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  • The Indus
    The Indus (English, Hardback) Andrew Robinson

    'The Indus' is a fascinating look at the vital legacy of the Indus within modern India and an accessible introduction to this tantalizing 'lost' civilization.

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  • The Destruction of Memory
    The Destruction of Memory (English, Paperback) Robert Bevan

    Now available in an expanded 2nd Edition, this is a polemical account of the destruction of architecture in war.

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  • The Idea of North
    The Idea of North (English, Paperback) Peter Davidson

    Now available in b-format paperback, this is an acclaimed exploration of the conception of 'north' as represented in art, literature and myth.

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  • The Last of the Light
    The Last of the Light (English, Hardback) Peter Davidson

    Peter Davidson's The Last of the Light is a meditation on twilight in the Western arts and imagination, in thought, painting and literature.

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  • Falcon
    Falcon (English, Paperback) Helen Macdonald

    In 'Falcon', bestselling natural history writer Helen Macdonald ranges across the globe and over many millennia, taking in natural history, myth and legend, falconry, science and conservation, and falcons in the military, in urban settings and the corporate world.

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  • Wood, Whiskey and Wine
    Wood, Whiskey and Wine (English, Hardback) Henry H. Work

    This comprehensive and wide-ranging history explores the many uses of the barrel and its relations such as the keg in splendid detail, offering a new way of thinking about one of the most enduring and successful objects of our age, as well as a sobering assessment of its future.

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  • Zombies
    Zombies (English, Paperback) Roger Luckhurst

    Zombies: A Cultural History, now available in paperback, gives a definitive short introduction to the zombie, exploring the manifold meanings of this compelling, slow-moving yet relentless monster.

    $14.75 $18.00
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  • The Luminous and the Grey
    The Luminous and the Grey (English, Paperback) David Batchelor

    A new book from Reaktion best-selling author and artist, David Batchelor, The Luminous and the Grey is a unique study of the places where colour comes into being and where it fades away.

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  • Heroes
    Heroes (English, Paperback) Tobias Ruther

    Heroes is the fascinating story of David Bowie's years in Berlin, where he worked in the late '70s on his 'Berlin Triptych' - the albums Low, 'Heroes', and Lodger - which are among the most critically acclaimed and innovative albums of the late twentieth century.

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    4 stars

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  • Hedgehog
    Hedgehog (English, Paperback) Hugh Warwick

    A natural and cultural history of the hedgehog that explores the symbolism of the animal, from Romans who regarded it as a weather prophet to Sonic the Hedgehog and children's books today.

    $17.33 $19.95
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  • Pyotr Tchaikovsky
    Pyotr Tchaikovsky (English, Paperback) Philip Ross Bullock

    Drawing extensively on Tchaikovsky's uncensored letters and diaries, this biography explores the composer's life in the artistic culture of nineteenth-century Russian society, revealing how he became a figure of international renown.

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  • Keepers of the Golden Shore
    Keepers of the Golden Shore (English, Hardback) Michael Quentin Morton

    A new history of the United Arab Emirates, which looks behind the region's glossy facade to cast a revealing light on a much-misunderstood land.

    $27.65 $39.00
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  • Octopus
    Octopus (English, Paperback) Richard Schweid

    Octopus documents the long and multi-faceted relationship between human and cephalopod. The book relates both what is known and unknown about the mind of an octopus, as well as detailing the animal's remarkable natural and cultural history.

    $17.94 $19.95
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  • Galaxy
    Galaxy (English, Paperback) James Geach

    Written by an active researcher in the field, Galaxy: Mapping the Cosmos tells the rich scientific story of galaxy evolution and observation. Appealing to all readers interested in astronomy and cosmology, and featuring 100 colour illustrations, Galaxy explores the enigma of our cosmic habitat, chronicling how our home in the universe came to be.

    $19.07 $24.00
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  • Landscape and Englishness
    Landscape and Englishness (English, Paperback) David Matless

    A classic account of how landscape has been central to questions of 'Englishness' - of national identity, history and modernity, as well as concepts of citizenship and the body.

    $15.46 $19.95
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  • Jean-Francois Lyotard
    Jean-Francois Lyotard (English, Paperback) Kiff Bamford

    Kiff Bamford traces the circuitous journey of Jean-Francois Lyotard life and work, unravelling the thrust of Lyotard's main philosophical arguments, his struggle with thinking and his confrontation with the task of writing and thinking philosophy differently.

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  • Berlin
    Berlin (English, Paperback) Joseph Pearson

    Berlin is a comprehensive short history and portrait of the German capital today.

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  • Aurelia
    Aurelia (English, Hardback) Carol Mavor

    In Aurelia, Carol Mavor reads the world of literature and art through the lens of the fairy tale.

    $29.05 $39.95
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  • The Story of Black
    The Story of Black (English, Paperback) John Harvey

    As a colour, black is a single hue. It comes in no other shades. But despite its commonly accepted role as one half of a pair, in symbolic terms black envelops the entire spectrum of meaning. The Story of Black explores the ambiguous relationship the world's cultures have had with this often self-contradictory colour

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  • The Persians
    The Persians (English, Hardback) Geoffrey Parker, Brenda Parker

    During the first and second millennia BCE a swathe of nomadic peoples migrated outward from Central Asia into the Eurasian periphery. One group of these people would find themselves encamped in an unpromising, arid region just south of the Caspian Sea. From these modest and uncertain beginnings, they would go on to form one of the most powerful empires in history: the Persian Empire. In this book,...

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