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  • Beautiful Braiding Made Easy
    Beautiful Braiding Made Easy (English, Paperback) Helen Deighan

    Helen Deighan has produced an easy-to-follow book on Japanese braiding using Kumihimo disks and plates, templates for which are printed on the cover flap ready to be cut out and used. There are ideas for bracelets, necklaces, bag handles and much more.

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  • Paracord Outdoor Gear Projects
    Paracord Outdoor Gear Projects (English, Paperback) Joel Hooks

    Discover how to use versatile paracord to create attractive and useful survival bracelets, lanyards, straps, wraps, keychains, and more. Perfect for the beginning paracordist, this book takes you step by step through all the knots and wraps you need to know.

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  • 200 Braids to Loop, Knot, Weave & Twist
    200 Braids to Loop, Knot, Weave & Twist (Paperback) Jacqui Carey

    Choose from over 200 designs and give the perfect finishing touch to clothing, soft furnishings, accessories, greeting cards and gift boxes, or make braid jewellery and pretty friendship bracelets.

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  • Modern Friendship Bracelets
    Modern Friendship Bracelets (English, Paperback) Pam Leach

    Pam Leach and her team of designers have created 20 gorgeous modern friendship bracelets for you to make.

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  • Macrame Pattern Book
    Macrame Pattern Book (English, Paperback) Marchen Art

    Helps you learn how to make over seventy macrame knots and small repeat patterns, and then use them to create a wide range of projects. In this title, each knot is shown in a close-up photograph with clear step-by-step diagrams showing how they are tied.

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  • All Wrapped Up in Paracord
    All Wrapped Up in Paracord (English, Paperback) Nicholas Tomihama

    Developed as a replacement for silk parachute lines in World War II, Paracord has since proven itself as a tough and reliable cord. It can be used to enhance the grip of knives and tools as well as be woven and knotted into standalone gear and accessories.With over 600 black and white pictures, All Wrapped Up In Paracord will guide you step by step through different wraps and projects perfect for...

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  • Japanese Braiding
    Japanese Braiding (English, Spiral bound) Jacqui Carey

    Introduces the basics of Japanese braiding.

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  • Des Pawson's Knot Craft and Rope Mats
    Des Pawson's Knot Craft and Rope Mats (English, Paperback) Des Pawson

    A treasure trove of ropework projects: from key fobs, fenders, and doorstops to mats, bellropes, and belts.

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  • Paracord Fusion Ties, Volume 2
    Paracord Fusion Ties, Volume 2 (English, Paperback) J D Lenzen

    An epic step forward in the craft of fusion knotting!

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  • Paracord Crafts
    Paracord Crafts (English, Paperback) Leisure Arts

    Teaches you how to make the original Cobra Stitch bracelets as well as six more styles of knots: Chain Sinnet, Stitched Solomon Bar, Raising the Bar, Switchback and River Bar. This book includes tips for making key fobs, accenting headbands and flip flops, and adding bling to the bracelets.

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  • Bohemian Macrame
    Bohemian Macrame (English, Paperback) Gwenael Petiot

    From colorful statement necklaces and bracelets to anklets and cuffs adorned with beautiful beads and stones, the 20 stunning pieces in Bohemian Macramé may look complicated¬óbut they actually have a surprisingly simple construction. Full-color step-by-step images and comprehensive instructions ensure that even first-time crafters of macramé jewelry will achieve impressive, attention-grabbing results.

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  • Knots and Splices
    Knots and Splices (English, Paperback) Steve Judkins, Tim Davison

    This beautifully illustrated and very popular book covers the commonly used knots & splices. In colour, it clearly illustrates how to tie each knot through the use of clear, sequential diagrams and a step by step approach.

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  • Paracord 101
    Paracord 101 (English, Paperback) Todd Mikkelsen

    Paracord 101, 3rd Edition, has 18 Chapters dedicated to teaching the beginner how to make several buckle and sinnet style bracelets. The pictures in this book are a guide on how to knot and weave paracord. From easy to advanced projects, the reader will learn techniques to make paracord a hobby to enjoy or start a business.

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  • Paracord!
    Paracord! (English, Hardback) Todd Mikkelsen

    Todd Mikkelsen's "Paracord!" offers a diverse collection of projects that utilize parachute cords--known around the world as paracord. Used by paratroopers and other military personnel during World War II, this lightweight nylon rope is now one of the most sought-after materials by crafters.

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  • Paracord Project Inspirations
    Paracord Project Inspirations (English, Paperback) J D Lenzen

    Paracord Project Inspirations reveals the connections between what knotting was, what knotting is, and (most importantly) what knotting can be!

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  • Ultimate Wrap Bracelets Kit
    Ultimate Wrap Bracelets Kit (English, Mixed media product) Patrizia Valsecchi, Antonio Attini

    This wrap bracelets kit contains everything you need to get started wrapping right away!Wrap bracelets are one today's hottest jewelry trends. They come in every style, material and length. They can be fun and funky, or can be made to grace your most elegant outfit. There are no rules. This Ultimate Wrap Bracelets kit helps you create bracelets featuring different bead sizes and types, as well as...

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  • Des Pawson's Knot Craft
    Des Pawson's Knot Craft (Paperback) Des Pawson

    A treasure trove of recipes for making a wealth of items, this book contains projects ranging from bellropes, key fobs and fenders to mats, doorstops, knife lanyards and belts, along with the background to many projects and guidance as to how they can be the starting point for many other items.

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  • Micro Macrame Jewellery
    Micro Macrame Jewellery (English, Paperback) Suzen Millodot

    An up to date look at macrame techniques which offers crafters and jewellery makers fresh, inspirational ideas and takes an exciting look at a traditional craft.

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  • Paracord Critters
    Paracord Critters (English, Paperback) J D Lenzen, Jd

    Paracord Critters, wildlife wonders in paracord!

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  • The Knotting & Braiding Bible
    The Knotting & Braiding Bible (English, Book) Dorothy Wood

    The Knotting & Braiding Bible is the essential guide to knotting and braiding techniques for jewellery craft. The book covers kumihimo (braiding), plaiting, knotting (including macrame) and fusion, with techniques for adding beads, using different cords/wire and attaching findings. With a selection of projects both big and small.

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