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  • Wow!

    Wow. Just wow! What lives these ladies have lead. Mia and Olivia Flores tell their stories and the stories of the twins Peter and junior Flores.

    Junior and peter were born into a world controlled by drugs. At a young age they were being taught the trade and by lates teens they had there own cocaine trafficking business. As the years went on there business went from strength to strength and they became the highest level drug traffickers, until one day they wanted out due to the effect this was having in there family. To leave this business they had to hand themselves in and become informanats to get lighter sentences. They didn’t realise how difficult life would be after they did this, so much happens to them and there families.

    This is an amazing read, I flew through this book. It’s beautifully written and knowing this actually happened makes it the more gripping! 100% recommend this book!

    • 4 stars
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    • Ascension by Victor Dixen
      Ascension by Victor Dixen


    A nifty variation on the Hunger Games theme sees 12 teens launched into space and into a cross between Love Island and Truman Show, first on a spaceship - and then on Mars. There's no need for non SF-fans to be put off by the set-up, because that's all it is: a novel way of getting 6 boys and 6 girls into a situation ripe with relationships and sexual tension. A good story, easy to read and easy on the eye.


    I cant stand this man. don't let your children be educated and then be subject to his horrible ways. VIVA LA RESISTANCE

    • 5 stars
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    • Mae Jemison by Jodie Shepherd
      Mae Jemison by Jodie Shepherd



  • Waffling

    I'm sad to say that I gave up half way through this book. I believe that there is no need to waste your time on something that you are not enjoying. I found the story hard going and slow paced. There are also other story lines running alongside the main one and to be quite frank I found it very boring. Dora's diaries of hiding from the Germans and then becoming a vigilante were OK at times. Wasn't really understanding Dora's feelings she had for Evangaline and the boy, very mixed up. It's a shame because the first impression I read at me gripped but unfortunately the rest of the story didn't live up to my expectations. This would be a good book for an airport read, but thankfully I'm not travelling anywhere anytime soon.

  • Sad yet moving

    A mixture of the delights of music and the horrors that ALS brings on people. This story is about Richard, a man who thinks he has it all, he is an accomplished pianist, has a failed marriage and estranged daughter and thinks he is gods gift to all women. Then suddenly he is struck down with ALS, a disease that leaves you paralyzed within your body, slowly cementing your limbs and organs until you can no longer breathe. Richards body is slowly giving up the ghost but his mind is still very much active. His ex-wife decides to take on the brave act of caring for him at her home. This story is about anger, lost loves, resentment, forgiveness, letting go and peace. A very well written book, highlighting the debilitating disease from both the sufferer and the carers point of view.

  • Great but not happy with US translation

    I love these books, but annoyingly this is the US edition of the book, which is full of jarring Americanisms. (my copy of Nicholas and the Gang is the UK edition, which is much nicer to read for British readers).

  • An accessible & insightful read about Chinese spirituality and more

    I found this a bit of a dry and perhaps directionless read at first but it did become quite an intriguing and even compelling read, the further I read. It was fascinating from a historical viewpoint, reading about the way the Chinese interpreted things many hundreds, or thousands even, of years ago. There's a lot of talk about Confuscious, about Chinese morality and philosophy. Some things made sense to me, some others seemed so opposite to the way people like I, in Western civilisation, think.

    I found particularly interesting the information about the Chinese language, with calligraphy often being mentioned. Many characters which feature in Chinese writing are covered in the text, with translations using our roman alphabet supplied and an English language translation also provided. This book provides a very good insight in to Chinese writing and culture in general I reckon. At first I wasn't very sure, it seemed, if anything, a bit too specific a book, referring to the authors previous books, (primarily 'Falling Leaves'), making me feel a bit daunted because I hadn't read said previous book and I wasn't sure what I was maybe expected, as a reader, to be aware of before reading this book. By the end of it, I found I had a better general understanding of Chinese culture and (perhaps less so but all the same) Chinese history, if nothing else.

    Given it is quite focussed on philosophy, with the authors personal faith related beliefs being mentioned towards the end of it, it was quite a thought provoking read. I can understand why the author questioned things at certain times in her life, as she openly mentions. I thought the author was quite candid and provided an intriguing and certainly interesting read about her homeland, or mother country. I also liked that it was relatively short in terms of pagination, at under 250 pages long, so its not a massive, bulky brick of a read, which may put people off. In that sense its quite accessible.

    If your interested either in eastern philosophy or spirituality, or more specifically in Chinese culture, society perhaps or maybe history, then I say this makes for an interesting read, one well worth considering.

    If your just generally interested in it based on what I've said then definitely give it a read. It may not be to everyones interest - it was a little slow and maybe felt a little unfocussed at the start but I very much enjoyed reading it and found it an insightful read by the end. Recommended.

  • 3g yeast to 300g flour is just not enough. Just didn't rise.

  • Fantastic action packed thriller!

    I love David Baldacci's wonderfully captivating books, they are so polished, professionally written, imaginative yet realistic and very easy to follow, so I was looking forward to reading "The Target", the third in the fantastic and exciting Will Robie series.

    Blurb - The President knows it's a perilous, high-risk assignment. If he gives the order, he has the opportunity to take down a global menace, once and for all. If the mission fails, he would face certain impeachment, and the threats against the nation would multiply. So the president turns to the one team that can pull off the impossible: Will Robie and his partner, Jessica Reel.

    I adore Will Robie and Jessica Reel, they are two of the most professional, disciplined and lethal assassins alive. They are the ones the government calls in when the utmost secrecy is required and are needed to infiltrate the most hostile of countries in the world and take out the most vicious and deadly world tyrants. I haven't read the first in the series but have read the second and loved how that even though this can be read happily as a standalone, this book follows on from the very tense and compelling previous story, allowing you to fully understand and empathise with their professional relationship. I love how they work so well together, literally reading each other's minds as if it was one and constantly looking out for each other's backs, often to their own detriment. If you've read the second book you'll understand why it's so important to follow this progression of friendship as they were both tested to the most ultimate of limits in an unimaginable way.

    The book started with a brilliantly intriguing and compelling introduction that had me bewildered as to where the story would lead. Earl Fontaine was a fantastic character and I particularly enjoyed his part in the story immensely. Multi layered and with excellent characters - Chung-Cha was dangerously cold blooded but truly inspirational and for me was the central character to the whole book. This story really is a must read, it was so easy to follow unlike so many political thrillers and from start to finish it read like a blockbuster movie.

    The ending was just FANTASTIC!! Emotional, tense, exciting and compelling, I literally couldn't put it down until it was completely finished and even then I continued to give it thought.

    I highly recommend this series but if you can't read them all, do read this one - if you enjoy fast paced, action filled thrillers then you will not be disappointed and I've already have "The Guilty" (the fourth one) on order to enjoy reading very soon!

    5 stars