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Rob Hodgson

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  • An A-Z of Monsters and Magical Beings by Rob Hodgson
    An A-Z of Monsters and Magical Beings (Hardback) Rob Hodgson, Aidan Onn

    A fantastic, original exploration of a collection of weird, wonderful, and scary monsters from all over the world. Suitable for children 4+.

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  • Scary Bingo by Rob Hodgson
    Scary Bingo (English, Game) Rob Hodgson

    A children's version of the popular game featuring 48 creepy creatures. It includes 8 double-sided game boards and can be played many times over. Illustrated by monster expert Rob Hodgson.

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  • An A to Z of Monsters and Magical Beings by Aidan Onn
    An A to Z of Monsters and Magical Beings (English, Hardback) Aidan Onn

    Do you know how to escape from a stalking werewolf? Have you always wanted to learn the difference between a hobgoblin and an imp, and do you know the secret to avoiding the sharp claws of the ancient Eloko monster? Learn all these brilliant facts and more with this complete field guide to the strange, scary, and wonderful world of monsters and ancient mythical beings!

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  • Tattoo Time! Monster Activities by Rob Hodgson
    Tattoo Time! Monster Activities (English, Paperback) Rob Hodgson

    An animal activity book that lets you decorate your arms and legs with animal transfers and includes mazes, colouring, and 64 temporary tattoos.

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  • Monsters! by Rob Hodgson
    Monsters! (English, Cards) Rob Hodgson

    Which monster has the most horrible habits? Who has the biggest sweet tooth? Compete to win the most cards as you pit 30 scary and smelly monsters against each other. With awesome illustrations and hilarious descriptions of each creepy creature, this is the perfect game to play with your friends and family!

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  • The Cave by Rob Hodgson
    The Cave (English, Hardback) Rob Hodgson

    A creature who lives in a cave never leaves because of a wolf, despite the wolf trying everything to get the creature to leave.

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  • Good Day for a Hat by Rob Hodgson
    Good Day for a Hat (English, Hardback) Rob Hodgson

    A whimsical story about finding just the right hat for any occasion

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  • Tony T-Rex's Family Album by Rob Hodgson
    Tony T-Rex's Family Album (English, Hardback) Rob Hodgson, Mike Benton

    A humorous history of dinosaurs told straight from the mouth of Earth's last surviving dinosaur, Tony T-Rex.

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  • The Woods by Rob Hodgson
    The Woods (English, Hardback) Rob Hodgson

    The Woods is a cat-and-mouse (or fox-and-rabbit) story with a not-so-fluffy twist from the author of The Cave.

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