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  • Leaders Eat Last
    Leaders Eat Last (Paperback) Simon Sinek

    In many successful organisations, great leaders are creating environments in which teams trust each other so deeply that they would put their lives on the line for each other. This book shows that leaders who are willing to eat last are rewarded with deeply loyal colleagues who will stop at nothing to advance their vision.

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  • The Bad Boys of Brexit
    The Bad Boys of Brexit (English, Hardback) Arron Banks

    Arron Banks's full, unexpurgated account of the successful campaign to secure Britain's exit from the European Union.

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  • The Smear
    The Smear (English, Hardback) Sharyl Attkisson

    "Ever wonder how politics turned into a take-no-prisoners blood sport? [Attkisson examines] the shady world of opposition research and reveals the ... tricks those in power use to influence your opinions"

    $25.69 $27.99
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  • In Trump We Trust
    In Trump We Trust (Paperback) Ann Coulter

    If you're already a Trump fan, Ann Coulter will help you defend and promote your position. If you're not, she might just change your mind.

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  • From Dictatorship to Democracy
    From Dictatorship to Democracy (English, Paperback) Gene Sharp

    A how-to guide that inspired the Arab Spring.

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  • The Making Of Donald Trump
    The Making Of Donald Trump (Paperback) David Cay Johnston $14.97
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  • The Protocols
    The Protocols (English, Paperback) Sergei Nilus

    The Protocols of the (Learned) Elders of Zion is one of the most controversial books ever written. Since its publication this small book has aroused great controversy and bitter debate. It is a source of acrimony and vituperation because of its contents and its supposed authors and because it purports to describe an ancient and enduring agenda for World Empire. Moreover, the "unknown authors" of...

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  • We Are the Change We Seek
    We Are the Change We Seek (Paperback) E. J. Dionne, Joy-Ann Reid

    A collection of Barack Obama's greatest speeches selected and introduced by columnist E.J. Dionne and MSNBC host Joy-Ann Reid....

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  • Devil's Bargain
    Devil's Bargain (English, Hardback) Joshua Green

    The instant #1 New York Times bestseller....

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  • The Prince
    The Prince (English, Hardback) Niccolo Machiavelli, Tim Parks

    How can a leader be strong and decisive, yet still inspire loyalty in his followers? When is it necessary to break the rules? Is it better to be feared than loved? Examining regimes and their rulers the world over and throughout history, from Roman Emperors to renaissance Popes, the author answers all these questions.

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  • What Happened
    What Happened (Hardback) Hillary Rodham Clinton

    Untitled essays on words to live by.


    3 stars

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  • Rules for Revolutionaries
    Rules for Revolutionaries (English, Paperback) Becky Bond

    Lessons from the groundbreaking grassroots campaign that helped launch a new political revolution...

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  • Game of Thorns
    Game of Thorns (Paperback) Doug Wead

    The first account of the momentous 2016 US Presidential Election Campaign from a former White House staffer and commentator with unprecedented knowledge of UK Elections.

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  • What Is Populism?
    What Is Populism? (English, Hardback) Jan-Werner Mueller

    Donald Trump, Silvio Berlusconi, Marine Le Pen, Hugo Chávez?populists are on the rise across the globe. But what exactly is populism? Should everyone who criticizes Wall Street or Washington be called a populist? What precisely is the difference between right-wing and left-wing populism? Does populism bring government closer to the people or is it a threat to democracy? Who are "the people"...

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  • Strangers In Their Own Land
    Strangers In Their Own Land (English, Hardback) Arlie Russell Hochschild


    $25.20 $27.95
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  • Frames of War
    Frames of War (English, Paperback) Judith Butler

    Analyzing the different frames through which we experience war, Butler calls for a reorientation of the Left.

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  • Summary - Hillbilly Elegy
    Summary - Hillbilly Elegy (English, Paperback) E- Summary

    A Complete Summary of Hillbilly Elegy!Hillbilly Elegy, or by its full name, Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis is sort of a historical book. The book is written by JD (James David by author's full name) Vance and in it the author tries to describe the overall life and struggles of people in post-industrial time in the United States. This book deals with the problems of...

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  • The Dictator's Handbook
    The Dictator's Handbook (English, Paperback) Bruce Bueno de Mesquita, Alastair Smith

    Two renowned political scientists show how the rules of politics almost always favour leaders who ignore the national interest and focus on serving their own supporters.

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  • A Pope and a President
    A Pope and a President (English, Hardback) Paul Kengor

    A Singular Bond That Changed HistoryEven as historians credit ­Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II with hastening the end of the Cold War, they have failed to recognize the depth or significance of the bond that developed between the two leaders....

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