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Philip Tan

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  • Suicide Squad: Rebirth - Volume 1 - The Black Vault  by Jim Lee
    Suicide Squad: Rebirth - Volume 1 - The Black Vault (English, Paperback) Jim Lee, Philip Tan

    The government has once again handpicked the worst of the worst for its Task Force X. Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, Katana and Killer Croc. All deadly criminals sent on the most dangerous missions possible by a governement that wants them killed. But their newest challenge? A teammate so powerful that even they can't control.

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  • He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe Vol. 1 by Kieth Giffen
    He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe Vol. 1 (English, Paperback) Kieth Giffen, Philip Tan

    Prince Adam sets out to reclaim the mantle of He-Man, a legendary power that he can wield for the powers of good. But around every turn the evil villain Skeletor seeks to destroy the young hero and keep him from finding his fellow Masters.

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  • X-men: Unstoppable by Chuck Austen
    X-men: Unstoppable (English, Paperback) Chuck Austen, Ron Garney

    The unstoppable Juggernaut has joined the X-Men! When Cain Marko summons the X-Men to help his criminal partner Black Tom Cassidy, he surprises everyone - including himself - by accepting his hated stepbrother Professor X's off er of friendship! And he's not the only new face at the Xavier Institute, as Northstar and Husk join the teaching staff, troubled young Sammy Paré enrolls at the school,...

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  • The Savage Hawkman Vol. 1 by Tony Daniel
    The Savage Hawkman Vol. 1 (English, Paperback) Tony Daniel, James Bonny

    "Originally published in single magazine form in The savage Hawkman 1-8."

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