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Rocks, Minerals, and Fossils books

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  • The Pebbles on the Beach by Clarence Ellis
    The Pebbles on the Beach (English, Paperback) Clarence Ellis

    Understanding the humble pebble makes a trip to the beach, lake-side or river bank simply that little bit more fascinating. A handy illustrated guide to identifying pebbles is included on the reverse of this book jacket

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  • Gemstones of the World by Walter Schumann
    Gemstones of the World (English, Hardback) Walter Schumann

    Translation of: Edelsteine und Schmucksteine.

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  • The Jeweler's Directory of Gemstones by Judith Crowe
    The Jeweler's Directory of Gemstones (English, Paperback) Judith Crowe

    A well-illustrated reference for anyone needing to make accurate judgements about gemstones, including sources and grading, settings, cutting and faceting, gemstone groups, appraising, spotting synthetics and fakes and much more.

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  • Diamonds by Jack Ogden
    Diamonds (English, Hardback) Jack Ogden

    A lavishly illustrated, in-depth early history covering two thousand years of diamond jewelry and commerce, from the Indian mines to European merchants, courts, and workshops

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  • Nature Guide Rocks and Minerals by DK
    Nature Guide Rocks and Minerals (Paperback) DK

    A guide that reveals intricate details and characteristics of the rocks and minerals. It offers introduction on identifying and classifying minerals and sections on each type of rock and mineral.

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  • Collecting Rocks, Gems and Minerals by Patti Polk
    Collecting Rocks, Gems and Minerals (English, Paperback) Patti Polk

    Designed with beginners in mind, yet filled with valuable technical information for advanced enthusiasts, the new edition of Collecting Rocks, Gems and Minerals takes you from being simply someone who enjoys rocks to a knowledgeable collector all in one easy-to-use and dazzlingly colorful guide.

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  • Dinosaurs by Christine Argot
    Dinosaurs (English, Hardback) Christine Argot, Luc Vives

    Blending history and fantasy, science and art, the story of how dinosaurs were discovered and reimagined comes to life through splendid illustrations in this handsome slipcased volume....

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  • Minerals and Gemstones by Wendy Kirk
    Minerals and Gemstones (English, Paperback) Wendy Kirk

    An accessible and informative guide to 300 minerals and gemstones, from simple sandstones to diamond, jade, and sanidine....

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  • Birds of Stone by Luis M. Chiappe
    Birds of Stone (English, Hardback) Luis M. Chiappe, Meng Qingjin

    Anyone interested in the history of life-from paleontologists to inquisitive birders-will find Birds of Stone an irresistible feast for the eyes and mind.

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  • The Natural History Book by DK
    The Natural History Book (Hardback) DK

    A guide to the Earth's natural wonders, covering over 5,000 species. It offers a survey of the Earth's natural history. From granites to grape vines, from microbes to mammals, it introduces and explains each geological and biological grouping in an informative way.

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  • Dinosaurs by Darren Naish
    Dinosaurs (Paperback) Darren Naish, Paul M. Barrett

    A fully-revised state-of-the-art guide to dinosaur biology, revealing the latest findings about their anatomy, behaviour, evolution, diversity and lifestyle.

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  • Clays in the Critical Zone by Paul A. Schroeder
    Clays in the Critical Zone (English, Hardback) Paul A. Schroeder

    A review of clays and clay minerals related to the geological, biological and material sciences in the Critical Zone.

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  • Gemstones by Cally Hall
    Gemstones (Paperback) Cally Hall

    A guide to gemstones. Ranging from Amber to Rubellite, it lets you discover over 130 varieties of cut and uncut stones, organic gemstones and precious metals. It covers from what a gemstone is and where they occur to the natural properties they have and how they have been fashioned and imitated through the ages. It is suitable for gemstone lovers.

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  • Crystals for Beginners by Karen Frazier
    Crystals for Beginners (English, Paperback) Karen Frazier

    Learn the holistic way to heal with Crystals for Beginners...

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  • Dinosaurus by Steve Parker
    Dinosaurus (English, Paperback) Steve Parker

    The complete guide to dinosaurs describing in detail and in stunning illustrations what they looked like, what they ate and how they fought, lived and died.

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  • The Illustrated Guide to Rocks & Minerals by John Farndon
    The Illustrated Guide to Rocks & Minerals (English, Hardback) John Farndon

    The ultimate visual encyclopedia of rocks and minerals, including a detailed directory of 300 specimens.

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  • Reading the Rocks by Brenda Maddox
    Reading the Rocks (Hardback) Brenda Maddox


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  • Michigan Rocks & Minerals by Dan R. Lynch
    Michigan Rocks & Minerals (English, Paperback) Dan R. Lynch, Bob Lynch

    Get the perfect guide to rocks and minerals of the Great Lake State! The book features comprehensive entries for 96 Michigan rocks and minerals, from common rocks to rare finds. The easy-to-use format means you'll quickly find what you need to know and where to look, while the authors' photographs depict the detail needed for identification - no need to guess from line drawings. With this field...

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  • James Sowerby by Paul Henderson
    James Sowerby (English, Hardback) Paul Henderson

    James Sowerby (1757-1822) was an outstanding artist and natural historian, renowned for his discoveries and prodigious output of beautiful, scientific books of plants, fungi, animals, fossils and minerals, all during the age of Enlightenment in Great Britain.

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  • Rocks & Minerals by Ronald Bonewitz
    Rocks & Minerals (Hardback) Ronald Bonewitz

    Helps you learn how to identify more than 450 rock and mineral specimens through stunning photographs and detailed characteristics. This guide to rocks, minerals, crystals and gemstones presents fascinating stories behind the world's natural treasures; from the Hope diamond to the Great Mogul emerald.

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