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Robin Renwick

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  • Not Quite A Diplomat by Robin Renwick
    Not Quite A Diplomat (English, Hardback) Robin Renwick

    A riveting and entertaining memoir of life behind the scenes as Britain's ambassador to the US and South Africa, with revealing portraits of some of the giants of international politics over the last forty years.

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  • Fighting with Allies by Robin Renwick
    Fighting with Allies (English, Hardback) Robin Renwick

    Originally published by Palgrave in 1996, this timely and significantly updated edition covers the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Britain and America's ongoing participation in conflicts in the Middle East, their responses to the emergence of ISIL, and the weakening of Britain's military capabilities.

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    5 stars

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  • How to Steal a Country by Robin Renwick
    How to Steal a Country (English, Hardback) Robin Renwick

    The vertiginous decline in political leadership from Nelson Mandela to Jacob Zuma has engulfed South Africa in a serious crisis over the past `lost decade'.

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  • Helen Suzman by Robin Renwick
    Helen Suzman (English, Hardback) Robin Renwick

    The incredible story of the lone female Jewish MP who stood up to apartheid.

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  • The End of Apartheid by Robin Renwick
    The End of Apartheid (English, Hardback) Robin Renwick

    On 2 February 1990, FW de Klerk made a speech that changed the history of South Africa. Nine days later, the world watched as Nelson Mandela walked free from the Viktor Verster prison. In the midst of these events was Lord Renwick, Margaret Thatcher's envoy to South Africa, who became a personal friend of Nelson Mandela, FW de Klerk and Chief Mangosuthu Buthelezi, acting as a trusted intermediary...

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  • Travels with Margaret Thatcher by Robin Renwick
    Travels with Margaret Thatcher (English, Hardback) Robin Renwick

    An important document of the former Prime Minister and her foreign policy by one of her closest advisers at the time.

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