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  • This must be in God's top 10 books of 2017, cos it's certainly in mine! Fantastic read!

  • “I saved our company £2000 and I got an amazing Brand Name!”

    Thanks to Alexandra's book, I saved our company £2000 (that's what I was quoted in average!) and I got an amazing new brand name!

    Our charity was needed rebranding and we could not afford to pay for it and they I found "Hello, My name is Awesome".

    This book is great because it is:

    - clear and simple

    - practical

    - full of examples

    - easy to read

    - quite short - only 110 pages

    This book also explains you how to prepare a Creative Brief, so even if you were to use an agency, it'll help you to know what you want. It also help you make your mind about rebranding or not, and what to do after you've got a new name.

    I love it.

    Our new name to follow (Not launched yet!)

  • A Good, Not Great Book

    It’s Monday Morning right now. I finished this book over a day and a half ago, but I haven’t been able to organise my thoughts about it, and so I just decided to pour them all out onto my review

    · Goodbye Days was EASILY one of my most anticipated reads of the year. I ADORED Jeff Zentner’s The Serpent King and all the heart break and hope it made me feel, and I was so excited for what he would do with Goodbye Days.

    · That being said, I REALLY REALLY wanted to enjoy Goodbye Days. I think Jeff is an AMAZING person, I love his writing style and this book IS THE PERFECT SET-UP FOR HEARTBREAK.

    · I lost a friend recently. We weren’t ‘best’ friends by any means, but we were friends, and his death was so senseless and so reckless and it just shocked me that life could end that easily, and I really wanted to feel something with this book as the protagonist loses his THREE best friends.

    · Goodbye Days WAS NOT what I thought it would be. For starters, I didn’t once FEEL that overwhelming grief that I wanted to feel, and that I felt when I heard the news about my friend. The book fell TOTALLY flat in this aspect, and more than feeling the grief, the main focus of this was getting back to ‘normal.’ It’s just how I felt – maybe not AS much with Carver, but definitely with Jesmyn.

    · Another thing I couldn’t wrap my head around was Carver and his dead best friend’s girlfriend – Jesmyn. I would have liked them as friends, I REALLY WOULD HAVE, but I KNEW that he was developing feelings for her, and this feeling or wrongness settled around me that I couldn’t shake. I liked that they hung out, I LOVED that they had each other for support but it still felt all sorts of wrong to me.

    · I did LOVE two very specific characters in the book – Nana Betsy and Georgia. Nana Betsy was honest and good and kind of an awesome grandmother (I went and gave mine a long hug after) and I FELT HER PAIN. More than anything else, I FELT HER PAIN. It felt like the pain I expected from Carver, but didn’t get. Georgia is Carver’s older sister and she too is all kinds of awesome. They made the book a whole lot better.

    · I also wish we had MORE of The Sauce Crew flashbacks, and less Jesmyn and Carver (The Sweat Crew) because I feel like even AFTER the Goodbye Days for each of them, that I BARELY KNEW THEM, And HOW DO I FEEL SAD FOR PEOPLE I DON’T KNOW?

    · Did I cry? YES. Big fat tears. This was a GOOD BOOK. It was highly emotional (and brought back memories from four months ago when my friend died) and DEFINITELY a good story, that I KNOW could have been better,

    I would recommend Goodbye Days – it’s a thought provoking read, but not as much as I would shove The Serpent King into your arms and faces. 3 stars.

  • LOVED IT!!!!

    Alas! No enigmatic Gabriel in "The Ghost Tree" this the second in the Libby Butler series, but there is the charming and hunky Scotsman Kie Armstrong. (I have to say the author Sara Bain does like her men *wink wink*)

    The book first sets out in rural Scotland in 1695 when Andrew Mackie and his family are being terrorised by the 'Rerrick Parish Poltergeist'. Hundreds of years later MacAoidh (Kie) Armstrong moves into a smallholding built on the grounds of the old haunted land. Has the legend of the Ghost Tree and its spirit returned to cause terror and destruction?? Can Libby save the strapping Highlander from an ancient evil and will she lose her heart in doing so?

    Having adored the first in the series "The Sleeping Warrior" I couldn't wait to start reading this, and as expected I wasn't disappointed! This is a fantastic, haunting and chilling ghost story, I don't tend to read a lot of these type of books but this was very unique and totally realistic. The author is very talented with her writing, in a way that she combines the unbelievable and reality with such seamless ease. Its obvious there's been a lot of research carried out into paranormal activity/causes and it was definitely interesting to read and learn about them. "The Ghost Tree" is a very intriguing and entertaining story from the start and will without a doubt have you looking over your shoulder in the dark. The story has some very strong characters in it and I do love impulsive Libby with her 'speak as she sees' attitude and dry humour. Set in Scotland, I was transported to the beautiful and rugged descriptive scenery - a place I hold very true to my heart.

    I thoroughly enjoyed "The Ghost Tree" - it's a big book too, coming in at nearly 500 pages long so you certainly get your money's worth! I so look forward to the third book in the trilogy due out later this year ("The Ban-Sith") - I have fast become a huge fan of Sara Bain, her impressive writing flows beautifully and is finely crafted - it's a pleasure to read her imaginative stories.

    You can read any of these two books as standalone's but I imagine you'll want to read the whole trilogy anyway, they're so good.

    I can't recommend the Libby Butler series enough, you won't be disappointed and I guarantee you'll be left wanting to read more by this author.

    • 5 stars
    • By Guest
    • Brace for It by Jasmine B Cenci


    Very good debut novel.

  • Great book it reads like a movie very detailed every one will identify with something

    • 5 stars
    • By Pen Scott-doherty
    • Star Wisdom by Gene Andrade

    Star Wisdom: Principles of Pleiadian Spirituality by Gene Andrade

    Star Wisdom's revised edition would be a good choice for anyone interested in science fiction, spirituality, or magical thinking. While not to be taken as factual, it is a worth while resource for those interested in para normal phenomena. Much of what is attributed to the Pleiadians and recorded by Billy Meier warrants critical thought and analysis. This wisdom can be found in age old teachings of Hindus, Buddhists, and Abrahamic religions. And of course, Carl Sagan's maxim, "Show me your evidence" would be well applied here.