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Robert M Sapolsky

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  • Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers -Revised Edition by Robert M. Sapolsky
    Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers -Revised Edition (English, Paperback) Robert M. Sapolsky

    A distinguished primatologist explains how prolonged stress causes or intensifies a range of physical and mental afflictions, including ulcers, colitis, heart disease, depression, and memory loss, and addresses how to combat it. Reprint. 30,000 first printing.

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  • Behave by Robert M Sapolsky
    Behave (English, Paperback) Robert M Sapolsky

    Named a Best Book of the Year by The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal ...

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  • Behave by Robert M Sapolsky
    Behave (English, Hardback) Robert M Sapolsky

    Aims to explain what makes humans do the things they do, delving into how environmental stimuli, nervous system triggers, and hormonal responses work in conjunction with evolutionary and cultural factors.

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  • The Trouble with Testosterone by Robert M. Sapolsky
    The Trouble with Testosterone (English, Paperback) Robert M. Sapolsky

    From the author of the widely acclaimed "Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers" comes an enlightening perspective on the drives and intrinsic needs underlying human behavior, and how they link us--and separate us from--the rest of the animal kingdom.

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  • Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers by Robert M. Sapolsky
    Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers (English, CD-Audio) Robert M. Sapolsky

    In this updated edition of his bestselling work, renowned primatologist Robert M. Sapolsky explains how prolonged stress can cause or intensify a range of physical and mental afflictions.

    $32.04 $39.99
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  • Monkeyluv by Robert M. Sapolsky
    Monkeyluv (English, Paperback) Robert M. Sapolsky

    Described by Oliver Sacks as 'one of the best scientist-writers of our time', Robert M. Sapolsky here presents the human animal in all its quirkiness and diversity. Monkeyluv touches on themes such as sexuality, aggression, love, parenting, religion, ageing, and mental illness.

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  • A Primate's Memoir by Robert M. Sapolsky
    A Primate's Memoir (English, Paperback) Robert M. Sapolsky

    Book-smart and more than a little naive, Robert Sapolsky left the comforts of college in the US for a research project studying a troop of baboons in Kenya.

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