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  • This is a fantastic read

    Wanted a change from superhero stories and iv landed the perfect novel

    Gritty story and writing

    Really really excited for volume 2

  • Waste of money, all basic nutritional information.

    Do not buy this book. It does not reference ANY Martial Arts ANYWHERE in the book. This book has very, very basic nutritional information, poor pictures and absolutely no references to any Martial Art. I was hoping for a book that would tell me ways of increasing stamina and endurance during hard Karate training sessions, and this book promised that (increase stamina etc). Nope, none, just a reference that you'll feel better. No eat x in x amount prior to training and after to increase stamina. Nothing. Only read this book if you didn't finish high school and have zero understanding of nutrition. It is all basic stuff that could easily be found on a blog on the internet. I wasted my money on this book, DON'T WASTE YOURS!

  • Absolute classic

    What a classic story with a fun, beautiful style! I have given this book to numerous nieces and nephews as it will always remain one of my favourites and an absolute classic.

  • Great Read.

    Great Read! Focuses on interesting themes rather than trudging through history in the way some books do. Enjoyed the chapter on colonisation of America especially.


    “Blood Moon” written by John David Bethel had me literally blown away! Normally for me the more dark, twisted and gruesome the book the better, but not on this occasion!

    Just knowing that the book is based on an actual true crime case of kidnapping, extortion, torture and multiple murders, had my nervous anticipation levels at critical. You just don’t know how far this terrifying story is going to go or what was going to come next and just when you think that it couldn’t really get any worse it horrifyingly flies off the scale.

    Recidio Suarez is savagely beaten and abducted by a gang of extortionists and endures a month long captivity that compares only to the horrendous stories of prisoners of war. Brutally tortured and constantly threatened with the rape and murder of his wife and kids, Suarez is forced to sign over his multi million dollar holdings. Miraculously he survives the attempt to kill him, but on telling the police, they fail to believe his fantastical tale of kidnapping and survival. It’s not until much later when a couple disappear under similar circumstances that the police start to take note. But can the police get to the gang before others who are after them too and can Suarez keep his himself and his family safe from further harm?

    The tension throughout this book is unbelievable and certainly not for the fainthearted as there are a great deal of violent scenes. However, if this is your type of book, then i guarantee you will enjoy reading this.

    I liked the way the characters were portrayed - good and bad - and i especially liked Nolan Stevens who is Suarez’s lawyer and a former Special Agent in Charge with the FBI who helps crack the case open - his dedication and determination to help his friend is commendable.

    I’m not normally an ‘eye for an eye’ type of person, but on this occasion I really felt that the revenge punishment really befitted the crimes and that the author did a fantastic job at including this as an extra into the book.

    I was mentally drained by the time i had finished this story, which just shows how much Marc Schiller (who the book is based on) must have felt and suffered if just reading about it made me feel this way. This chunky and very substantial book deserves a lot of attention in its reading and shouldn’t be rushed and if you feel that its just too far fetched to be real, think again, IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED!!!

    A fabulous 5 stars!!!

  • An easy and entertaining the way to learn history

    An interesting read mixing fact with fiction.I travelled from one century to another learning snippets of information about life and famous figures. Pity the title didnt truly reflect the contents.

  • An Important Read

    I’ve only read one book centred on Anorexia Nervosa before, and that was Wintergirls by Laurie Anderson. As soon as I saw that the Lovely Bloomsbury India was going to be releasing Countless here, I knew I HAD to read it.

    Short & Sweet: Countless manages to explain and overcome anorexia in a different and somewhat more attainable light, with a baby and a broken family thrown in the mix.

    Let me explain my thoughts in greater detail:


    Karen Gregory had this haunted, broken and painful writing style which is exactly what I’d imagine a sixteen year old pregnant anorexic who was living by herself having. Her writing made the story come alive; made it all believable.


    I loved the idea surrounding this book. I don’t think Anorexia, other eating disorders or even body image issues are talked about enough in book, especially with what expectations are doing to girls these days.

    As soon as I read the synopsis for this book, I knew I had to have it. It was an AMAZING idea.


    While the writing was good and the idea of the story even better, the plot is where I started having problems.

    For 1) Which self-respecting parents would GIVE UP ON THEIR SICK 16 YEAR OLD AND ALLOW HER TO LIVE BY HERSELF? She was SICK. It’s a DISEASE. The book opens with Hedda living in a mouldy apartment with no money or support and OBVIOUSLY SHE’S STILL SICK. THE PEOPLE WHO WERE SUPPOSED TO BE HER SUPPORT SYSTEM ABANDONED HER. Maybe she’s let them down in the past, but we’re a) not given much information about the past but b) so WHAT? You don’t get to abandon one child for another.

    I liked how the various resources available in the U.K. were highlighted. It’s important that people know what’s available to them and reach out when they feel like they need help.

    Another thing I liked was how this book ended. I couldn’t help but feel that it was thoroughly irresponsible for Hedda to be allowed to have a baby with NO SUPPORT SYSTEM (Money, Family, Friends and an Eating Disorder?), but I’m glad she grew up in the end. It was a good, responsible ending and I can’t help but commend it.


    Hedda came across as selfish. Maybe we can blame it on her wanting something that was more than her eating disorder, but it didn’t change the fact that she had no care for anyone else. She walked away from her mother after a trip at the mall and got herself into debt because she was too prideful to ask her parents for money.

    I didn’t like her parents either. I did like Robin, Hedda’s Sister and all the other secondary characters.


    I was sitting in a room filled with 50 girls and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US raised our hands when a counsellor asked up if we have Body Image Issues. EVERY. SINGLE. GIRL.

    We should be reading and writing more books like Countless because of the message it sends out there – you are more than what you look liked. 3.5 stars.

  • ageing tissue salts.

    very good information in the book with lots of food advice very good value.