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  • Miniature Room
    Miniature Room (English, Hardback) Rebecca Dunham $27.18
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  • Glass Armonica
    Glass Armonica (English, Paperback) Rebecca Dunham

    The 18th-century glass armonica, a musical instrument whose sound emits from rotating water-filled vessels, has long held the power to mesmerize with its hauntingly sorrowful tones. Just as its song, which was once thought to induce insanity, wraps itself in and around the mind, Rebecca Dunham probes the depths of human psyche, inhabiting the voice

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  • Cold Pastoral
    Cold Pastoral (English, Paperback) Rebecca Dunham

    A searing, urgent collection of poems centered around the Deepwater Horizon oil spill

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  • The Flight Cage
    The Flight Cage (English, Paperback) Rebecca Dunham

    Poetry. Using the metaphor of a "flight cage," where birds are held captive, as physical manifestation of the space from which her speakers address us, Dunham reinvigorates the persona poem. Instead of "performing" historical figures such as Wollstonecraft, Dorothy Wordsworth, Anna Akhmatova, and Charlotte Perkins Gilman, she invites them to inhabit her, flickering in and out of sight, refusing an...

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  • Miniature Room
    Miniature Room (English, Paperback) Rebecca Dunham $23.28
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