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Phil Hewitt

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  • Outrunning the Demons by Phil Hewitt
    Outrunning the Demons (English, Paperback) Phil Hewitt

    An exploration of the transformative power of running--and it can be the key to unlocking resilience we never knew we had. With a foreword by Dean Karnazes.

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  • In the Running by Phil Hewitt
    In the Running (English, Paperback) Phil Hewitt

    From the strength and stamina of well-known runners who achieve the almost impossible to the extraordinary runners who have changed lives and history, this collection of unforgettable stories will inspire anyone who's ever pounded the pavement to keep on running and enjoy every minute of this liberating sport.

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  • Gosport: Then and Now by Phil Hewitt
    Gosport: Then and Now (Paperback) Phil Hewitt $19.96
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  • A Chichester Miscellany by Phil Hewitt
    A Chichester Miscellany (English, Hardback) Phil Hewitt

    Chichester was created by the Romans and became a thriving market town in the Middle Ages. The Georgians added an array of splendid buildings which still enhance the city today. In this compendium of fascinating facts and true stories, Phil Hewitt reveals the intriguing history and the hidden delights of one of our best-loved cathedral cities.

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  • Keep on Running by Phil Hewitt
    Keep on Running (English, Paperback) Phil Hewitt

    Phil Hewitt has completed over 25 marathons in conditions ranging from blistering heat to snow and ice. This account of his adventures from Berlin to New York looks at the highs and lows of running marathons, the motivation to keep going when your body wants to stop, and tries to answer the ultimate question, `Why do you do it?'

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  • Chichester Remembered by Phil Hewitt
    Chichester Remembered (English, Paperback) Phil Hewitt

    A history of Chichester

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  • A Portsmouth Miscellany by Phil Hewitt
    A Portsmouth Miscellany (English, Hardback) Phil Hewitt

    Portsmouth is a place of rare distinction. It was from here that the nation set sail to conquer an empire. It has given us some of our finest writers, musicians, and adventurers. And there are tales of smuggling, ghosts, and murder. Dive into this compendium of fascinating facts and true stories, and discover the hidden depths of a remarkable city.

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  • A Winchester Miscellany by Phil Hewitt
    A Winchester Miscellany (English, Hardback) Phil Hewitt

    Winchester is rich in history and enigma; the city where a cake-burning king established a nation and the final resting place of one of Britain's best-loved authors. In this fascinating and informative guide, Phil Hewitt explores the rich story of the city, covering everything from its legends to its kings, from its heroes to its villains.

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