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  • Twists throughout!

    Read this within just a couple of days. Really intriguing storyline that keeps you on your toes and twists throughout that you definitely do not expect!

  • Intense, Real, Heartbreaking

    It’s hard to describe what a book this deep, dark and intense makes you feel. Truth be told, I’m nothing but a bundle of emotions right now that I’m just trying to shove down so I can write this review semi-coherently.

    This book is one of the most intense portrayals of a harsh life that I’ve ever seen, but always with a glimmer of hope in the background and I fell in love with it.

    ”Each aberration of my skin is a song. Press your mouth against me. You will hear so much singing.”

    Girl in Pieces opens with a girl lying on the snow in front of a hospital, the red seeping out of her body and into the white underneath her. It will grip you right then, make you feel Charlie’s pain and understand it and leave you reeling.

    Some opinions/ thoughts:

    1. Girl In Pieces is a deep, heavy and accurate description of what mental health problems feel like. While it is primarily about self-harm, it also deals with physical and sexual abuse, substance abuse and emotional abuse. It’s an intense book that I needed to keep putting on hold for hours before getting back to it.

    2. This book is authentic. It handles the ups and downs or the ‘good days’ and the ‘bad days’ of mental health and addiction with stark clarity. It also shows the below average standard of health care given to those who need it when they don’t have the financial ability to pay for it.

    3. Charlie Davis is a heart breaking character. She has had a less than ideal life, and my heart ached for all the four hundred pages I was in her head. I’ve never understood a character more, all I wanted was for her to find some kind of love and to be happy. She was unique, living a painstakingly real life in a harsh world and I only want the best for her.

    4. I didn’t get Riley and Charlie. It felt like a bad idea from the start, not to mention the ten year age difference and the fact that Charlie was a minor. I didn’t get it, but I understood where she was coming from. I hated it when, as she put it, made herself smaller for him to notice her. Even the book portrayed it as something that wouldn’t end well, but I did sort of understand why Charlie did it.

    5. The middle got kind of slow. There’s a sort of lag in the middle when Charlie and Riley are together, when Mike is gone and Blue isn’t there and they’re forming this unhealthy routine between them when I found myself counting pages, waiting for something to happen.

    This book is a gorgeous and heart shattering rendering of what it is to find yourself and find your place when your biggest enemy is you.

    I’ve never read a better, more intense, more real or more heart-breaking book on mental health and hard lives and I could not recommend it enough.

    It was absolutely positively angelic.

  • This is a good read. It has a lot of twists & turns that takes you on an adventure. It keeps the reader interested in what's going to happen next. An excellent story. Couldn't stop reading until done.

  • Officer's life

    This book was a little slow in parts of the overall story, but the parts fit in the end of this sequel (two) this release. recalling correctly, the last chapter"Returning home" feels like the final destination for Tommy Lewis, back where his journey started. Development of this story and the encounter of the characters is very real to me as the Author, James Carrol writes. describing them in an edgy , graphic method matching physical descriptions with the emotional experiences. I identified with the struggle of the lead officer, having been there!!!!!

  • New author Becky Allred knows how to get and keep your attention.

    The preview video of this book made me want to read it. The story did not disapoint. It moves quickly with never a dull moment. One of those stories that you find yourself thinking about long after you have finished the book. I hope to see more from this author.

  • Lots of funny and entertaining stories! You won't believe what this guy went through (or in several instances, put himself through). From sharks, wolves, and bears, to freezing temperatures and swamps, this guy is lucky he lived through it all. I really enjoyed the writing style - was a fast and easy read - it made my morning commute so much more fun. Highly recommended.

  • The Words in my Hand

    An excellent account of the relationship of Descartes and maid Helena. Insightful,imaginable and beautifully written,it's a gem of a book

    • 3 stars
    • By Guest
    • Dear Dad by from you to me

    Nice Idea for traditional family model

    Nice idea,

    However not all is relevant. For example there is a section about tell me about when I was born, what other names did you want to call me before I was born.?

    My child is not my biological child and these questions are irrelevant. They can't be removed without damaging the book.

    Who wants to give a book with obvious torn out pages in?

    It is not a book if you are in a same sex relationship, where not the at pregnancy or birth of your child or did not have a typical Mum and Dad yourself or find those type of questions hard to answer.

    • 2 stars
    • By Guest
    • Dear Mum by from you to me

    Nice Idea but not for children with absent parents or in same sex relationships

    I have just bought this book and the others with it.

    It is basically a hardback notepad with questions for headings.

    For example What was the first piece of music you bought.

    However as a parent who child has an absent biological father some of the questions are completely irrelevant and hurtful if presented to my child.

    Example: What was the First thing my Father said to you after I was born.

    In our case my child's Dad is not biologically his.

    I can't remove these pages without affecting the others.

    I wish I had known before I ordered.