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  • The Emperor's New Mind
    The Emperor's New Mind (English, Paperback) Roger Penrose

    In his bestselling work of popular science, Sir Roger Penrose takes us on a fascinating tour through the basic principles of physics, cosmology, mathematics, and philosophy to show that human thinking can never be emulated by a machine.

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  • Hermeneutics: A Very Short Introduction
    Hermeneutics: A Very Short Introduction (English, Paperback) Jens Zimmermann

    This Very Short Introduction to hermeneutics demonstrates the central role of interpretation in our daily lives. By considering the historic developments in hermeneutic theory as well as its contemporary relevance, Zimmermann explains how humans continue to draw knowledge from the world around them.

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  • Opening the Doors of Perception
    Opening the Doors of Perception (English, Paperback) Anthony Peake


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  • What Kind of Creatures are We?
    What Kind of Creatures are We? (English, Hardback) Noam Chomsky

    In clear, precise, and non-technical language, Chomsky elaborates on fifty years of scientific development in the study of language, sketching how his own work has implications for the origins of language, the close relations that language bears to thought, and its biological basis. Moving from language and mind to society and politics, he concludes with a philosophical defense of libertarian socialism.

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  • The Doors of Perception & Heaven and Hell
    The Doors of Perception & Heaven and Hell (English, Paperback) Aldous Huxley

    Two classic texts in one volume reveal Huxley's explorations into the mind's remote frontiers and the unmapped areas of human consciousness.

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  • Philosophy for Graduate Students
    Philosophy for Graduate Students (English, Paperback) Alex Broadbent

    When graduate students start their studies, they usually have sound knowledge of some areas of philosophy, but the overall map of their knowledge is often patchy and disjointed. There are a number of topics that any contemporary philosopher working in any part of the analytic tradition (and in many parts of other traditions too) needs to grasp, and to grasp as a coherent whole rather than a...

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  • In Praise of Forgetting
    In Praise of Forgetting (English, Hardback) David Rieff

    A leading contrarian thinker explores the ethical paradox at the heart of history's wounds

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  • Articulations On the Utilisation and Meanings of Psychedelics
    Articulations On the Utilisation and Meanings of Psychedelics (English, Paperback) Julian Palmer

    Drawing upon 15 years of profound research, Articulations is an illuminating inquiry into the many different plants and compounds available in the modern day, conducive 'mindsets' and understandings regarding how psychedelics can be most constructively utilised.

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  • Waking, Dreaming, Being
    Waking, Dreaming, Being (English, Hardback) Evan Thompson

    A renowned philosopher of the mind, also known for his groundbreaking work on Buddhism and cognitive science, Evan Thompson combines the latest neuroscience research on sleep, dreaming, and meditation with Indian and Western philosophy of the mind, casting new light on the self and its relation to the brain. Thompson shows how the self is a changing process, not a static thing. When we are awake...

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  • The Kybalion - Hermetic Philosophy - Revised and Updated Edition
    The Kybalion - Hermetic Philosophy - Revised and Updated Edition (English, Paperback) Three Initiates

    An occult classicSince its first publication in 1908, The Kybalion, Hermetic Philosophy by Three Initiates, has been in constant demand by students and investigators of the Secret Doctrines. It is a modern addition to the body of work devoted to Hermes Trismegistus, an icon of ancient teachings that reveal the path to self transformation.In this revised edition, we have corrected many editorial...

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  • Seeing Things as They are
    Seeing Things as They are (English, Hardback) John Searle

    This book provides a comprehensive account of the intentionality of perceptual experience. With special emphasis on vision Searle explains how the raw phenomenology of perception sets the content and the conditions of satisfaction of experience.

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  • The Free Will Delusion
    The Free Will Delusion (English, Paperback) James B. Miles

    Poverty is not accident, but design. We are not all equal before the law. And the central message of contemporary ethics is that only some people matter.

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  • Taking Appearance Seriously
    Taking Appearance Seriously (English, Paperback) Henri Bortoft

    A renowned thinker explores a way of seeing that draws attention back from what is experienced, into the act of experiencing.

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  • Notes Toward a Performative Theory of Assembly
    Notes Toward a Performative Theory of Assembly (English, Hardback) Judith Butler

    Judith Butler elucidates the dynamics of public assembly under prevailing economic and political conditions. Understanding assemblies as plural forms of performative action, she extends her theory of performativity to show why precarity—destruction of the conditions of livability—is a galvanizing force and theme in today’s highly visible protests.

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  • Falling In Love with Where You Are
    Falling In Love with Where You Are (English, Paperback) Jeff Foster

    Falling in Love with Where You Are invites readers to discover a deep YES to life, no matter what they're going through; to see crisis as an opportunity to heal, pain as an intelligent messenger, and imperfections as perfectly placed.

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  • Being Realistic About Reasons
    Being Realistic About Reasons (English, Paperback) T. M. Scanlon

    Is what we have reason to do a matter of fact? If so, what kind of truth is involved, how can we know it, and how do reasons motivate and explain action? In this concise and lucid book T. M. Scanlon offers answers, with a qualified defense of normative cognitivism-the view that there are normative truths about reasons for action.

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  • The Mechanical Mind
    The Mechanical Mind (English, Paperback) Tim Crane

    How can the human mind represent the external world? What is thought, and can it be studied scientifically? Should we think of the mind as a kind of machine? Is the mind a computer? Can a computer think? Tim Crane sets out to answer these questions and more in a lively and straightforward way, presuming no prior knowledge of philosophy or related disciplines.Since its first publication in...

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  • The Book of Five Rings
    The Book of Five Rings (English, Paperback) Miyamoto Musashi

    An Unabridged Edition To Include: The Earth Scroll - The Water Scroll - The Fire Scroll - The Wind Scroll - The Scroll Of Emptiness - Preface and Notes

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  • From Bacteria to Bach and Back
    From Bacteria to Bach and Back (English, Hardback) Daniel C. Dennett

    One of America's foremost philosophers offers a major new account of the origins of the conscious mind.

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  • Freud
    Freud (English, Paperback) Jonathan Lear

    In this fully updated second edition, Jonathan Lear clearly introduces and assesses all of Freud's thought, focusing on those areas of philosophy on which Freud is acknowledged to have had a lasting impact. These include the philosophy of mind, free will and determinism, rationality, the nature of the self and subjectivity, and ethics and religion. He also considers some of the deeper issues and...

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