Latest Book Reviews

  • Home Town

    Beautiful book illustrating my home town. Lovely book which catches my guests eyes when they see it on my coffee table. Highly recommend for anyone from this little place we call home.

  • good and bad

    nice addition to firebird history, great photos, but many inaccuracies in the text verses the photos

  • Schizophrenic retro sweden

    Creepy, paranoid, dystopian retro future based in 80's Sweden that never was.

    Good on so many levels, great art and clever use of easily recognisable retro objects set with machines that could have always been there.

    An edgy look at a past that didn't exist through the fantasy memories of the artist.

  • Best book out there!!

    By far this is the best book of traditional Middle Eastern and Iraqi recipes. Very elegant book very detailed and the pictures are Amazing!!! Well done!!!

  • i love it!

    a huge variety of pictures to choose from, beautifully detailed!

  • This our second picture book by Tove Jansson, after "The book about Moomin, Mymble and Little My". This time it´s not about Moomins but a new character called Toffle and other, already known characters from the Valley; Tove Jansson does not disappoint and as well this story - told on 28 stunningly illustrated pages - is simply how a great story for both children and those a bit older should be: engaging, moving, thrilling, comforting... A beautiful book telling a story about some very important things: loneliness, love and bravery through words and (amazing) pictures.

  • Beautiful!

    Just beautiful, a simple story turned into a jewel... The graphic is stunning, and the story, though relatively short and simple, is very engaging, exciting, thrilling, funny and comforting... Though probably targeted at a bit older children, we have got it for our little girl who' s only 1.5y, and she absolutely loves watching the pictures and being told the story (quite often even in our own words) at least once a day (but literally every day!). A beautiful book, both for little ones and those a bit older.

  • Amazing just not great manufacturer

    Love Walking Dead and reading this was great reason for only 2 is for the last quarter of the book the pages were not glued to the spine properly on the day that I got it so so have very nearly fallen out without that problem definitely a 5

  • Best restaurant in Greensboro.

    Hong Kong house was by far my favorite restaurant in Greensboro. The food set the bar that no restaurant has risen to in two decades, give or take. My wife and I ate there a lot. I will get this cookbook but, I seriously doubt that I can make it like Amelia did. Those were great days with awesome food.

  • This series is gonna be PHENOMENAL!!!

    This series is gonna be PHENOMENAL!!!

    This book has it all; fire, mythology, an alpha male, action, mystery, magic, emotion. It reinforced, yet again, why Felicity is one of my favorite authors, and I know that any book of hers will be nothing short of intriguing and intense.

    The stage is set for the rest of the series, and I'm beyond eager to see how it progresses with each brother, and to get more "pieces of the puzzle" to solve what is going to happen to the Underworld.

    This turns into sort of a "fated mates" story, and the love between Ares and Megan is perfect. I loved both of them, and I was so happy with the ending!

    I can't wait to get started on Valen's book next!!!!