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  • The Shawnee Trail
    The Shawnee Trail (English, Paperback) Ralph Compton

    Driving two thousand head of cattle north from Texas, Cajun cowboy Long John Coons must brave stampedes, cattle rustlers, renegade Indians, and the love of a beautiful woman with a sordid past to get his longhorns to the Kansas railroad. Reissue.

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  • The Western Trail
    The Western Trail (English, CD-Audio) Ralph Compton

    From bestselling author Ralph Compton--an extraordinary saga of the hard-driving Texans who locked horns with a ruthless railroad baron in a bloody battle for an untamed land.

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  • The Bandera Trail
    The Bandera Trail (English, Paperback) Ralph Compton

    Set on rescuing their old friend, Clay Duval who is trapped inside war-torn Mexico, Gil and Van Austin cross the border after him and soon discover half of Mexico's army wants them dead.

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  • The Oregon Trail
    The Oregon Trail (English, Paperback) Ralph Compton

    Lou Spencer, Dillard Sumner, and their fourteen Texas cowboys brought herd up to Independence, Missouri, and sold half to a wagon train heading West. Then the Texans hired on, leading the battling greenhorn pioneers across the Missouri River, through Nebraska Territory, and into the wilds pasts Forts Laramie and Bridger.

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  • The Dodge City Trail
    The Dodge City Trail (English, Paperback) Ralph Compton

    Texan Dan Ember returns from the war to find a rich man's hired guns living on his land. Now Dan and his neighbours would risk everything on a drive across the Llano.

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  • Train to Durango
    Train to Durango (English, Paperback) Ralph Compton

    Wes Stone gallops to Colorado with guns ablaze to stop a dangerous band of mercenaries from robbing the gold from four U.S. mints, in the third novel in the series that began with The Border Empire. Original.

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  • Showdown at Two-Bit Creek
    Showdown at Two-Bit Creek (English, Paperback) Ralph Compton

    While on the way to visit the graves of his parents, Buck Fletcher stumbles upon an injured woman and finds himself in the middle of a vicious range war, where he refuses to choose sides and threatens to take down anyone who tries to change his mind. Original.

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  • The Amarillo Trail
    The Amarillo Trail (English, Paperback) Ralph Compton, Jory Sherman

    Doc Blaine needs to drive 3,000 head of cattle from Texas to Kansas, and needs his sons Jared and Miles to help. Unfortunately, his sons are in love with the same woman-and have vowed to kill each other on sight...

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  • Demon's Pass
    Demon's Pass (English, Paperback) Ralph Compton

    When the Cheyenne attack his family, kidnapping his sister and killing their parents, Parker Stanley is rescued by a cowboy who will in turn help him rescue the captive girl. Original.

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  • Devil's Canyon
    Devil's Canyon (English, Paperback) Ralph Compton

    Four soldiers of fortune risk life and limb to deliver a cargo of dynamite from Santa Fe to southwestern Utah, where they hope to tear open a mountain of gold, while an undercover outlaw lurks within their ranks

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  • The Santa Fe Trail
    The Santa Fe Trail (English, Paperback) Ralph Compton

    Gladstone Pitkin is a man with money and a dream of ranching in New Mexico. He buys Gavin McCord's cattle and hires his Texans for a trail drive from Independence to Santa Fe. But with an ill-fated gambler on the drive, they are all heading into a death trap.

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  • The California Trail
    The California Trail (English, Paperback) Ralph Compton

    Gold fever hits California, and suddenly the land is full of hungry pioneers. For tough Texas brothers Gil and Van it's a chance to sell well-grazed longhorns after years of hard ranching. But there's one thing they are unprepared for and that's treachery in a land of schemers, dreamers and gold.

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  • The Shadow of a Noose
    The Shadow of a Noose (English, Paperback) Ralph Compton

    In this Ralph Compton western, the Strange twins find themselves in double trouble......

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  • The California Trail (English, CD-Audio) Ralph Compton

    An extraordinary saga of the trail-blazing cowboys who made their fortune ...

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  • The Green River Trail
    The Green River Trail (English, Paperback) Ralph Compton

    The year was 1853. For handful of cowboys turned California Gold Rushers, it was time to go home. Then Lonnie Kilgore and his fellow Texans met Western legend and former mountain man Jim Bridger, who told them of a lush range waiting to be claimed in northern Utah.

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  • The Omaha Trail
    The Omaha Trail (English, Paperback) Ralph Compton


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  • The Winchester Run
    The Winchester Run (English, Paperback) Ralph Compton

    On a frontier torn by war and renegades, they carried a cargo more valuable than gold......

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  • Killing Season,The
    Killing Season,The (English, Paperback) Ralph Compton


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  • Death Along the Cimarron
    Death Along the Cimarron (English, CD-Audio) Ralph Compton, Ralph Cotton

    On a cattle drive north, young gun Danielle Strange falls in love with one of the drovers. Now she must choose between letting the last of her father's murderers go free and sacrificing her own life to send the bushwhacker to hell.

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  • Do or Die
    Do or Die (English, CD-Audio) Ralph Compton

    Novice bounty hunters search for outlaws and respect in this tale of the West.

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