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Robert Gillmor

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  • Birds, Blocks and Stamps by Robert Gillmor
    Birds, Blocks and Stamps (English, Paperback) Robert Gillmor

    Beautiful bird illustrations by famous wildlife artist, commissioned by Royal Mail for Post and Go stamps.

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  • Cover Birds by Robert Gillmor
    Cover Birds (English, Paperback) Robert Gillmor

    Robert Gillmor, keen ornithologist and internationally famous wildlife artist, gives his own account of his formative years, illustrated with the covers he designed for his local Ornithological Club's annual reports.

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  • The Arctic Skua by Peter O'Donald
    The Arctic Skua (English, Paperback) Peter O'Donald, Robert Gillmor

    This book describes the results of a long-term study of the ecology, evolutionary genetics and sociobiology of a seabird, the Arctic Skua. The study produced original data on breeding ecology, demography, population regulation, sexual behaviour and territoriality. Gives a complete and largely original account of the population ecology and sociobiology of a single species of bird.

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  • The Life of the Robin by David Lack
    The Life of the Robin (English, Paperback) David Lack, Robert Gillmor

    The robin was hardly understood when David Lack - Britain's most influential ornithologist - started his scientific observations. This book is a landmark in natural history, not just for its discoveries, but because of the approachable style, sharpened with an acute wit. It reads as fascinatingly today as when it was written.

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  • Pressing On by Robert Gillmor
    Pressing On (English, Hardback) Robert Gillmor Currently Unavailable More details
  • Cutting Away by Robert Gillmor
    Cutting Away (English, Hardback) Robert Gillmor Currently Unavailable More details
  • Allen W. Seaby by Robert Gillmor
    Allen W. Seaby (English, Paperback) Robert Gillmor, Martin Andrews

    Biography of the artist, teacher, author and illustrator Allen Seaby.

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