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  • 'I STILL Find That Offensive!' by Claire Fox
    'I STILL Find That Offensive!' (English, Hardback) Claire Fox

    New, updated edition of the acclaimed polemic by the celebrated libertarian broadcaster and the originator of the term `Snowflake' to describe a perceived lack of resilience in millennials. Previous edition ISBN 9781849549813 sold 4,500 copies.

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  • Bluffocracy by James Ball
    Bluffocracy (English, Hardback) James Ball, Andrew Greenway

    An important new polemic from the Provocations series. Ball and Greenway examine how the `blagocracy' has come to rule Britain, and why that needs to change.

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  • The War on the Young by John Sutherland
    The War on the Young (English, Hardback) John Sutherland

    Author and academic John Sutherland having confronted the problem of old age now takes an acerbic look at an equally beleaguered age group, the millennial young. The treatment of this age group by assorted British governments may well become the defining political issue of the next two decades.

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  • The New Philistines by Sohrab Ahmari
    The New Philistines (English, Hardback) Sohrab Ahmari

    A thought provoking essay critiquing contemporary culture's obsession with identity politics over and above aesthetics and older critical concerns.

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  • The War on The Old by John Sutherland
    The War on The Old (English, Hardback) John Sutherland

    John Sutherland examines the intergenerational conflict as a new kind of 'war' in which institutional neglect and universal indifference to the old has reached aggressive, and routinely lethal, levels.

    $12.00 $13.09
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  • Anti-Semitism by Frederic Raphael
    Anti-Semitism (English, Hardback) Frederic Raphael

    A powerful examination of the history of anti-semitism.

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  • The Myth of Meritocracy by James Bloodworth
    The Myth of Meritocracy (English, Hardback) James Bloodworth

    James Bloodworth tackles the thorny issue of class, privilege and wealth in contemporary Britain, taking to task the major political parties in the process.

    $12.00 $14.95
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  • The Madness of Modern Parenting by Zoe Williams
    The Madness of Modern Parenting (English, Hardback) Zoe Williams

    Journalist and parent, Zoe Williams provides a provocative critique to modern parenting, the antithesis of contemporary 'how to' guides.

    $11.83 $14.95
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  • I Find That Offensive by Claire Fox
    I Find That Offensive (English, Hardback) Claire Fox

    Claire Fox tackles the right to offend and political correctness in this forthright polemic, part of the Provocations series.


    4 stars

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  • Charity Sucks by Iqbal Wahhab
    Charity Sucks (English, Paperback) Iqbal Wahhab

    Celebrated restaurateur Iqbal Wahhab offers a scathing critique of the cosiness between government and charity, and proposes that the solution lies in business.

    $11.59 $14.95
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  • Refusing the Veil by Yasmin Alibhai-Brown
    Refusing the Veil (English, Hardback) Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

    A provocative polemic arguing that Muslim women across the world should refuse the veil.

    $10.93 $14.95
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  • Down with the Royals by Joan Smith
    Down with the Royals (English, Hardback) Joan Smith

    Joan Smith topples the arguments for having a monarchy in this biting polemic.

    $10.99 $14.95
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  • What Have The Immigrants Ever Done For Us? by Kelvin MacKenzie
    What Have The Immigrants Ever Done For Us? (English, Hardback) Kelvin MacKenzie

    Provocations is a groundbreaking new series of short polemics composed by some of the most intriguing voices in contemporary culture.

    $11.80 $14.95
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  • Why Women Need Quotas by Vicky Pryce
    Why Women Need Quotas (English, Hardback) Vicky Pryce

    Economist Vicky Pryce argues that it is time to get tough on the gender gap in the UK.

    $12.00 $14.95
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  • The 'R' Word by Kurt Barling
    The 'R' Word (English, Hardback) Kurt Barling

    The 'R' Word explores a changing country in a changing world, and our relationship with notions of race and racism as part of the Provocations series.

    $11.92 $14.95
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  • London Rules by Dylan Jones
    London Rules (English, Hardback) Dylan Jones

    GQ editor Dylan Jones argues that London should shout loudly to proclaim its uniqueness to the world.

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  • Islam Beyond the Violent Jihadis by Ziauddin Sardar
    Islam Beyond the Violent Jihadis (English, Hardback) Ziauddin Sardar

    Writer and critic Ziauddin Sardar tells the stories of different interpretations of Islam and argues for a critical version of a religion that has a long and distinguished history.

    $10.77 $14.95
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  • Abolishing Freedom by Frank Ruda
    Abolishing Freedom (English, Paperback) Frank Ruda

    Pushing back against the contemporary myth that freedom from oppression is freedom of choice, Frank Ruda resuscitates a fundamental lesson from the history of philosophical rationalism: a proper conceptof freedom can arise only from a defense of absolute necessity, utter determinism, and predestination.

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  • Authenticity is a Con by Peter York
    Authenticity is a Con (English, Hardback) Peter York

    Cultural commentator and journalist Peter York sets out to uncover the truth behind authenticity, the ultimate con of our generation.

    $11.92 $14.95
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  • Declarations of Dependence by Scott Ferguson
    Declarations of Dependence (English, Paperback) Scott Ferguson

    Rethinks the historical relationship between money and aesthetics in an effort to make critical theory newly answerable to politics. Scott Ferguson regrounds critical theory in the alternative conception of money articulated by the contemporary heterodox school of political economy known as Modern Monetary Theory.

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