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Ralph J Greenspan

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  • How Genes Influence Behavior by Jonathan Flint
    How Genes Influence Behavior (English, Paperback) Jonathan Flint, Ralph J. Greenspan

    This book is a unique introduction to behavioral genetics, which offers unparalleled insights into how the topic is probed using evidence from humans and the major model organisms. It also demonstrates the major impact that neurobiology is having on our understanding of the field, to give a true depiction of behavioral genetics in the 21st century.

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  • An Introduction to Nervous Systems by Ralph J. Greenspan
    An Introduction to Nervous Systems (English, Paperback) Ralph J. Greenspan

    An Introduction to Nervous Systems presents the principles of neurobiology from an evolutionary perspective?from single?celled organisms to complex invertebrates such as flies?and is ideal for use as a supplemental textbook. Greenspan describes the mechanisms that allow behavior to become ever more sophisticated?from simple avoidance behavior of Paramecium through to the complex cognitive...

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  • Fly Pushing by Ralph J. Greenspan
    Fly Pushing (English, Spiral bound) Ralph J. Greenspan

    A new edition of the classic handbook that has become a standard in the Drosophila field. The book is expanded to include topics in which classical genetic strategies have been augmented with new molecular tools. Included are such new techniques as homologous recombination, RNAi, new mapping techniques, and new mosaic marking techniques.

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