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Ronald Grigor Suny

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  • The Cambridge History of Russia: Volume 3, The Twentieth Century by Ronald Grigor Suny
    The Cambridge History of Russia: Volume 3, The Twentieth Century (English, Paperback) Ronald Grigor Suny

    A major history of twentieth-century Russia by leading scholars in the field.

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  • The Making of the Georgian Nation, Second Edition by Ronald Grigor Suny
    The Making of the Georgian Nation, Second Edition (English, Paperback) Ronald Grigor Suny

    The full sweep of Georgian history from medieval times to the present era of civil strife in an independent republic.

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  • A Question of Genocide by Ronald Grigor Suny
    A Question of Genocide (English, Hardback) Ronald Grigor Suny

    A collected volume featuring the work of Armenian, Turkish, and other scholars, this book presents the story of the Armenian Genocide coolly and objectively, exploring how and why the Young Turk government ordered and carried out the mass deportations and massacres of its Christian subjects.

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  • The Structure of Soviet History by Ronald Grigor Suny
    The Structure of Soviet History (English, Paperback) Ronald Grigor Suny

    Edited by eminent historian Ronald Grigor Suny, this unique collection of primary documents and important scholarly articles frames both the revolutionary changes and broad continuities in Soviet history. Organized chronologically and covering political, social, and cultural history from a variety of viewpoints, selections include official pronouncements and dissident manifestos, public speeches,...

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  • A State of Nations by Ronald Grigor Suny
    A State of Nations (English, Paperback) Ronald Grigor Suny

    This collected volume, edited by Roy Suny and Terry Martin, looks at how Soviet state managed to create a multiethnic empire in its earlt years, from the end of the Russian Revolution to the end of World WAr II. It brings together the newest research on a wide geographic range, from Russia to central Asia.

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  • The Gumilev Mystique by Mark Bassin
    The Gumilev Mystique (English, Paperback) Mark Bassin

    In The Gumilev Mystique, Mark Bassin investigates the complex structure of Lev Gumilev's theories, revealing how they reflected and helped shape a variety of academic as well as political and social discourses in the USSR, and he traces how his authority has grown yet greater across the former Soviet...

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  • Looking toward Ararat by Ronald Grigor Suny
    Looking toward Ararat (English, Paperback) Ronald Grigor Suny

    Traces the cultural and social transformations and interventions that created a sense of Armenian nationality in the 19th and 20th centuries. This book shows that while the limits of Armenia excluded the diaspora, at a time of state renewal, the boundaries have been expanded to include Armenians who live beyond the borders of the republic.

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