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  • Iggy & the Stooges
    Iggy & the Stooges (English, Hardback) Ed Caraeff

    A must-have for any dedicated fan, featuring previously unpublished photographs of Iggy Pop and The Stooges at the height of their fame.

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  • Photographing Historic Buildings
    Photographing Historic Buildings (English, Paperback) Steve Cole

    The goal when photographing historic buildings, whether an abandoned railway shed or a stunning and storied castle, is not just to capture a compelling image, but to create a lasting record of the building’s design and character. But much more goes into creating a successful photograph than is sometimes apparent. Behind the camera, the photographer must have a trained eye to distinguish a...

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  • Manhood
    Manhood (English, Paperback) Laura Dodsworth

    100 men bravely share un-airbrushed photographs of their penises alongside honest, courageous, powerful and humorous stories about their penises and their lives. Intimate, visually refreshing, maybe even surprising, Manhood will make you reconsider how you think and feel about your own body, and those of the men in your life.

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  • Eugene Richards
    Eugene Richards (English, Hardback) Lisa Hostetler, April M. Watson

    The first publication to situate the work of Richards in the long photographic tradition that merges personal artistic vision with documentary practice

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  • I Can Only Tell You What My Eyes See: Photographs from the Refugee Crisis 2017
    I Can Only Tell You What My Eyes See: Photographs from the Refugee Crisis 2017 (English, Paperback)

    In October 2015, photographer Giles Duley was commissioned by the UNHCR to document the refugee crisis.

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  • L'Chaim
    L'Chaim (English, Hardback) Eliezer Sobel

    In spending time with his mother in the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s disease, Eliezer Sobel recognized something astounding. Although she had seemingly lost all of her language skills several years earlier, he discovered that she still enjoyed gazing at pictures in magazines and actually reading the headlines aloud! He searched for a simple picture book with easy-to-read captions in big print,...

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  • Storm of Eagles
    Storm of Eagles (English, Hardback) John Dibbs, Kent Ramsey

    A lavish photographic history that reveals the vital role that the pilots and their aircraft played throughout the course of World War II.

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  • The Blue Series
    The Blue Series (English, Hardback) Ben Blackwell

    A book-music-boxset documenting the Third Man Records/Jack White produced 7" series featuring Beck to First Aid Kit to Colbert.

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  • Atget
    Atget (English, Hardback) Benjamin Weiss $29.11
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  • Coney Island
    Coney Island (Hardback) Rob Ball $28.29 $30.90
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  • Harry Callahan: French Archives
    Harry Callahan: French Archives (English, Hardback) Harry Callahan $28.81 $35.00
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  • Natural Wonders of Assateague Island
    Natural Wonders of Assateague Island (English, Hardback) Mark Hendricks

    Assateague Island, primarily known for its population of wild horses and pristine beaches, is a magical place. Yet few people have experienced all of its natural wonders. Noted wildlife photographer Mark Hendricks has spent years exploring the barrier island and shares his passion for the areas incredible biodiversity in this stunning collection of more than 190 color pictures. Through his lens...

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  • Dog Photography
    Dog Photography (English, Paperback) Margaret Bryant

    Award-winning photographer Margaret Bryant (Dallas/Fort Worth, TX) makes capturing dog portraits look easy—but anyone who has aspired to take portraits of a four-legged friend knows it is a skill that is hard-won. In fact, creating memorable dog portraits requires more than a good camera and a squeaky toy. Dogs need to feel comfortable before they reveal their personalities. To get them...

    $21.12 $24.95
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  • Blondie 2018 Wall Calendar
    Blondie 2018 Wall Calendar (English, Calendar) Chris Stein

    Featuring photographs of Debbie Harry by Blondie co-founder Chris Stein.In this spectacular new Blondie 2018 Wall Calendar, celebrated New York City punk Chris Stein shares his iconic photographs of Debbie Harry, with whom he co-founded the legendary band Blondie in the early 1970s. Captured by one of the period's greatest artists and instigators, these poster-size photographs revel in the glamour...

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  • Grandeur of the Canadian Rockies
    Grandeur of the Canadian Rockies (English, Hardback) Meghan J Ward

    In celebration of the 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation and in conjunction with Parks Canada’s announcement that entrance to all of Canada’s national parks, national historic sites and national marine conservation areas will be free throughout 2017, RMB is excited to launch an entirely new series of photography books created and designed to highlight the beauty, majesty and...

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  • Feast for the Eyes
    Feast for the Eyes (English, Hardback) Susan Bright, Roger Fenton

    Food has been a much-photographed subject throughout the history of photography, across genres, including art and advertising. This is the first book to survey the rich history of food in photography, and the photographers who developed new ways of describing food in pictures. Through key images, Susan Bright explores the important figures and movements of food photography to provide an essential primer, from the earliest photographers to contemporary artists.

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  • The Photographer's Eye Remastered 10th Anniversary
    The Photographer's Eye Remastered 10th Anniversary (Paperback) Michael Freeman

    With a completely refreshed look to celebrate it's tenth anniversary, Michael Freeman's iconic bestseller, The Photographer's Eye, has never looked better.

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  • Sloths Wall Calendar 2018
    Sloths Wall Calendar 2018 (English, Calendar) Lucy Cooke

    Do any creatures in the animal kingdom chill out as well as sloths? We humans could learn a thing or two from them. Whether they’re munching hibiscus (a favorite snack), hanging out in trees, or wrapping up a pal in a big sloth hug, these amazing animals in Sloths Calendar, photographed enjoying their daily activities, are truly captivating. Charming captions offer a peek into their...

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  • Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium
    Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium (English, Paperback) Eileen Wirth, Photos Edited by Carol McCabe

    Long ranked as one of the top zoos in America and even the world, Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium’s history has remained untold, until now. Beginning as little more than a menagerie, the zoo transformed into a spectacular attraction that now draws two million visitors per year. Supporters responded to innovative features such as the iconic desert dome, the new African Grasslands exhibit, the...

    $18.23 $21.99
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  • Franco Gobbi: Fragile
    Franco Gobbi: Fragile (English, Hardback) Franco Gobbi $66.49 $70.00
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