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  • Q&A A Day For Writers
    Q&A A Day For Writers (English, Paperback) Potter

    365 questions, 3 years, 1,095 inspirations for the writer inside all of us. Each daily entry in this stylish journal features engaging prompts designed to help writers think about their process, observe the world around them, and focus on the act of crafting thoughtful, beautiful writing.

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  • The Future Is Female
    The Future Is Female (English, Paperback) Potter

    This journal represents the community of women who joined forces across the globe on January 21, 2017 for one of the largest demonstrations in political history. The grassroots movement united women and their allies on all seven continents, and marches were organized in an estimated 81 countries ? from the thousands of women who marched across the National Mall in Washington, DC to the group of...

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  • Instant Mini-Photo Journal
    Instant Mini-Photo Journal (English, Paperback) Potter

    With your FujiFilm Instax Mini Instant Camera in tow, use the 30 prompts in this journal as a map for making new memories. Simply tuck your mini instant photos into the display slots, jot down the details, and keep on snapping! - Holds 30 mini instant film exposures, plus 1 for the cover - Partially concealed metallic spiral spine - Heavy-duty pages perforated with display slots

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  • Best of Summer Stationery
    Best of Summer Stationery (English, Kit) Potter

    Best of Summer Stationery is a brightly colored stationery set of 20 sheets, 20 envelopes, and 1 yard of ribbon, perfect for campers writing home, pen-pals wanting to keep in touch, or party hosts looking for fun stationery to use as invitations or thank you notes. Packaged in a neon PVC pouch, this product can easily fit into any camp duffle or backpack without taking up space and has a fun...

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  • Inner Ramblings
    Inner Ramblings (English, Paperback) Potter

    You can explore this journal and develop a deep, enlightened understanding of yourself through doodling, and collaging, and writing letters and lists on its many-colored pages. OR you can tear out all the pages and make some groovy paper airplanes. It's yours, to help you discover and define yourself and your world in whatever manner you choose. What are you waiting for? Get cracking.

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  • How To Set A Table
    How To Set A Table (English, Paperback) Potter

    This hip, fabric-covered guide includes creative ways to style a table--whether for a sit-down dinner, cocktail party, brunch buffet, picnic in the park, and other fun get-togethers...

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  • 365 Days Of Firsts
    365 Days Of Firsts (English, Hardback) Potter

    Filled with inspirational quotes on babyhood and parenthood, 365 Days of Firsts is a slim and accessible journal that provides a daily writing space to reflect on all the moments of baby's first year. Filled with gorgeous art, this utterly giftable package features a simple, unprompted space to reflect and record--users simply fill in the date and record a few lines each day. As the journal fills...

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  • Font Of Knowledge
    Font Of Knowledge (English, Paperback) Potter

    For aspiring designers, font nerds, or anyone who has ever Googled ?what font does Apple use?? this is a journal that explores the art of typography. Inside, you'll find these pages peppered with facts about type and samples of custom and arcane fonts. Journalers can also practice drawing their own typefaces on bare-bones outlines, with plenty of space throughout to think and design.

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  • Mixed Messages Journal
    Mixed Messages Journal (English, Paperback) Potter

    Mix it up with this delightful take on the classic cassette tape!...

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  • Here's What I Love About You
    Here's What I Love About You (English, Paperback) Potter

    "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways."- Elizabeth Barrett Browning In a few well-chosen words or phrases, you can tell the people you love why you love them, what you hope for them, why they make you glad, and more. The 12 lovely make-a-list note cards in this collection are each unique notes, to be given or treasured as keepsakes or bookmarks.

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  • Dear Jane
    Dear Jane (English, Paperback) Potter

    No one tells it quite like Jane Austen. This cute and quippy compendium covers advice topics from love and heartbreak, to friends and work, and so much more.

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  • Come As You Aren't
    Come As You Aren't (English, Paperback) Potter

    This simple role-playing kit will help couples experiment, improvise, and seduce in ways they never would have otherwise imagined. To use the set, one partner draws a Who, a What, and a Where card at random, puts them in an envelope, and then gives the envelope for their partner or leaves it for him or her. From there, it's up to them to enact the scenarios as they see fit. The instructions are...

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  • Here's What I Want You To Know
    Here's What I Want You To Know (English, Paperback) Potter

    Here's What I Want You to Know is a luxe pad of 12 tear-out note cards, each a blank list with a prompt of "10 things," to be filled out and given to a loved one as a card, bookmark, or keepsake. The back of each card will be illustrated with a set of ten things that tie in with the prompt.

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  • Best of Summer Yearbook and Journal
    Best of Summer Yearbook and Journal (English, Paperback) Potter

    Summer is all about friendship and fun. Toss this journal into your bag with a magazine and a water bottle, grab your friends, and head out into the sun, the beach, the playing field, the woods?wherever the spirit of adventure takes you. With all the fun components of a yearbook (aka superlatives) and none of the boring ones (aka school), this is an activity book that will help you truly ?Have A...

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  • Make It Stick Notebook
    Make It Stick Notebook (English, Paperback) Potter

    Whether for bullet journaling, list making, or just dreaming, make this spiral sticker journal completely yours--both inside and out....

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  • From Conflict to Cooperation
    From Conflict to Cooperation (English, Paperback) Potter

    Conflict - when handled effectively - is an opportunity to clarify expectations, build cohesiveness and create a problem solving atmosphere. From Conflict To Cooperation presents effective techniques for resolving disputes - powerful tools for managers, supervisors, coaches, parents, teachers, friends, counselors, neighborhood leaders, police officers and anyone caught in the middle of other...

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  • My Reading Journal
    My Reading Journal (English, Other printed item) Potter

    This beautifully designed flexi-bind journal with cream-colored paper is perfect for keeping by the bedside or toting along to book club meetings. Dated and lined pages allow you to use the journal however you wish, and reading lists in the back offer dozens of esteemed award winners and notable novels to add to your queue....

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