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Robin Jenkins

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  • The Cone-Gatherers by Robin Jenkins
    The Cone-Gatherers (English, Paperback) Robin Jenkins


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  • A Very Scotch Affair by Robin Jenkins
    A Very Scotch Affair (English, Paperback) Robin Jenkins

    Robin Jenkin's novel, 'A Very Scotch Affair', is set in Glasgow and tells the tale of Mungo Niven, a man who possesses a fiercely Scotch conscience and who feels trapped in a drab and unfulfilling existence.

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  • Leicestershire Past & Present by Robin Jenkins
    Leicestershire Past & Present (English, Paperback) Robin Jenkins, James Ryan

    From the multicultural bustle of Leicester to the smaller market towns of Market Harborough and Lutterworth and evens smaller picturesque villages, Leicestershire is a unique and varied county with a rich cultural heritage.

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  • The Changeling by Robin Jenkins
    The Changeling (English, Paperback) Robin Jenkins

    A modern Scottish classic with a new afterword by Andrew Marr

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  • Just Duffy by Robin Jenkins
    Just Duffy (English, Paperback) Robin Jenkins

    Convinced of his own rectitude, appalled at the moral squalor around him, Duffy declares war on society. Ridiculous, yet horrifying at the same time, his campaign builds to a terrifying conclusion. Beset with ambiguity, Duffy is a ferocious indictment of Calvinistic moral certainty, of a struggle for good which results in evil and destruction.

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  • Welcome to My Classroom by Robin Jenkins
    Welcome to My Classroom (English, Paperback) Robin Jenkins $64.35
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  • The Thistle and the Grail by Robin Jenkins
    The Thistle and the Grail (English, Paperback) Robin Jenkins

    The Thistle is the unlucky local football team of Drumsagart, a drab industrial town in Lanarkshire. Cursed with poverty, an ineffective president and a string of defeats, the Thistle team members are running low on morale, especially when it seems like there are many people against them...

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  • The Pearl Fishers by Robin Jenkins
    The Pearl Fishers (English, Paperback) Robin Jenkins

    When the beautiful pearl-fisher, Effie Williamson, arrives in a rural Scottish village, with her grandparents and siblings, the residents react in many different ways. When the religious, gentle Gavin Hamilton takes the family into his home, a difficult love blossoms gradually between Effie and Gavin under the scrutiny of the watchful locals.

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  • The Royal Leicestershire Regiment by Robin Jenkins
    The Royal Leicestershire Regiment (English, Paperback) Robin Jenkins, James Ryan

    Raised as Colonel Solomon Richards' Regiment in 1688, the 17th Regiment of Foot (later the Leicestershire Regiment) served with distinction throughout Europe and the Empire - in particular in India, where they gained the signal honour of their Green Tiger badge and `Hindoostan' motto.

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  • Poverty Castle by Robin Jenkins
    Poverty Castle (English, Paperback) Robin Jenkins

    Deals with human nature, as always with Jenkins, and the socialism of industrial Glasgow.

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  • Leila by Robin Jenkins
    Leila (English, Paperback) Robin Jenkins

    Presents a tender love story involving a Scottish teacher, Andrew Sandilands, and Leila, the exotically beautiful daughter of a local politician.

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  • The Changeling by Robin Jenkins
    The Changeling (Paperback) Robin Jenkins

    The modern Scottish classic; a heartbreaking, tragic portrait of an unexpected relationship. Introduced by Andrew Marr

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  • Fergus Lamont by Robin Jenkins
    Fergus Lamont (English, Paperback) Robin Jenkins

    From his origins as an illegitimate child in the slums of Glasgow, Fergus Lamont sets out to reclaim his inheritance and to remake his identity as soldier, poet and would-be aristocrat.

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  • Love is a Fervent Fire by Robin Jenkins
    Love is a Fervent Fire (English, Paperback) Robin Jenkins

    Hugh Carstares, badly wounded in the war that cost him his wife, seemed to himself and to his superiors in the forestry service only the burnt out wreck of a hero.

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  • Dust on the Paw by Robin Jenkins
    Dust on the Paw (English, Paperback) Robin Jenkins

    Set in Afghanistan, this novel features Abdul Wahab, an Afghan science teacher, eagerly anticipating the arrival of his British fiancee, Laura Johnstone. Prince Naim sees the marriage as a symbol of a successful union between East and West, and in his hurry to cement this union, promotes Abdul into a position of power he is far from ready for.

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