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  • Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney
    Miss Rumphius (English, Hardback) Barbara Cooney

    Alice made a promise to make the world a more beautiful place, then a seed of an idea is planted and blossoms into a beautiful plan.  This beloved classic and celebration of nature?written by a beloved Caldecott winner?is lovelier than ever!...

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  • Zoom by Istvan Banyai
    Zoom (English, Paperback) Istvan Banyai

    When readers young and old open this wordless book, they'll zoom from page to page - to a farm to a ship to a city street to a desert island. But if they think that they know where they are, they can guess again. For nothing is ever as it seems in Istvan Banyai's mysterious landscapes of pictures within pictures. As much a brilliant collection of art as it is an enthralling children's picture...

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  • Gilberto and the Wind by Marie Hall Ets
    Gilberto and the Wind (English, Hardback) Marie Hall Ets

    A young boy whose playmate is the wind and finds its many moods: one that can sail boats, fly kites, blow dirt, and turn umbrellas inside out.

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  • The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats
    The Snowy Day (English, Paperback) Ezra Jack Keats

    A picture book showing a small boy's adventures on a snowy day - making tracks in the snow, smacking snow-covered branches, getting into a snowball fight, making a snowman. The book has won the Caldecott Award.

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  • Little Cloud by Eric Carle
    Little Cloud (English, Paperback) Eric Carle

    The clouds drift across the bright blue sky--all except one. Little Cloud trails behind. He is busy changing shapes to become a fluffy sheep, a zooming airplane, and even a clown with a funny hat. Eric Carle's trademark collages will make every reader want to run outside and discover their very own little cloud.

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  • Rockwell Anne : Fire Engines (Us) by Anne Rockwell
    Rockwell Anne : Fire Engines (Us) (English, Paperback) Anne Rockwell

    Told from a child's point of view, this book is all about that most fabulous of machines: the fire engine.

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  • Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McCloskey
    Make Way for Ducklings (English, Paperback) Robert McCloskey

    This classic tale of the famous Mallard ducks of Boston is available for the first time in a full-sized paperback edition. Make Way for Ducklings has been described as "one of the merriest picture books ever" (The New York Times). Ideal for reading aloud, this book deserves a place of honor on every child's bookshelf.

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  • Time of Wonder by Robert McCloskey
    Time of Wonder (English, Paperback) Robert McCloskey

    Winner of the Caldecott Medal! For fans of Blueberries for Sal, One Morning in Maine, and Make way for Ducklings....

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  • The Adventures of Taxi Dog by Debra Barracca
    The Adventures of Taxi Dog (English, Paperback) Debra Barracca, Sal Barracca

    Maxi, a homeless mutt in New York City, has always fended for himself. Then one day a kind taxi driver named Jim offers him friendship, a home, and a place in the front seat! From that moment on, Maxi and Jim revel in the sights and sounds of the city, and share all sorts of wild adventures-from rushing two clowns and a chimp to the circus, to singing duets with an opera diva! These and other...

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  • Ox-cart Man by Donald Hall
    Ox-cart Man (English, Paperback) Donald Hall, Barbara Cooney

    Winner of the Caldecott Medal...

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  • The Tale of the Mandarin Ducks by Katherine Paterson
    The Tale of the Mandarin Ducks (English, Paperback) Katherine Paterson, Diane Dillon

    Wrtitten by Newbery Medalist Katherine Paterson with painting by Caldecott winning illustrators Leo and Diane Dillon...

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  • Trouble with Trolls by Jan Brett
    Trouble with Trolls (English, Paperback) Jan Brett

    Treva's trouble with trolls begins when she climbs Mount Baldy with her dog Tuffi. The trolls who live there long for a dog, and they try to kidnap him. But Treva is brave and quick-thinking. She outwits one troll after another until she reaches the very top of the mountain, where five trolls are waiting--and they want her dog! From underground to mountain peak, Jan Brett's story is filled with...

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  • Miss Fannie's Hat by Jan Karon
    Miss Fannie's Hat (English, Paperback) Jan Karon, Toni Goffe

    Ninety-nine year old Miss Fannie has lots of hats, and she loves them all. But her favorite is the pink straw hat with the silk roses. That's the one Miss Fannie has worn on Easter Sunday for the past thirty-five years. When Miss Fannie's preacher asks her to donate one of her precious hats to the church auction, choosing which one to part with is no small task. This heartwarming story about the...

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  • Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey
    Blueberries for Sal (English, Paperback) Robert McCloskey

    Sal and her mother a picking blueberries to can for the winter. But when Sal wanders to the other side of Blueberry Hill, she discovers a mother bear preparing for her own long winter. Meanwhile Sal's mother is being followed by a small bear with a big appetite for berries! Will each mother go home with the right little one?

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  • The Snail's Spell by Joanne Ryder
    The Snail's Spell (English, Paperback) Joanne Ryder, Lynne Cherry

    From this Award-Winning author comes "A captivating story about a boy who shrinks to the size of a snail and experiences the world from that perspective."--Publishers Weekly

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  • Going West by Jean Van Leeuwen
    Going West (English, Paperback) Jean Van Leeuwen

    Award-winning author Jean Van Leeuwen tells the moving story of a pioneer family during the Westward Expansion...

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  • Where Butterflies Grow by Joanne Ryder
    Where Butterflies Grow (English, Paperback) Joanne Ryder, Lynne Cherry

    In a field of lacy leaves, a small caterpillar hatches, grows, and sheds its skin, becoming a smooth, green creeper. It eats and changes some more, then in a sequence of remarkable close-ups, spins a sliken sling in which to pupate?until it finally bursts forth as a brilliant black swallowtail butterfly. Includes suggestions on how children can grow butterfiles in their own gardens.

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  • Animalia by Graeme Base
    Animalia (English, Paperback) Graeme Base

    "A delightful visual feast . . . The meticulous artistry is far-reaching in its innovation, detail, and humor."?Publishers Weekly...

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  • Andy and the Lion by James Daugherty
    Andy and the Lion (English, Hardback) James Daugherty

    A Caldecott Honor Book While walking to school one day, Andy meets a lion and soon makes a new friend. A tale of gratitude and helping out our neighbors, children of all ages will love this retelling of the classic folktale "Androcles and the Lion."

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  • The Magic Hockey Stick by Peter Maloney
    The Magic Hockey Stick (English, Paperback) Peter Maloney, Felicia Zekauskas

    Do you believe in magic? Inspired by a real event, this is the fictional tale of a little girl whose parents win Wayne Gretzky's hockey stick at an auction....

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