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  • Where Are Santa's Pants? by Richard Merritt
    Where Are Santa's Pants? (English, Paperback) Richard Merritt

    Ho, ho . . . Oh no! Santa's lost his pants! This is certainly a much more urgent situation than finding WaldoIt is the middle of Christmas, the crowds are out in full, and Santa has lost his pants. The trouble is, he doesn't know where he lost them. Was it at the department store? Was it on the beach? Was it at ice rink? Or was it at the railway station? This ultimate seek-and-find puzzle book is...

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  • Creative Therapy by Hannah Davies
    Creative Therapy (English, Hardback) Hannah Davies, Richard Merritt

    Unleash your creative spirit with this sophisticated anti-stress colouring, doodling and drawing book.

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  • Creative Therapy by Richard Merritt
    Creative Therapy (English, Hardback) Richard Merritt

    The flowing lines, sweeping swirls and highly-detailed patterns on every illustration have been created so that anyone and everyone can enjoy making something beautiful and calming. Increasing focus through creativity can benefit those who find it difficult to unwind or struggle to find their inner artist when faced with a blank page. There are no instructions, no rights or wrongs, and no need for...

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  • Color Therapy by Richard Merritt
    Color Therapy (English, Hardback) Richard Merritt, Cindy Wilde

    Everyone will benefit from the stress-relieving effect that increased focus and creativity can provide. Each section focuses on a particular color palette, from intense reds and oranges to serene blues and calming pastels, so readers can color to suit their mood. There are no rules or complicated step-by-step instructions in these pages and no need for expensive art and craft supplies. Readers can...

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  • The Aquarium by Richard Merritt
    The Aquarium (English, Paperback) Richard Merritt, Claire Scully

    This collection of marine portraits offers hours of relaxing, absorbing fun to coloring book fans and undersea devotees alike. Includes everything from a pearlescent parrotfish to a spotted stingray and beyond. Perforated pages make it easy to pull completed drawings out and display them.

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  • Colour Therapy by Cindy Wilde
    Colour Therapy (Hardback) Cindy Wilde, Laura-Kate Chapman

    Readers can relax and unwind with this sophisticated colouring, doodling and drawing book. Everyone will benefit from the stress-relieving effect that increased focus and creativity can provide.


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  • Mythologica by Richard Merritt
    Mythologica (English, Paperback) Richard Merritt

    Mythologica offers hours of engrossing fun to coloring book aficionados and fantasy fans alike. It features custom-made artwork and includes everything from a majestic dragon, flying phoenix, and a soaring Pegasus to a fire-breathing dragon, incredible kraken, beautiful unicorn, and beyond. Includes perforated pages.

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  • Calming Therapy by Richard Merritt
    Calming Therapy (English, Hardback) Richard Merritt

    From the Bestselling international coloring book series. Color yourself calm with this beautiful and therapeutic coloring and doodle book. Focusing on completing detailed patterns and adding color creatively has a relaxing, stress-busting effect. Even amateur artists can create something exquisite, as no drawing skills are required.

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  • Art Therapy by Richard Merritt
    Art Therapy (English, Hardback) Richard Merritt, Hannah Davies

    Readers can start to relax with this sophisticated anti-stress colouring, doodling and drawing book. From creating free-flowing lines and swirls to shading in intricate patterns, every illustration in this book has been carefully crafted so that even amateur artists can enjoy the satisfaction of creating something of exceptional beauty.

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  • The Neon Coloring Book by Richard Merritt
    The Neon Coloring Book (English, Paperback) Richard Merritt

    From amazing animals to intense accessories, dazzling designs and beaming patterns, children can color in the fun pictures with highlighters, pens, and bright pencils to make the most eye-catching art the world has ever seen.

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  • The Menagerie by Richard Merritt
    The Menagerie (English, Paperback) Richard Merritt, Claire Scully

    Acclaimed illustrator Richard Merritt has created this collection of intricately designed animal headshots for keen colorists the world over. From mighty bears to awe-inspiring tigers, each illustration is printed on perforated paper, so it's easily pulled out and available for display.

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  • The Aviary by Claire Scully
    The Aviary (English, Paperback) Claire Scully, Richard Merritt

    These detailed and stylish bird portraits are simply crying out for your own unique splash of color. Perforated pages make it easy to display, frame, or give them as gifts to avid bird lovers and keen colorists alike.

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  • Beautiful Vintage by Richard Merritt
    Beautiful Vintage (English, Paperback) Richard Merritt

    Make every day a fun "throwback" day with this coloring book that's inspired by all things vintage. Single-sided pages to color keep your ink from bleeding through and ruining the other side, and since each page is perforated, you can pull it out to use for decorations or gifts.

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  • Kreativ entspannen by Richard Merritt
    Kreativ entspannen (German, Hardback) Richard Merritt, Hannah Davies Currently Unavailable More details
  • The Silhouette Colouring Book by Richard Merritt
    The Silhouette Colouring Book (Paperback) Richard Merritt

    The Silhouette Colouring Book is a strikingly beautiful colouring book that allows boys and girls to explore an excitingly different way of colouring. Filled with stunning, partially coloured scenes to complete, children can use an array of colours or simply use black to make each scene a masterpiece.

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  • The Capital Years by Richard Merritt
    The Capital Years (English, Paperback) Richard Merritt

    A detailed look at how the people of the Niagara area lived 200 years ago.

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  • El zoologico/ The Zoo by Richard Merritt
    El zoologico/ The Zoo (Spanish, Paperback) Richard Merritt

    Este libro esta repleto de hermosas cabezas de animales para completar y colorear. Cada uno de estos detallados dibujos es una obra de arte para que los que aman los libros para colorear y los amantes de los animales se deleiten. Impreso en papel perforado, cada una de las ilustraciones puede recortarse y exhibirse como si fuera una obra de arte.

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  • The Midnight Colouring Book by Richard Merritt
    The Midnight Colouring Book (Paperback) Richard Merritt

    A colouring book that includes mysterious pictures in a sophisticated black, white and red colour scheme. It features the following pictures to colour ornate birdcages, intricate clocks and playing-card patterns, elegant acrobats and mouthwatering feasts - and more.

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  • The Neon Colouring Book by Richard Merritt
    The Neon Colouring Book (Paperback) Richard Merritt, Amanda Hillier

    This ultra-vivid colouring book is a visual treat, packed with striking pictures in neon colours.

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  • Peek and Play Rhymes: Old MacDonald by Richard Merritt
    Peek and Play Rhymes: Old MacDonald (English, Board book) Richard Merritt

    Sing along with Old MacDonald! It's a busy day on the farm! Join Old MacDonald and all his animal friends in this interactive twist to the classic song. Peek and Play Rhymes: Old MacDonald Had a Farm features the classic song with flaps on every page with even more animals to spot. This colorful board book is a fun, hands-on introduction to this favorite children's song.

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