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  • Sexographies by Gabriela Wiener
    Sexographies (English, Paperback) Gabriela Wiener, Jennifer Adcock

    "No other writer in the Spanish-speaking world is as fiercely independent and thoroughly irreverent as Gabriela Wiener. Constantly testing the limits of genre and gender, Wiener's work ... has bravely unveiled truths some may prefer remain concealed about a range of topics, from the daily life of polymorphous desire to the tiring labor of maternity."...

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  • Plantlab by Matthew Kenney
    Plantlab (English, Hardback) Matthew Kenney

    In PLANTLAB, world-renowned vegan chef Matthew Kenney serves up a truly unique and visually stunning cookbook emphasizing the art of plant-based cuisine....

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  • Heartland by Ana Simo
    Heartland (English, Paperback) Ana Simo

    In a word-drunk romp through an alternate, pre-apocalyptic United States, Ana Simo's fiction debut, Heartland, is the uproarious story of a thwarted writer's elaborate revenge on the woman who stole her lover, blending elements of telenovela, pulp noir, and dystopian satire....

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  • Doll Parts by Amanda Lepore
    Doll Parts (English, Hardback) Amanda Lepore, Thomas Flannery

    "If you happen to be young and transgender, then you're used to people being hateful toward you when all you want to do is exist. Through all the insanity in my life, there was only one thing I could control: myself. On the outside, obviously, but on the inside, too. I focused on not letting other people's opinions have any effect on me whatsoever, and that's how I've lived my life ever since."...

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  • Ramayana by Arshia Sattar
    Ramayana (English, Hardback) Arshia Sattar

    One of the world's oldest and best-loved tales, now retold and illustrated in thrilling detail for readers of all ages....

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  • Essays On World Literature by Ismail Kadare
    Essays On World Literature (English, Paperback) Ismail Kadare

    The Man Booker International?winning author of Broken April and The Siege, Albania's most renowned novelist, and perennial Nobel Prize contender Ismail Kadare explores three giants of world literature?Aeschylus, Dante, and Shakespeare?through the lens of resisting totalitarianism. ...

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  • Moon Brow by Shahriar Mandanipour
    Moon Brow (English, Paperback) Shahriar Mandanipour

    From "one of Iran's most important living fiction writers" (The Guardian) comes a fantastically imaginative story of love and war narrated by two angel scribes perched on the shoulders of a shell-shocked Iranian soldier who's searching for the mysterious woman haunting his dreams....

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  • History Of A Disappearance by Filip Springer
    History Of A Disappearance (English, Paperback) Filip Springer, Sean Bye

    Winner of Asymptote Journal's 2016 Close Approximations Translation Contest and Shortlisted for the Ryszard Kapuscinski Prize, History of a Disappearance is the fascinating true story of a small mining town in the southwest of Poland that, after seven centuries of history, disappeared....

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  • Temporary People by Deepak Unnikrishnan
    Temporary People (English, Paperback) Deepak Unnikrishnan

    Winner of the Restless Books Prize for New Immigrant Writing...

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  • Run For Your Life by Silvana Gandolfi
    Run For Your Life (English, Hardback) Silvana Gandolfi, Lynne Sharon Schwartz

    From one of Italy's favorite authors of young adult literature comes a gripping, true-to-life thriller of a Sicilian boy's fight to survive after his family is torn apart by the Mafia....

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  • Condomnauts by David Frye
    Condomnauts (English, Paperback) David Frye

    Set a course for intercourse in this raucous space opera from Yoss, "Cuba's premiere science-fiction writer" (VICE), where humans explore the limits of the Milky Way?and their libidos....

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  • Carefrontation by Arlene Drake
    Carefrontation (English, Paperback) Arlene Drake

    With more than thirty years of experience, Dr. Arlene Drake writes a guide for those desperately in need of a way to break free from the pain of childhood abuse and reclaim their lives....

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  • Kookooland by Gloria Norris
    Kookooland (English, Paperback) Gloria Norris

    Gloria Norris's KooKooLand is a memoir written on the edge of a knife blade. Chilling, intensely moving, and darkly funny, it cuts to the heart and soul of a troubled American family, and announces the arrival of a startlingly original voice....

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  • Sometimes Amazing Things Happen by Elizabeth Ford
    Sometimes Amazing Things Happen (English, Paperback) Elizabeth Ford

    From the Chief of Psychiatry for Correctional Health Services in New York City comes a revelatory and deeply compassionate memoir that takes readers inside Bellevue Hospital's forensic psychiatry unit and brings to life the world?the system, the staff, and the haunting cases?that shaped one young psychiatrist as she learned about respect, survival, and our shared humanity....

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  • Beyond The Rice Fields by Naivo
    Beyond The Rice Fields (English, Paperback) Naivo

    The first novel from Madagascar ever to be translated into English, Naivo's magisterial Beyond the Rice Fields delves into the upheavals of the nation's past as it confronted Christianity and modernity, through the twin narratives of a slave and his master's daughter....

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  • The Journey Of The Heroic Parent by Brad M. Reedy
    The Journey Of The Heroic Parent (English, Paperback) Brad M. Reedy

    Raising a child struggling with mental health issues, addiction, depression, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders or even just teen angst can be frightening and confusing. When all you've done is not enough, when your child seems lost and you feel inept and impotent, Dr Reedy can help you take the necessary steps to find your child, not with cursory cures or snappy solutions, but rather by...

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  • Deceptive Desserts by Christine McConnell
    Deceptive Desserts (English, Hardback) Christine McConnell

    Photographer and stylist Christine McConnell transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary - from everyday dinners, to desserts for all occasions, to the walls of your kitchen and even some over-the-top creations just for fun. Taking inspiration from the likes of Tim Burton and mixing in a dash of Stepford Wife, McConnell's baking and DIY projects are a league above. In Deceptive Desserts each...


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  • Bien Cuit by Zachary Golper
    Bien Cuit (English, Hardback) Zachary Golper, Peter Kaminsky

    Bien Cuit introduces a new but decidedly old-fashioned approach to bread baking to the cookbook shelf. In the ovens of his Brooklyn bakery, Chef Zachary Golper bakes loaves that have quickly won over New York's top restaurants and bread enthusiasts around the country. His secret: long, low-temperature fermentation, which allows the bread to develop deep, complex flavours and a thick,...

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  • Dillie The Deer by Melanie Butera
    Dillie The Deer (English, Hardback) Melanie Butera

    A heart-warming and irresistible story of the profound bond between a deer named Dillie and the veterinarian who saved her life. In 2004, veterinarian Melanie Butera received a dying fawn she called Dillie. She doubted the fawn would survive, but, with the help of Melanie and her family, Dillie was nursed back to health. The tenacious, mischievous and funny deer quickly became a member of the...

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  • Allegiance by Kermit Roosevelt
    Allegiance (English, Hardback) Kermit Roosevelt

    A sophisticated legal thriller that plunges readers into the debate within the US government surrounding the imprisonment of thousands of Japanese-Americans during World War II....

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