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  • Healing Without Hurting

    This book is absolutely amazing. In a word where pharma controls our opinions and steers us away from the truth - this book will give you the answers you are looking for. A++++ the author did her homework. Easy read, but packed with info.

  • The Wereling Trilogy

    This is a review of the trilogy as a whole, for these are short books.

    I remember reading these books when I was in school, more than ten years ago, and it’s a testament that I remember them, and certain scenes, characters and quotes, vividly. I enjoyed them then and I enjoy them now as an adult.

    These are fast-paced, smooth reads and the writing is economical. The only time it does seem to stumble in its pacing in when it has to give an ‘info-dump’, but they’re only a paragraph or so long and they serve to remind you what has happened in the previous books or to give you information on important and relevant parts of the werewolf mythology (which is interestingly crafted) so you don’t have to waste time trying to stitch the pieces together throughout the book. Granted the transitions into the ‘info-dumps’ are a little clumsy at times, but they’re quick and few.

    The characters are very likeable and their humour takes the edge off some of the dark, grizzly horror. And these books are HORROR. Publish two years before Twilight castrated werewolves, these books keep the rabid animal violence and in no way romanticises them. At the same time, it doesn’t go too overboard with the gore, only at important times where you need that stab of dread.

    All in all, I’d recommend these. They’re short books and you could probably read the whole trilogy in a week, at most.

  • I have just given it up after two sessions of trying to get into it. I don't like the style - bizarrely I got the idea I was reading a foreign language translated stiltedly into English. Mainly I got bored with being given an unadulterated history lesson.

  • Brilliant!!!

    "Imperfection" by Ray Clark is the first in the gritty Gardener/Reilly crime series. I really enjoyed this gripping crime book and thought the idea of mixing a police procedural of solving murders using cryptic puzzles and harrowing messages very unique. I liked the fact that the grizzly murders were based around the theatre and I particularly liked the references to the old movies and their film stars.

    Set in Leeds we are introduced straight away to the first murder when Leonard White - an ageing actor - is found dead at a theatre he was due to perform in. His body drained of all blood and with a bloodied message painted onto his dressing room wall, the police are baffled at the strange and eerie circumstances - all leading to a thrilling and climatic finish.

    The working relationship between DI Gardener and DS Reilly was totally realistic and I believe the author has done really well in developing the many and varied characters. The superb plot line was very cleverly thought out and the crimes were highly imaginative that only stretch the boundaries of reality just a little. The chapter relating to spiders had me worried, not sure what I'll do next time I have one in the house!!!!

    "Imperfection" is advertised as the first in the series but it almost felt like there was a previous book in the series as there were quite a few hints and mentions to Gardener's wife / girlfriend and a 'Christmas Murders' investigation.

    I do hope there will be more in this entertaining series to come and that they will be just as gruesome, I like Ray Clark's excellent writing style and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this intriguing book to others.

    Well done once again to Urbane Publications on producing another beautifully printed book inside and out, making the reading experience so much more enjoyable! I purchased this book through the year long monthly Urbane Book Club and I am very pleased that this book was part of this month's parcel!

    A well deserved 5 stars!

  • Understanding prehistoric structures in the landscape of Britain

    This is an excellent detailed overview of both past and present thinking about the earliest structures and monuments made by man in Britain. While academic in its detail and accuracy it is readable and fascinating in its observations of what can and can't be learnt from them. We have recently visited most of the sites mentioned and therefore knew just what was being discussed. It might be a little trickier for someone who was starting from scratch

  • The best source of information about Acrodermatitis Enteropathica

    Acrodermatitis Enteropathica; a Clinician's Guide will give you an in-depth analysis of this rare disease and is highly recommended for any physician come face-to-face with similar symptoms. Dr. Pooya Beigi dives deep into the heart of the disease and touches on key points every doctor needs to acknowledge.