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Robert Gellately

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  • The Specter of Genocide by Robert Gellately
    The Specter of Genocide (English, Paperback) Robert Gellately

    Offers an up-to-date, comprehensive history and analyses of multiple cases of genocide and genocidal acts.

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  • The Oxford Illustrated History of the Third Reich by Robert Gellately
    The Oxford Illustrated History of the Third Reich (English, Hardback) Robert Gellately

    A thought-provoking assessment and documentation of one of the most terrible periods in history - the rise and fall of the Nazi Party.

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  • Lenin, Stalin and Hitler by Robert Gellately
    Lenin, Stalin and Hitler (Paperback) Robert Gellately

    Between 1914 and 1945 European society was in almost continuous upheaval, enduring two world wars, the Russian Revolution, the Holocaust and the rise and fall of the Third Reich.

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  • Stalin's Curse by Robert Gellately
    Stalin's Curse (English, Hardback) Robert Gellately

    The story of how Stalin ruthlessly built his 'Red Empire' in the aftermath of World War II - and what inspired him to build it.

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  • Backing Hitler by Robert Gellately
    Backing Hitler (English, Paperback) Robert Gellately

    Robert Gellately challenges the belief that the German people knew little about the Nazi terror, and the tendency of historians to distance ordinary Germans from its excesses. He reveals for the first time the social consensus behind the regime and the extent to which German men and women were involved in the persecution of social outsiders and 'race enemies'.

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  • Stalin's Curse by Robert Gellately
    Stalin's Curse (English, Paperback) Robert Gellately

    At the Big Three conferences of World War II, Joseph Stalin persuasively played the role of a great world leader, whose primary concerns lay in international strategy and power politics, and not communist ideology. Now, using recently uncovered documents, Robert Gellately conclusively shows that, in fact, the dictator was biding his time, determined to establish Communist regimes across Europe and...

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  • Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler by Robert Gellately
    Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler (English, Paperback) Robert Gellately

    A study of the political and social upheavals that rocked Europe between 1914 and 1945 focuses on the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany and on the dictatorships of Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler, revealing the similarities and differences among the three, the conflict between Communism and Nazism, and their repercussions in terms of the horrors and genocide of World War II. Reprint. 15,000 first printing.

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  • Accusatory Practices by Sheila Fitzpatrick
    Accusatory Practices (English, Paperback) Sheila Fitzpatrick, Robert Gellately

    The opening of the Stasi archives in 1989 revealed the existence of denunciation and informing in police states, but such practices have long been known. This text explores denunciation and informing in Europe in the two centuries between the French Revolution and the fall of the Berlin Wall.

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