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    • 4 stars
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    • Illuminature by Rachel Williams


    Visually stunning, one problem is that it only comes with one set of viewing "aids", grandson has used them so much they have become unusable. The book should come with a few pairs or the ability to purchase more.

  • A terrific read

    A fantastic blow by blow account on the birth of Punk

  • Beautiful

    This is a beautiful book ... bought as a present for a gardener and plant lover who loves it and has said she would take it as her luxury to a desert island!

  • Poor rip off

    Very poor copy. The pictures are small and hard to follow. It is a very poor copy of Dan Docterty version of the Sabre and spear form. Since buying this book my Sifu has given my a copy of Dan Docterty sabre form which is far superior to othmar vigl copy. I wouldn't recommend this book for the main reason that it is just a rip off of Dan original book.

  • Loads of the information is repeated. Seems like quite lazy research with little thought to actually making it interesting and engaging.

    • 1 stars
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    • The Crucible by Arthur Miller

    absolute shit. waste of money