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Ray Rogers

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  • Crazy about Cacti and Succulents by Ray Rogers
    Crazy about Cacti and Succulents (English, Paperback)

    Cacti and succulents are among the most bizarre and beautiful plants a gardener can grow?and included here are some of the most remarkable of them all: stapeliads and ceropegias. The Brooklyn Botanic Garden has brought together master gardeners from across the country, who show how easy it is to cultivate a collection of cacti and succulents on a windowsill or under artificial lights. They also...

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  • Coleus by Ray Rogers
    Coleus (English, Hardback)

    Coleus are no longer your grandmother's parlor plants. Favorites during the Victorian era, these plants have made a dramatic comeback with a dazzling variety of leaf color, shape, and pattern. No other plant is so easy to grow and propagate. This book describes and evaluates more than 225 varieties.

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  • The Encyclopedia of Container Plants by Ray Rogers
    The Encyclopedia of Container Plants (English, Hardback)

    Container gardening is ideally suited to today's lifestyles-it provides the excitement, versatility and variety of gardening to those with limited space, time and resources. With over 500 stunning photographs included, even a brief dip into this authoritative reference will show just how spectacular a well-grown container garden can be.

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  • Who Do you See When you Look at Me? by Angela Ray Rogers
    Who Do you See When you Look at Me? (English, Hardback)

    Who do you see when you look at me? Most notice my wheelchair, my voice,  or my crazy hair. I am me, just me, doing my best  to live each day to the fullest I can. There is more to me than you might realize. I have gifts and talents that make me unique. There are also things I do just like you-  things we have in common that you might  not even know. When we take the time to learn about each...

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