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Rachel Johnson

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  • Unicorn Food by Rachel Johnson
    Unicorn Food (English, Hardback) Rachel Johnson

    A fun and outrageous take on the rainbow-bright unicorn food trend, bursting with fantastic goodness.

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  • Shire Hell by Rachel Johnson
    Shire Hell (English, Paperback) Rachel Johnson

    Mimi and Ralph have left social climbing, pushy parenting and their marital problems behind them in London, and moved west to the bucolic green depths of the country. Or so they though. Yes, there's mud and masses of fresh air, plenty of handsome hayseeds and there's Rose, Mimi's new best friend and Dorset's answer to Martha Stewart.

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  • Notting Hell by Rachel Johnson
    Notting Hell (English, Paperback) Rachel Johnson

    'Our neighbours divide into the haves ... and the have yachts.' ...

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  • In a Good Place by Rachel Johnson
    In a Good Place (English, Paperback) Rachel Johnson

    In this wickedly funny and heartwarming work from the author of the international bestseller "Notting Hell," one woman's dream of English country living meets the complicated ups and downs of an enduring marriage.

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  • Dracula by Rachel Johnson
    Dracula (Paperback) Rachel Johnson, Bram Stoker $16.49
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  • A Diary of The Lady by Rachel Johnson
    A Diary of The Lady (English, Paperback) Rachel Johnson

    Appointed editor of "The Lady" - the oldest women's weekly in the world - the author faced the challenge of a lifetime. For a start, how do you become an editor when you've never, well, edited? In this title, the author shows how she takes on the challenge of saving "The Lady", Britain's oldest women's weekly.

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  • Winter Games by Rachel Johnson
    Winter Games (Paperback) Rachel Johnson

    Munich, 1936. She doesn't know it, but eighteen-year old Daphne Linden has a seat in the front row of history. Along with her best friend, Betsy Barton-Hill, and a whole bevy of other young English upper-class girls, Daphne is in Bavaria to improve her German, to go to the Opera, to be 'finished'.

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  • Fresh Hell by Rachel Johnson
    Fresh Hell (English, Paperback) Rachel Johnson

    Mimi Fleming is fast realizing on her return to Notting Hill that there is no greater hell than the W11 neighbours with whom she shares an exclusive communal garden. They're busy not just turning back the clock but also their homes into palatial iceberg houses - with basement swimming pools. But Mimi's troubles are just beginning.

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