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  • Wilfred Owen
    Wilfred Owen (Hardback) Wilfred Owen

    Dying at twenty-five, a week before the end of the First World War, Wilfred Owen (1893-1918) has come to represent a generation of young men sacrificed - as it seems to the next generation, one in unprecedented rebellion against its fathers - by guilty old men: generals, politicians, profiteers.

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  • Sassoon and Graves
    Sassoon and Graves (English, Paperback) Helen McPhail, Philip Guest

    Traces the wartime service of the authors, perhaps the greatest British writers of the Great War; identifies actual people and places in their works; and gives biographical detail on their long post-war lives and careers.

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  • Wilfred Owen
    Wilfred Owen (English, Paperback) Helen McPhail, Philip Guest

    This is a guide to the battlefields that inspired the young and sensitive poet, whose poems are probably the twentieth century's best-known literary expressions of experience of war. Detailed maps, military diaries, photographs and modern roads guide the visitor through the battlefields. Owen's letters are used extensively, together with his poetry, linking specific places events, vividly...

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