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Philip Roth

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  • The Human Stain by Philip Roth
    The Human Stain (English, Paperback) Philip Roth

    'The work of a genius at full throttle' Sunday TelegraphIt is 1998, the year America is plunged into a frenzy of prurience by the impeachment of a president, and in a small New England town a distinguished classics professor, Coleman Silk, is forced to retire when his colleagues allege that he is a racist.

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  • Portnoy's Complaint by Philip Roth
    Portnoy's Complaint (English, Paperback) Philip Roth

    Pulitzer award-winning author Philip Roth's iconic and sensational novel about sex, psychoanalysis and growing upPortnoy's Complaint n. [after Alexander Portnoy (1933-)]:A disorder in which strongly-felt ethical and altruistic impulses are perpetually warring with extreme sexual longings, often of a perverse nature.

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  • American Pastoral by Philip Roth
    American Pastoral (English, Paperback) Philip Roth

    WINNER OF THE PULITZER PRIZEPhilip Roth's masterpiece provides a piercing look into the promises of prosperity, civic order and domesticity in twentieth century America `Swede' Levov is living the American dream.

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  • Goodbye, Columbus by Philip Roth
    Goodbye, Columbus (English, Paperback) Philip Roth

    Philip Roth's debut novella and Winner of the National Book Award for Fiction Goodbye, Columbus is the story of Neil Klugman and pretty, spirited Brenda Patimkin, he of poor Newark, she of suburban Short Hills, who meet one summer and fall into an affair that is as much about social class and suspicion as it is about love.

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  • The Plot Against America by Philip Roth
    The Plot Against America (Paperback) Philip Roth

    `In The Plot Against America, Roth precisely described the sinister and chilling nightmare in which the United States now finds itself... America has not read enough of Philip Roth' Bernard-Henri Levy When the renowned aviation hero and rabid isolationist Charles A.

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  • Everyman by Philip Roth
    Everyman (English, Paperback) Philip Roth

    Winner of the PEN/Faulkner Award for FictionEveryman is a candidly intimate yet universal story of loss, regret and stoicism.

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  • Nemesis by Philip Roth
    Nemesis (Paperback) Philip Roth

    As polio begins to ravage Bucky's playground - child by helpless child - Roth leads us through every emotion such a pestilence can breed: the fear, the panic, the anger, the bewilderment, the suffering and the pain.

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  • Indignation by Philip Roth
    Indignation (Paperback) Philip Roth

    Now a major motion picture starring Sarah Gadon, Logan Lerman and Ben Rosenfield, and adapted for the screen by James SchamusDuring the second year of the Korean War in 1951, studious, law-abiding Marcus Messner is beginning his sophomore year on the conservative campus of Ohio's Winesburg College.

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  • The Humbling by Philip Roth
    The Humbling (English, Paperback) Philip Roth

    Simon Axler is one of America's leading classical stage actors, but his talent - his magic - has deserted him. It is only when he begins an affair with Pegeen - formerly a lesbian of 17 years - that Axler's regeneration (and then his final catastrophe) can begin.

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  • Zuckerman Unbound by Philip Roth
    Zuckerman Unbound (English, Paperback) Philip Roth

    Following the wild success of his novel, Carnovsky, Nathan Zuckerman has been catapulted into the literary limelight. As he ventures out onto the streets of Manhattan he finds himself accosted on all sides, the target of admonishers, advisers, would-be literary critics, and - worst of all - fans.

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  • Philip Roth: Why Write? Collected Nonfiction 1960-2013 by Philip Roth
    Philip Roth: Why Write? Collected Nonfiction 1960-2013 (English, Hardback) Philip Roth

    The Pulitzer Prize-winning author of American Pastoral presents a collection of essays that span his writing career, offering insights on his controversial novels, the writing life and recent assessments of his own work.

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  • Mendelssohn is on the Roof by Jiri Weil
    Mendelssohn is on the Roof (Paperback) Jiri Weil, Philip Roth

    Full of dark humour and bitter irony, this moving novel traces the transformation of ordinary lives during the Nazi occupation of Prague. Weil is a neglected master of European literature, and this is one of only two of his novels to be translated into English.

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  • The Ghost Writer by Philip Roth
    The Ghost Writer (English, Paperback) Philip Roth

    The Ghost Writer introduces Nathan Zuckerman in the 1950s, a budding writer infatuated with the Great Books, discovering the contradictory claims of literature and experience while an overnight guest in the secluded New England farmhouse of his idol, E. I. Lonoff....

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  • The Plot Against America by Philip Roth
    The Plot Against America (English, Paperback) Philip Roth $10.03
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  • Philip Roth: Zuckerman Bound: A Trilogy & Epilogue 1979-1985 (Loa #175) by Philip Roth
    Philip Roth: Zuckerman Bound: A Trilogy & Epilogue 1979-1985 (Loa #175) (English, Hardback) Philip Roth

    This fourth volume of The Library of America's definitive edition of Roth's collected works presents four novels that recount the story of budding American writer Nathan Zuckerman. Includes "The Ghost Writer, Zuckerman Unbound, The Anatomy Lesson," and "The Prague Orgy."

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  • I Married a Communist by Philip Roth
    I Married a Communist (English, Paperback) Philip Roth

    The questions, discussion topics and suggested reading list that follow are intended to enhance your group's reading of Philip Roth's I Married a Communist . We hope they will provide you with many new ways of approaching this powerful novel of private rage, public betrayal, and historical reflection by one of America's greatest writers.

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  • The Counterlife by Philip Roth
    The Counterlife (English, Paperback) Philip Roth

    Winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award for FictionThe Counterlife is about people living their dreams of renewal and escape, some of them going so far as to risk their lives to alter their destinies. Shot through with head-turning dualities, as daring as it is moving, The Counterlife reinvents the novel with style, wit and grace.

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  • The Great American Novel by Philip Roth
    The Great American Novel (Paperback) Philip Roth

    The Ruppert Mundys, once the greatest baseball team in America, are now in a terminal decline, their line-up filled with a disreputable assortment of old men, drunks and even amputees.

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  • A Fanatic Heart by Edna O'Brien
    A Fanatic Heart (English, Paperback) Edna O'Brien

    In these selections from twenty years of her best short fiction, Edna O'Brien pulls the reader into a woman's experience. Her stories portray a young Irish girl's view of obsessive love and its often wrenching pain, while tales of contemporary life show women who open themselves to sexuality, to disappointment, to madness. Throughout, there is always O'Brien's voice--wondrous, despairing,...

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  • Herzog by Saul Bellow
    Herzog (English, Paperback) Saul Bellow

    A suffering and persecuted intellectual, Moses E. Herzog passively accepts the disasters of his private and public affairs in an effort to survive modern civilization.

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