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  • Complete, detailed, clear about the culture of the Mauritanian nomads

    “Nomads of Mauritania” deals with: 1) the culture (geography, history, way of life, cast system, diet, housing, crafts, religion, language, values, art) of the Mauritanian nomads, which is revealed notably through their art expressed on usual objects and body and defined for the first time as geometrical-abstract art and respectively as ephemeral usual art and ephemeral living art; 2) and their future within the climate warming, overpopulation and (economic and cultural) globalization.

  • Thought Provoking

    Thought provoking and emotionally charged.

    Nuri and Afra Ibrahim have fled Syria and are making their way to England. This is the story of their journey and what they had to endure along the way.

    Nuri is a beekeeper and dreams of starting again.

    Afra is a painter, but lost her sight the day her son was killed by a bomb.

    Heartbreaking, challenging, inhumane and at times amusing, Nuri and Afra must weather the storm if they want to stay alive.

    This book gives you an insight in how it feels to leave your homeland and travel by any means to another country. Leaving everything you know behind and starting again in a foreign land. Kudos to the author Christy for really highlighting the issues people like the Ibrahim's have, and the courage and bravery that they display.

    Also #savethebees

  • Fashions Change

    This novel is a sequel, of sorts, to The Silk Weaver which I didn't realise until I started reading it and characters I recognised (Henri and Anna) started cropping up. Unfortunately, for me, this book just did not live up the previous one. The richness of the setting is completely lost along the way and the newly introduced characters really aren't sufficient to carry the story or hold your interest. This isn't helped by having an Ann and an Anna and the main character Charlotte also being known as Agnes. If you read the book in a couple of big chunks this wouldn't be a problem but picking it up several times over a couple of days it does become an issue; well, it did for me.

    It doesn't help that the threads of Charlotte running her costumier business are interwoven with the Foundling Hospital that raised her and also her sister's strained marriage to a fire and brimstone Vicar. Nothing really sits together and it all felt like a couple of different stories smooshed together with the filling that was supposed to link running away into the cracks. Unlike with The Silk Weaver everything felt slightly artificial and contrived rather than absorbing you in the time and the place.

    Characterisation takes second place to the plotting of the book so I never really felt that I knew Charlotte/Agnes and less so her sister Louisa. In many ways things just happen to Charlotte and she rapidly became just a conduit to discuss child abandonment, abuse of servants, struggles of extended family and women in business in the 18th Century. Louisa is mainly there to show abuse within marriage. There is a plot twist towards the end but it comes as neither a surprise or of much interest by this point - all that's important is that we are nearly at the end. Even the conclusion of the book was strangely dissatisfying and a bit "happy clappy".

    One saving grace was the sub title of each chapter providing you with a description of a popular fashion item of the period or a popular cloth; these short snippets were informative and I finally know what a sackback dress would have looked like and why. I suppose I should have known it didn't bode well when something that was not an intrinsic part of the story was the most enjoyable bit of the book. There are some good insights in to the structuring of society but you have to dig for them and the relentless pursuit for everything to come out for the best for all characters did become a little wearisome.

    Really the best I can say about the book is that it is relatively non-offensive and passed the time adequately without making me feel like I had completely wasted the hours spent reading it. I did expect much better from the author though as I have read a couple of her previous books and thoroughly enjoyed them - I think nostalgia for those and the hope that this is just a blip is why I have rated this 3 Stars instead of the 2 that it probably deserves.

  • Unique but compelling

    A weird and fascinating approach to portray the human subconscious. This was such a unique book and not at all what i was expecting (especially if you went from the cove alone) but I have to say I enjoyed every bit!

    I love the plot but felt not a lot happened in places but this did not take away from the brilliant writing and the fact that you are literally transported to a fictional world.

    For me the main highlight has to be the setting! With creatures described to test your imagination this book is a much read. Not quite sci-fi but think this is perfect for those that shy away from the genre as it really gives an easy rad that actually gets you thinking and draws you right in. I will certainly be looking to read more from the author after this book!

  • Very original

    This is Joe Heap’s debut novel.

    The writing style is quite good and after a lumbering start the plot and sub plots engaged my attention making me want to know what happens next. The main characters have been well crafted and the ancillary ones have just enough information about them to carry the story. I liked the “Rules of Seeing “ embedded in the narrative. It was a clever way of explaining Nova’s experience of having sight after being blind from birth.

    This is the story of two women who meet, connect then fall in love against the problems they both must overcome.

    I can honestly recommend this original book and it deserves to be read by an audience wider than those who read this genre.

    I was given this book in return for an honest review.

  • Disappointing....

    "Night by Night" is Jack Jordan's latest standalone novel, following on from his success with "Behind Her Eyes".

    Sadly I didn't connect with this book as much as his previous one (which I thoroughly enjoyed) and found it altogether tedious and slow going.

    I personally couldn't relate to Rose at all or the whole set up either before or after the accident. I found her traumatic grief and lack of sleep and the resulting loss of energy realistic but then the sudden determination and new found energy to solve a possible murder from a randomly discovered journal rather baffling. I wasn't too impressed either when the killer was revealed, an extremely over the top twist and I have to admit to skim reading some of the chapters towards the end. All the characters seemed false and I couldn't find one that I could fully engage with.

    Jack has a huge social media following so I imagine this book will nevertheless do well. It is still a very well written story - its obvious Jack is passionate about his writing - and the premise is very clever, I was just a bit disappointed overall.

    I expect crime fiction novels to be distressing but from the very first page, I felt overwhelmingly sorrowful and bar the epilogue, felt truly weighted down. The grief and exhaustion was depressingly palpable but presumably this only goes to show the sign of a good writer, to be able to convey those emotions to a reader, even if a little too expressive.

    These are only my personal feelings and opinions and by no means what other readers may find or experience.

    3 stars from me but I would continue to read more by this author again.

  • The Inspired Diabetic

    This is a brilliant book, with a real life experience, the Chef Lyndon Wissart, speak about the food he was eating who helped him achieve this, but I personally think that it is the combination of the food he list on the book who are extremely powerful to get a striking result. Well done and remarkable achievement.

    Richard I

  • Silent Sisters

    I read the book in record time. I couldn't put it down. Wonderful writing. It was as if Joanne was talking to me telling me the story.

    What a wonderful person she is. Such responsibility at a young age. A wonderful connection between Catherine (sister) and Chris (brother). A wonderful mother to her children and now grandchildren. A Must read story.

  • A bit Disappointed

    I'm a bit disappointed with this book, specially because it's, in my opinion too over hyped. Everybody was saying to me how amazing it is and that I should read it. I bought it obviously because of that, but I didn't enjoyed it that much.

    I think it's a fun book to read, with a lot of action. But I can say honestly, that is the typical page turner that everyone want but with not much value in its content.

    When I started reading, I couldn't have been more excited. It all started well with the story of two girls that is turned upside down and after that, I started paying less and less attention.

    The fact that the author didn't described the characters, made me not interact and be inside of the story.

    I'm always really interested in knowing how the characters are, so I can imagine them properly.

    I give you an example of a book that I loved and does this, Throne of Glass. I don't stop talking about it because I think this book is so original! It explained so well who the main characters were, that I never forgot them.

    Although I think this book doesn't deserve the hype, I give it 3 stars because sometimes it can be rather entertaining.

    But I honestly think that I start to not appreciate this book genre as much as before and that may be the reason why I don't like some of the young adult books I've been reading.

  • Insomnia

    What a whirl wind of a book!

    So much happened in such a short space of time; lots of different story lines, which could all individually have a book written on their own, come together to make this one story. Jack Jordan is a talented man!

    Rose suffers with insomnia and is involved in a car accident where she sees one of her twin daughters die. As a result of this her remaining daughter and her husband shun her from the family unit. Time passes and one night she bumps into a stranger who drops a journal. Rose takes the journal and soon discovers many secrets that have been well hidden for many years, one in particular that involves her! Rose soon finds herself on borrowed time, trying to solve the mystery and bring justice to all those involved!

    As I've mentioned earlier, there is so much going on in this book, with a lot of twists and turns that you do not see coming!