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  • A Family Is a Family Is a Family by Sara O'Leary
    A Family Is a Family Is a Family (English, Hardback) Sara O'Leary, Qin Leng

    After their teacher asks them what is special about their families, a class full of students each give an answer, but one student is worried that her family isn't that special at all.

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  • Me on the Map by Joan Sweeney
    Me on the Map (English, Hardback) Joan Sweeney, Qin Leng

    Maps can show you where you are anywhere in the world! A beloved bestseller that helps children discover their place on the planet, now refreshed with new art from Qin Leng....

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  • Me on the Map by Joan Sweeney
    Me on the Map (English, Paperback) Joan Sweeney, Qin Leng

    A child describes how her room, her house, her town, her state, and her country become part of a map of her world.

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  • Hana Hashimoto by Qin Leng
    Hana Hashimoto (English, Hardback) Qin Leng, Chieri Uegaki

    Hana has signed up to play the violin at the talent show, even though she's only had three lessons. Her brothers predict disaster. But Hana practices and practices, inspired by her grandfather, or Ojiichan, who played the violin every day when she visited him in Japan. As Hana takes the stage, doubt is all she can hear, until she recalls her grandfather's words of encouragement, and shows the audience how beautiful music can take many forms.

    $15.66 $16.95
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  • That Uh-Oh Feeling by Kathryn Cole
    That Uh-Oh Feeling (English, Hardback) Kathryn Cole, Qin Leng

    Part of the new I'm a Great Little Kid series, this picture book is about unwanted touch.

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  • Ordinary, Extraordinary Jane Austen by Deborah Hopkinson
    Ordinary, Extraordinary Jane Austen (English, Hardback) Deborah Hopkinson, Qin Leng

    This gorgeous picture book biography of one of the most beloved writers of all time pays tribute to an independent thinker who turned ordinary life into extraordinary stories and created a body of work that has delighted and inspired readers for generations. Full color.

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  • Shelter by Celine Claire
    Shelter (English, Hardback) Celine Claire, Qin Leng

    Claire's heartwarming picture book story delivers a timeless and timely message about the importance of kindness and generosity. With simple and evocative language, it explores how even small gestures can make a big difference to the strangers or outsiders in a community. Full color.

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  • Not Just Another Princess Story by Qin Leng
    Not Just Another Princess Story (English, Hardback) Qin Leng, Sheri Radford

    After the king declares it's time for Princess Candi to get married, the math-loving princess decides to carry out a husband search on her own. Not knowing how to find such a creature, she turns to fairy tales for inspiration and ends up using every method in the books, from kissing frogs to slaying monsters. But will she find her Prince Charming? Or just a bunch of duds who cheat, cry and make...

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  • A Tattle-Tell Tale by Kathryn Cole
    A Tattle-Tell Tale (English, Hardback) Kathryn Cole, Qin Leng

    When it comes to bullies, telling and tattling are not the same thing.

    $15.11 $15.95
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  • When I Found Grandma by Saumiya Balasubramaniam
    When I Found Grandma (English, Hardback) Saumiya Balasubramaniam, Qin Leng

    Maya longs to see her grandmother, but when Grandma arrives from far away for a visit, she is not quite what Maya expected.

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  • Unsere kleine Höhle by line C Claire
    Unsere kleine Höhle (German, Hardback) line C Claire, Qin Leng $21.53
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  • Good Night, Good Night by Dennis Lee
    Good Night, Good Night (English, Board book) Dennis Lee, Qin Leng

    A collection of poems focuses on the rituals of bedtime, including gathering a pillow, cuddling in a blanket, and saying good night to everyone.

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  • Sign Up Here by Kathryn Cole
    Sign Up Here (English, Hardback) Kathryn Cole, Qin Leng

    Part of the new I'm a Great Little Kid series, this picture book is about being a good friend.

    $15.11 $15.95
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  • Kamik Joins the Pack (English) by Darryl Baker
    Kamik Joins the Pack (English) (English, Paperback) Darryl Baker, Qin Leng

    "Jake cannot wait for his uncle to meet Kamik, and to see what an obedient puppy he is becoming. Jake's uncle is a great musher, who has won many dogsledding races, and if Kamik is good enough Jake hopes today might be the day that Kamik finally gets to run with a dog team"--Back cover.

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  • Mine. Yours. by Marsha Diane Arnold
    Mine. Yours. (English, Hardback) Marsha Diane Arnold, Qin Leng

    Tiring out a cranky Big Panda who establishes firm boundaries, Little Panda ventures outdoors to fly his kite and begins disrupting the other forest animals he encounters before everyone learns a friendly lesson about sharing. 15,000 first printing.

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  • I Am Small by Qin Leng
    I Am Small (English, Hardback) Qin Leng

    Mimi discovers that being small is not so bad after all.

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  • Happy Birthday, Alice Babette by Monica Kulling
    Happy Birthday, Alice Babette (English, Hardback) Monica Kulling, Qin Leng

    It's Alice's birthday! But her friend Gertrude seems to have forgotten. No matter, Alice goes out and enjoys her day just the same. A beautiful spring afternoon in Paris ? what could be better? Little does she know that her dear friend has a few surprises up her sleeve....

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  • A Walk on the Shoreline (English) by Rebecca Hainnu
    A Walk on the Shoreline (English) (English, Hardback) Rebecca Hainnu, Qin Leng

    While walking along the coast to his family's summer campsite, young Nukappia learns about the plants and animals that call the shoreline home.

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  • A Walk on the Tundra (English) by Rebecca Hainnu
    A Walk on the Tundra (English) (English, Hardback) Rebecca Hainnu, Anna Ziegler

    During the short Arctic summers, the tundra, covered most of the year under snow and ice, becomes filled with colourful flowers, mosses, shrubs, and lichens. These hardy little plants transform the northern landscape, as they take advantage of the warmer weather and long hours of sunlight. Caribou, lemmings, snow buntings, and many other wildlife species depend on tundra plants for food and...

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  • Kamik (English) by Donald Uluadluak
    Kamik (English) (English, Paperback) Donald Uluadluak, Qin Leng

    "Inspired by the real-life recollections of an elder from Arviat, Nunavut, this book lovingly recreates the traditional dog-rearing practices that prevailed when Inuit relied on dogs for transportation and survival." -- P. [4] of cover.

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