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  • The Evolution of the West
    The Evolution of the West (Paperback) Nick Spencer

    A sequence of sparkling essays by one of our leading public theologians, exploring and defending the enduring role of Christianity in Western thought, politics and culture.

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  • What Every Christian Needs to Know About the Qur'an
    What Every Christian Needs to Know About the Qur'an (English, Paperback) James R White

    What the Qur'an teaches about Christ, salvation, the trinity, and other important topics, and how it differs from the key teachings of the Bible.

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  • A Wee Worship Book
    A Wee Worship Book (Paperback)
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  • I Declare
    I Declare (English, Hardback) Joel Osteen

    Adapted from Joel Osteen's bestselling book, I Declare, this Running Press® Miniature Edition™ defines the most powerful blessings in Scripture and encourages readers to declare one each day for a month. The declarations are broken into thirty-one segments and will affirm God's blessings in the areas of health, family legacy, decisions, finances, thoughts, outlook, and...

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  • Last Testament
    Last Testament (Paperback) Pope Benedict, Peter Seewald

    Pope Benedict XVI, the only modern-day Pope to retire whilst in office, now finally breaks his silence....

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  • Experiencing the World's Religions
    Experiencing the World's Religions (Loose-leaf) Michael Molloy

    Experiencing the World's Religions provides a clear and compelling account of the world's major religious traditions. With an engaging narrative and powerful photographs from around the globe, the text conveys the vitality and richness of the world's religions. It views religion as a living cultural wellspring that not only concerns systems of belief but how those beliefs are expressed in...

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  • Too Heavy a Yoke
    Too Heavy a Yoke (English, Paperback) Chanequa Walker-Barnes $26.28 $28.00
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  • "The Black Bible of Science" (Compilation)
    "The Black Bible of Science" (Compilation) (English, Paperback) Dr. Osei Kufuor

    This book breaks down the so-called holy books and help those who are asleep in religion to overstand the metaphysics of what its reality and the truth that it points toward is really about.This is a book for the black man and woman who has the spiritual DNA that will bring about change throughout the dimensions of self.

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  • The Illustrated Picatrix: the Complete Occult Classic of Astrological Magic
    The Illustrated Picatrix: the Complete Occult Classic of Astrological Magic (English, Hardback) John Michael Greer, Christopher Warnock

    The Picatrix is the most famous grimoire of astrological magic and one of the most important works of medieval and Renaissance magic. With all four books, the complete text, in one volume, translated and annotated by the noted scholars, magicians and astrologers John Michael Greer and Christopher Warnock, Picatrix takes its rightful place as an essential occult text for modern esotericists. The...

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  • The Cheese and the Worms
    The Cheese and the Worms (Multiple languages, Paperback) Carlo Ginzburg

    Menocchio's 500-year-old challenge to authority remains evocative and vital today.

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  • The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise
    The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise (English, Hardback) Dario Fernandez-Morera

    A finalist for World Magazine’s Book of the Year!“Essential reading.” —Antonio Carreño, Brown University  “A watershed in scholarship.” —Raphael Israeli, Hebrew University of Jerusalem“Desperately, desperately needed as a counter to the mythology that pervades academia on this subject.” —Paul F. Crawford, California University of Pennsylvania “An intelligent reinterpretation of a supposed paradise of convivencia.” —Julia Pavón Benito, University of Navarra “A splendid book . . . Must-reading.” —Noël Valis, Yale University“I am in awe of The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise.” —FrontPage Magazine“A bracing remedy to a good deal of the academic pabulum that passes for scholarship.” —Middle East Quarterly“An exhilarating and unput-downable read.” —StandpointScholars, journalists, and even politicians uphold Muslim-ruled medieval Spain—“al-Andalus”—as a multicultural paradise, a place where Muslims, Christians, and Jews lived in harmony.There is only one problem with this widely accepted account: it is a myth.In this groundbreaking book, Northwestern University scholar Darío Fernández-Morera tells the full story of Islamic Spain. The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise shines light on hidden history by drawing on an abundance of primary sources that scholars have ignored, as well as archaeological evidence only recently unearthed.This supposed beacon of peaceful coexistence began, of course, with the Islamic Caliphate’s conquest of Spain. Far from a land of religious tolerance, Islamic Spain was marked by religious and therefore cultural repression in all areas of life and the marginalization of Christians and other groups—all this in the service of social control by autocratic rulers and a class of religious authorities.The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise provides a desperately needed reassessment of medieval Spain. As professors, politicians, and pundits continue to celebrate Islamic Spain for its “multiculturalism” and “diversity,” Fernández-Morera sets the historical record straight—showing that a politically useful myth is a myth nonetheless.

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  • The Mystery of the Shemitah
    The Mystery of the Shemitah (English, Paperback) Jonathan Cahn

    Discover the never-before revealed mystery of the towers, the key of cataclysms, the mystery of sevens, and much, much more.

    $14.81 $16.99
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  • Out of the Silence
    Out of the Silence (Paperback) Terry Waite

    November 2016 marks the 25th anniversary of Terry Waite's release from captivity in Beirut. In this sequence of poetry and prose he recalls the highs and lows of his life, both during his ordeal as a hostage and in the happier years of humanitarian work that have followed.

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  • Beyond Good and Evil
    Beyond Good and Evil (English, Hardback) Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

    One of the most iconoclastic philosophers of all time, the author dramatically rejected notions of good and evil, truth and God. With wit and subversive energy, he demands that the individual impose their own 'will to power' upon the world. This book demonstrates that the world is steeped in false piety and infected with a 'slave morality'.

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  • The Atheist Who Didn't Exist
    The Atheist Who Didn't Exist (English, Paperback) Andy Bannister

    Addressing some of the more popular atheist arguments about the Christian faith, making space for a deeper and more honest discussion about the big questions of life.

    $13.22 $14.99
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  • Who am I to Judge?
    Who am I to Judge? (English, Paperback) Edward Sri

    "Don't be so judgmental!""Why are Christians so intolerant?""Why can't we just coexist?"In an age in which preference has replaced morality, many people find it difficult to speak the truth, afraid of the reactions they will receive if they say something is right or wrong. Using engaging stories and personal experience, Edward Sri helps us understand the classical view of morality and equips us to...

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  • Finding Truth
    Finding Truth (English, Hardback) Nancy Pearcey

    In Finding Truth, Nancy Pearcey explains five powerful principles that penetrate to the core of any worldview—secular or religious—to uncover its deepest motivations and weigh its claims.

    $18.53 $22.99
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  • God and Stephen Hawking
    God and Stephen Hawking (English, Paperback) John C. Lennox

    A stirring reply to Hawking's claims that God is not needed to explain the Universe.

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  • Vistas of Infinity - How to Enjoy Life When You are Dead
    Vistas of Infinity - How to Enjoy Life When You are Dead (Paperback) Jurgen Ziewe

    This book deals with the reality of our life after death, not spirit communication, but actual visits with all sensory perception in tact using Out-of-Body travel. Jurgen Ziewe has spent over forty years refining his OBE skills via a lifelong practice of deep meditation. The author projects his consciousness into parallel dimensions and non-physical reality systems whilst retaining full waking...

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