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Ronald Syme

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  • The Roman Revolution by Ronald Syme
    The Roman Revolution (English, Paperback) Ronald Syme

    The transformation of state and society, the violent transference of power and property, and the establishment of Augustus' rule and that of the Empire are presented in a narrative which quotes from ancient evidence, refers seldomly to modern authorities, and states controversial opinions openly.

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  • Sallust by Ronald Syme
    Sallust (English, Paperback) Ronald Syme

    Sir Ronald Syme became the first historian of the twentieth century to place Sallust - whom Tacitus called the most brilliant Roman historian - in his social, political, and literary context. This is a foreword of Syme that delivers biographical essays of Sir Ronald Syme in English.

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  • Die Römische Revolution by Ronald Syme
    Die Römische Revolution (German, Paperback) Ronald Syme $46.77
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  • The Roman Revolution by Ronald Syme
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  • The Augustan Aristocracy by Ronald Syme
    The Augustan Aristocracy (English, Paperback) Ronald Syme

    This study deals with the nobility surrounding the monarchy of Caesar Augustus, which was reborn after years of civil war. The exposition ranges from the closing age of the Republic to Nero's demise, detailing a century-and-a-half of the history of Roman aristocracy and individual families.

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