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  • Growth Mindset Pocketbook
    Growth Mindset Pocketbook (Paperback) Barry Hymer, Mike Gershon

    Whatever it is that makes you you, can you affect it? Your answer to that question gives us a glimpse into your 'mindset'. People with fixed mindsets believe that fundamental qualities like intelligence are essentially stable; people with growth mindsets believe that such qualities can be developed and nurtured.

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  • The Growth Mindset Coach
    The Growth Mindset Coach (English, Paperback) Annie Brock

    Created by teachers for teachers, this is the ultimate guide for unleashing students' potential through creative lessons, empowering messages and innovative teaching. With the tools in this book, you can motivate your students to believe in themselves and achieve anything." --

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  • American Higher Education in the Twenty-First Century
    American Higher Education in the Twenty-First Century (English, Paperback) Michael N. Bastedo

    Perna, Gary Rhoades, Roman Ruiz, Lauren Schudde, Sheila Slaughter, Daryl G. Smith

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  • Teaching for Diversity and Social Justice
    Teaching for Diversity and Social Justice (English, Paperback) Maurianne Adams

    For twenty years, Teaching for Diversity and Social Justice has been the definitive sourcebook of theoretical foundations, pedagogical and design frameworks, and curricular models for social justice teaching practice. Thoroughly revised and updated, this third edition continues in the tradition of its predecessors to cover the most relevant issues and controversies in social justice education in a...

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  • Unflattening
    Unflattening (English, Paperback) Nick Sousanis

    The primacy of words over images has deep roots in Western culture. But what if the two are inextricably linked in meaning-making? In this experiment in visual thinking, drawn in comics, Nick Sousanis defies conventional discourse to offer readers a stunning work of graphic art and a serious inquiry into the ways humans construct knowledge.

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  • Disrupting Thinking
    Disrupting Thinking (English, Paperback) G Kylene Beers

    According to master teachers, Kylene Beers and Bob Probst, if teachers want reading to have the potential to change students’ thinking, giving them more information about a subject, perhaps a new perspective?thus enabling them to disrupt and reshape their assumption and beliefs?then teachers must encourage students to interact with the text and with one another even before they begin to read; in short, they we must turn the thinking over to them.

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  • The Art of Thought
    The Art of Thought (Paperback) Graham Wallas

    In this book Wallas presentan early model of the creative process. Wallas argues that creative insights and illuminations may be explained by a process consisting of four stages.

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  • Knowledge of Self
    Knowledge of Self (English, Paperback) Supreme Understanding

    An anthology of essays from members of the Nation of Gods and Earths (commonly known as the Five Percenters), a culture that teaches that the Black man is God and that Supreme Mathematics are the keys to understanding man's relationship to the universe. This book represents the only work to present the diverse and often illuminating perspectives of Five Percenters themselves. Features contributions from over 50 authors, including Lord Jamar of Brand Nubian and Popa Wu and Cappadonna or Wu-Tang Clan.

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  • Embedded Formative Assessment
    Embedded Formative Assessment (English, Paperback) Dylan Wiliam

    In this book Dylan Wiliam argues that quality of teachers is the single most important factor in the education system.

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  • Pedagogy of Hope
    Pedagogy of Hope (English, Paperback) Paulo Freire

    "With the publication of Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Paulo Freire established himself as one of the most important and radical educational thinkers of his time. In Pedagogy of Hope, Freire revisits the themes of his masterpiece, the real world contexts that inspired them and their impact in that very world. Freire's abiding concern for social justice and education in the developing world remains as...

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  • Deculturalization and the Struggle for Equality
    Deculturalization and the Struggle for Equality (English, Paperback) Joel Spring

    Joel Spring's history of school polices imposed on dominated groups in the United States examines the concept of deculturalization?the use of schools to strip away family languages and cultures and replace them with those of the dominant group. The focus is on the education of dominated groups forced to become citizens in territories conquered by the U.S., including Native Americans, Enslaved...

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  • Educational Foundations
    Educational Foundations (English, Paperback) Alan S. Canestrari

    By taking a hard look at traditional educational practice, the contributors to this anthology serve as models for the kind of reflective practitioners that its editors hope that students will become while in the field.

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  • Becoming Brilliant
    Becoming Brilliant (English, Paperback) Roberta Michnick Golinkoff, Kathryn Hirsh-Pasek

    In just a few years, today's children and teens will forge careers that look nothing like those their parents and grandparents knew. Even the definition of "career" and "job" are changing as more people build their own teams to create new businesses, apps, and services. Although these changes are well underway, most systems lag behind. Most education systems still subscribe to the idea that...

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  • Cultural Diversity and Education
    Cultural Diversity and Education (English, Paperback) James A. Banks

    Now available in paperback, the sixth edition of this definitive text provides students a strong background in the conceptual, theoretical, and philosophical issues in multicultural education from a leading authority and scholarly leader of the field---James A. Banks....

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  • What Great Teachers Do Differently: DVD Resource
    What Great Teachers Do Differently: DVD Resource (English, Paperback) Todd Whitaker

    In the second edition of this renowned book, you will find pearls of wisdom, heartfelt advice, and inspiration from one of the nation's leading authorities on staff motivation, teacher leadership, and principal effectiveness. With wit and understanding, Todd Whitaker describes the beliefs, behaviors, attitudes, and interactions of great teachers and explains what they do differently. New features...

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  • Not for Profit
    Not for Profit (English, Paperback) Martha C. Nussbaum

    In Not for Profit, celebrated philosopher Martha Nussbaum makes a passionate case for the importance of the liberal arts at all levels of education. Historically, the humanities have been central to study because they have been seen as essential for creating competent democratic citizens. But recently, Nussbaum argues, the aims of education have gone disturbingly awry. We increasingly treat...

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  • Creative Schools
    Creative Schools (English, Paperback) Sir Ken Robinson

    A revolutionary reappraisal of how to educate our children and young people by Ken Robinson, theNew York Times bestselling author of The Element and Finding Your Element Ken Robinson is one of the world’s most influential voices in education, and his 2006 TED Talk on the subject is the most viewed in the organization’s history. Now, the internationally recognized leader on creativity and...

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  • A Mind Shaped by Poverty
    A Mind Shaped by Poverty (English, Paperback) Regenia Rawlinson $11.41
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  • What Kind of Citizen?
    What Kind of Citizen? (English, Paperback) Joel Westheimer

    How can schools teach the skills required for a strong democracy to flourish? What Kind of Citizen? asks readers to imagine the kind of society they would like to live in - and then shows the ways in which schools can be used to make that vision a reality.

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  • Using Educational Criticism and Connoisseurship for Qualitative Research
    Using Educational Criticism and Connoisseurship for Qualitative Research (English, Paperback) David J. Flinders, Christy M. Moroye

    Using Educational Criticism and Connoisseurship for Qualitative Research develops the practical elements of educational criticism, a form of qualitative inquiry that takes its lead from the work that critics have done in fields such as the visual arts, music, literature, drama and dance. Written by leading scholars in the field of curriculum studies, and research methods, this book explores the...

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