; where over time she forgets about him. Those nine years in care would prove costly, as it would take away Anthony's Christmas spirit, as well as the trust in adults....

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  • Men Wear Stilettos Better Part 2
    Men Wear Stilettos Better Part 2 (Paperback) Peter Matthews

    Roxy Garcia, had come a long way; since those early days as Bobby. Having now secured himself a successful career, both on the cabaret circuit; and of runway. Were things now coming to an end, for this rising star? Having lived most of his life as a she, was Roxy now over thinking things? Could she have been mistaken by what she saw? Danni and Roxy, never held back from each other; as they had no...

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