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  • Sakura by Reiner Knizia
    Sakura (English, Game) Reiner Knizia, Kevin Hong

    From iconic designer Reiner Knizia comes a new game for 2-6 players of keeping the Emperor close and your enemies closer.

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  • Dice Games Properly Explained by Reiner Knizia
    Dice Games Properly Explained (English, Paperback) Reiner Knizia $16.63
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  • Khan of Khans by Reiner Knizia
    Khan of Khans (Game) Reiner Knizia Currently Unavailable More details
  • Verfünft! by Reiner Knizia
    Verfünft! (German, Game) Reiner Knizia

    Verfünft ist ein kniffliges Kombinationsspiel, bei dem gewinnt, wer gedankenschnell und nicht um Worte verlegen ist. ...

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  • Wer war's? by Reiner Knizia
    Wer war's? (German, Game) Reiner Knizia

    Mit den Hinweisen der sprechenden Tiere versuchen die Spieler den Dieb des magischen Rings zu finden. Die intelligente Elektronik in der Truhe sorgt dafür, dass jedes Spiel anders verläuft und aufs Neue spannend ist. Spiel-Inhalt: 1 magische Truhe mit elektronischer Einheit, 1 Spielplan, 4 Spielfiguren, 1 Geist, 1 Katze, 9 Futterstücke, 4 Schlüssel, 4 Türen, 1 Würfel, 10 Bilder der...

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  • Sprücheklopfer by Reiner Knizia
    Sprücheklopfer (German, Game) Reiner Knizia

    Sprücheklopfer ist ein turbulentes und kreatives Spiel für kleine und große Geschichtenerzähler. ...

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  • High Society by Reiner Knizia
    High Society (English, Game) Reiner Knizia, Medusa Dollmaker

    Players: 3-5...

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  • Black Sheep Board Game by Reiner Knizia
    Black Sheep Board Game (English, Game) Reiner Knizia, Ursula Vernon

    The animals in the barnyard are ready to be brought in from fields. However, the mischievous black sheep also wants to sneak into the corrals in order to let other animals out! Black Sheep pits 2 to 4 farm hands against each other as they attempt to wrangle the most valuable animals to score points. In order to corral animals, players form the most successful combination on their side of the...

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  • Einfach Genial 2.0 (CD-ROM) by Reiner Knizia
    Einfach Genial 2.0 (CD-ROM) (German, CD-ROM) Reiner Knizia

    Windows Vista / XP / 2000

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  • Dice Games Properly Explained by Reiner Knizia
    Dice Games Properly Explained (English, Paperback) Reiner Knizia

    This book explains almost 150 dice games and variations. The collection ranges from early games right up to newly invented games. The rules of all games are explained lucidly, and the tactical advice given is explicit.

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  • Wirbelwörter by Reiner Knizia
    Wirbelwörter (German, Game) Reiner Knizia

    Wirbelwörter ist ein rasantes Würfelspiel, bei dem es darauf ankommt, flink und so vorlaut wie möglich zu sein. ...

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  • Ingenious by Reiner Knizia
    Ingenious (English, Game) Reiner Knizia

    Ingenious is the new abstract placement game from internationally-renowned game designer Reiner Knizia. Players place colored tiles on the hexagonal board, scoring points, blocking opponents' tile placement, and trying to protect themselves from being blocked by their opponents. Marvelously elegant and compulsively replayable, Ingenious is an excellent introduction to German-style abstract board...

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  • Colossal Arena by Reiner Knizia
    Colossal Arena (English, Game) Reiner Knizia

    Colossal Arena features gorgeous new art and four brand-new creatures - not included in the original version - making Colossal Arena a new and unique game experience. In this game of gladiatorial mayhem, eight monsters battle in the arena for your amusement, while crazed spectators leap into the fray to help their favorites. Players place bets on the fantasy creatures they think will triumph. But...

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