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  • Ice
    Ice (English, Paperback) Anna Kavan

    In this haunting and surreal novel, the narrator and a man known as 'the warden' search for an elusive girl in a frozen, seemingly post-nuclear, apocalyptic landscape. Together with the narrator, the reader is swept into a hallucinatory quest for this strange and fragile creature with albino hair. She is, we know, Anna Kavan herself.

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  • Journey to the East
    Journey to the East (English, Paperback) Hermann Hesse

    Describes the history of a journey undertaken by a secretive 'League'. This novel reveals the existence of a fantastical, alluring and deeply intimate world in which a journey can cross not only the boundaries of time and space but even those of fact and fiction, in which one's travelling companion might just as easily be Don Quixote as Paul Klee.

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  • Scandal
    Scandal (English, Paperback) Endo Shusaku

    Suguro is an eminent Catholic novelist, respectably married and on the cusp of old age. So when a drunken woman approaches him at an awards ceremony claiming to know him from his regular visits to Tokyo's red-light district, she must surely be mistaken.

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  • Julia and the Bazooka
    Julia and the Bazooka (English, Paperback) Anna Kavan

    Originally published: London: Owen, 1970.

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  • In the Shadow of Islam
    In the Shadow of Islam (English, Paperback) Isabelle Eberhardt

    In 1897 Isabelle Eberhardt, aged twenty, left an unconventional life in Geneva for Kenadsa, at the Moroccan frontier. Gripped by spiritual restlessness and a desire to transcend boundaries, she travelled into the desert, into the heart of Islam. This book follows her. Courage and hunger for authenticity led her into totally unfamiliar territory: she was captivated by the Sahara and its...

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  • Alberta and Jacob
    Alberta and Jacob (English, Paperback) Cora Sandel

    Hailed as a masterpiece on its British publication in 1962, this Modern Classic reissue should bring this magnificent novel to a new generation. Imaginative and intelligent, Alberta is a misfit trapped in a stiflingly provincial town in the far north of Norway whose only affinity is for her extrovert brother Jacob. Combining mastery of style and characterization with brilliant descriptive writing,...

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  • Boat in the Evening
    Boat in the Evening (English, Paperback) Tarjei Vesaas

    Earning its author a third nomination for the Nobel Prize, this tale centers on a crane colony arriving at its breeding ground to play out a delicate drama, ending with the rarely observed ceremony of the ritual dance. All is observed by a transfixed child who has frozen into his background and become a piece of nature himself. With a kind of cinematic impressionism, this novel voyages back...

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  • Sleep Has His House
    Sleep Has His House (English, Paperback) Anna Kavan

    A daring synthesis of memoir and surrealist experimentation, Sleep Has His House charts chronologically the stages of the subject's gradual withdrawal from all interest in and contact with the daylight world of received reality. Brief flashes of daily experience from childhood, adolescence and youth are described in what Kavan terms 'night-time language' - a heightened, decorative prose that frees...

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  • Dan Yack
    Dan Yack (English, Paperback) Blaise Cendrars

    This strange travel yarn begins with Dan Yack finding out that he is no longer wanted by his lover, Hedwiga. Rejection letter in hand, he is completely drunk and sitting in the middle of the street in a pool of horse's urine. Eventually he wanders in to The Stray Dog nightclub to fall asleep under a table....

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  • Midnight Tales
    Midnight Tales (English, Paperback) Peter Haining

    A grisly selection of tales from the author of Dracula Werewolves, torture chambers, brutal retributions?all of the tales in this volume are marked by Stoker's fascination with the strange, the mysterious, and the deadly that made him a master of the genre; their readability betrays their origins as conversation pieces in candle-lit dining rooms 100 years ago. The success of Dracula has tended to...

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  • Confessions of Dan Yack
    Confessions of Dan Yack (English, Paperback) Blaise Cendrars

    Confessions of Dan Yack continues the adventures of the eccentric English millionaire Dan Yack. Yack is Blaise Cendrars' alter ego, and the Confessions represent the distilled riches of the author's picaresque life, spoken into a Dictaphone and divided into nine 'cylinders' which constitute the book's chapters....

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  • Parson
    Parson (English, Paperback) Anna Kavan

    The Parson of the title is not a cleric but an upright young army officer so nicknamed for his apparent prudishness. On leave in his native homeland, he meets Rejane, a rich and beguiling beauty, the woman of his dreams. The days that the Parson spends with Rejane, riding in and exploring the wild moorland, have their own enchantment, but Rejane grows restless in this desolate landscape. Although...

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  • Duo
    Duo (English, Paperback) Colette

    In Duo, Colette observes, with masterly astuteness and perception, two characters whose marriage is foundering on the wife's infidelity. Acting out the final crisis, Alice and Michel have the stage to themselves so that nothing is allowed to distract from the marital dialogue....

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  • Who are You?
    Who are You? (English, Paperback) Anna Kavan

    Who Are You? is a sparse depiction of the hopeless, emotional polarity of a young couple and their doomed marriage spent in a remote, tropical hell....

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  • Demian
    Demian (English, Paperback) Hermann Hesse

    Schoolboy Emil Sinclair boasts of a theft and finds himself blackmailed by a bully. He turns to Max Demian in whom he finds a friend and mentor. Under this strangely self-possessed figure's guidance Emil discovers a new world of corruption and evil. This novel by one of Europe's greatest writers is a story of adolescent awakening.

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  • Gold
    Gold (English, Paperback) Blaise Cendrars

    In January 1848 John Augustus Sutter, the first American millionaire, was ruined by one blow of a pickaxe - a blow that revealed gold in one of the streams in his Californian estate, triggering the Gold Rush that brought hordes of greedy miners to his vast domain from every corner of the world....

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  • The Seed
    The Seed (English, Paperback) Tarjei Vessas

    From the author of The Ice Palace, winner of Bookslut's Daphne Award for fiction, comes a new addition to the Peter Owen Modern Classics series...

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  • Miscreant
    Miscreant (English, Paperback) Jean Cocteau

    Jacques Forestier, the central character of Cocteau's famous first novel from 1921, is a parasite and dilettante who responds readily to beauty in both sexes....

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  • Le Livre Blanc
    Le Livre Blanc (English, Paperback) Jean Cocteau

    Le Livre Blanc, a `white paper' on homosexual love, was first published anonymously in France by Cocteau's contemporary Maurice Sachs and was at once decried as by the critics as obscene. The semi-autobiographical narrative describes a youth's love affairs with a succession of boys and men during the 1900s.

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  • Peter Camenzind (Paperback) Hermann Hesse $15.24
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