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  • War Games
    War Games (English, Hardback) Philipp von Hilgers

    For centuries, both mathematical and military thinkers have used game-like scenarios to test their visions of mastering a complex world through symbolic operations. By the end of World War I, mathematical and military discourse in Germany simultaneously discovered the game as a productive concept. Mathematics and military strategy converged in World War II when mathematicians designed fields of...

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  • Job
    Job (English, Paperback) Joseph Roth

    A beautiful re-imagining of the Book of Job. One man's faith is tested, lost, and restored. A gem.

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  • Funeral for a Dog
    Funeral for a Dog (English, Paperback) Thomas Pletzinger

    "The kind of writing that makes us want to read the whole book as soon as possible; a shot of adrenaline that immediately takes us to a new world."-David Varno, Words Without Borders

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  • We Are All Stardust
    We Are All Stardust (English, Paperback) Stefan Klein

    World-leading natural and social scientists shed light on their discoveries and lives in conversation with an award-winning science writer...

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  • Lone Assassin
    Lone Assassin (English, Hardback) Helmut Ortner

    Georg Elser was just an ordinary member of society living in Munich. That is, however, until he took it upon himself to assassinate the Fuhrer, Adolph Hitler. This is the story, scene by scene, of the events that led up to Georg Elser taking justice into his own hands, his attempt to murder the Fuhrer, and what happened after the bomb went off.

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  • Lone Assassin
    Lone Assassin (English, Paperback) Helmut Ortner

    Living as a carpenter who had spent time working in a watch factory, Georg Elser was just an ordinary member of society living in Munich. That is, however, until he took it upon himself to attempt to assassinate the Führer, Adolph Hitler. Being a common man who opposed the Nazi regime, Elser took his skills that he had learned, and worked to assemble his own bomb detonator. Every night, he would...

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  • Europe and Its Boundaries
    Europe and Its Boundaries (English, Hardback) Andrew Davison

    In crating a forum for a deeply hermeneutical consideration of the project of provincializing Europe, this book articulates an alternative grammar of global political thought. It shows that forms of global political thought are capable of residing simultaneously within as well as significantly beyond the boundaries of European thought.

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  • Hyperion
    Hyperion (English, Paperback) Friedrich Holderlin

    A philosophical tale of nature, spiritual striving, beauty, and Platonic love.

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  • Indigo
    Indigo (English, Hardback) Clemens J. Setz

    An eerie and uncanny mystery, reminiscent of early Pynchon, and the American debut of one of the most acclaimed young European novelists.

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  • Indigo
    Indigo (Paperback) Clemens J. Setz

    It is 2007 and Austria is in the grip of a sinister epidemic: Indigo Syndrome. Children are the carriers, and anyone who comes near them is afflicted with severe headaches, nausea, and vertigo. These Indigo children are sent away to the Helianau Institute in Styria, in the mountainous heart of the country, a protected zone where they cannot affect the wider population. There, one of the teachers,...

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  • You Should Have Left
    You Should Have Left (English, Paperback) Daniel Kehlmann

    From the internationally best-selling author of Measuring the World and F, an eerie and supernatural tale of a writer's emotional collapse...

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