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Robert L O'Connell

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  • Of Arms and Men by Robert L. O'Connell
    Of Arms and Men (English, Paperback) Robert L. O'Connell

    Examines the role and significance of weapons from the dawn of human history to the present, and the attempts of Western civilization to come to terms with the grim results. The study attempts to integrate the evolution of human society with the development of weapons and military strategies.

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  • The Ghosts of Cannae by Senior Analyst Robert L O'Connell
    The Ghosts of Cannae (English, Paperback) Senior Analyst Robert L O'Connell

    Traces the massive defeat of the huge but inexperienced Roman army by Hannibal's forces in Cannae, Italy, interpreting the larger course of the Second Punic War and the often disastrous ways in which the battle has been imitated throughout history.

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  • Fierce Patriot by Robert L. O'Connell
    Fierce Patriot (English, Paperback) Robert L. O'Connell

    A bold and revisionist new biography of one of history's most iconic and fascinating figures--General William Tecumseh Sherman--a man who played a critical yet overlooked role in the forming of our national boundaries and who proved the embodiment of a newly-emerging American character, by the author of the national bestseller The Ghosts of Cannae.

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  • Revolutionary by Robert L O'Connell
    Revolutionary (English, Hardback) Robert L O'Connell

    In a bold reappraisal of Washington as a young soldier destined be a legendary general, an acclaimed military historian brings to life the man who took on the British and with his leadership came to define the American character....

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  • Fierce Patriot by Senior Analyst Robert L O'Connell
    Fierce Patriot (English, Hardback) Senior Analyst Robert L O'Connell


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