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  • How to Use SPSS
    How to Use SPSS (English, Paperback) Brian C. Cronk

    ? Designed for use by novice computer users, this text begins with the basics, such as starting SPSS, defining variables, and entering and saving data....

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  • Evaluating Research in Academic Journals
    Evaluating Research in Academic Journals (English, Paperback) Fred Pyrczak

    ? A supplementary guide for students who are learning how to evaluate reports of empirical research published in academic journals....

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  • Making Sense of Statistics
    Making Sense of Statistics (English, Paperback) Fred Pyrczak, Deborah Oh

    ? An overview of descriptive and inferential statistics without formulas and computations....

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  • Writing Empirical Research Reports
    Writing Empirical Research Reports (English, Paperback) Fred Pyrczak

    ? Designed for students who will be writing research proposals, reports, theses, and dissertations....

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  • SPSS Basics
    SPSS Basics (English, Paperback) Zealure C. Holcomb

    This text takes the guesswork out of using SPSS, with screenshots that show each step for calculating each statistic. It includes extensive coverage of how to format raw SPSS output for inclusion in research reports. End-of-chapter exercises help students master their newly acquired skills. An instructor's answer key will be included with each complimentary examination copy. New to this edition:...

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  • Questionnaire Research
    Questionnaire Research (English, Paperback) Mildred L. Patten

    ? Provides step-by-step guidance for students who will be conducting their first surveys to collect factual information, measure attitudes, and evaluate products, services, and programs using questionnaires....

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  • Preparing Literature Reviews
    Preparing Literature Reviews (English, Paperback) M. Ling Pan

    ? Illustrates all the steps in preparing qualitative and quantitative literature reviews....

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  • The Ashgate Research Companion to Dutch Art of the Seventeenth Century
    The Ashgate Research Companion to Dutch Art of the Seventeenth Century (English, Hardback) Wayne Franits

    Despite the tremendous number of studies produced annually in the field of Dutch art over the last 30 years or so, and the strong contemporary market for works by Dutch masters of the period as well as the public?s ongoing fascination with some its most beloved painters, until now there has been no comprehensive study assessing the state of research in the field. The Ashgate Research Companion to...

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  • Proposing Empirical Research
    Proposing Empirical Research (English, Paperback) Mildred L. Patten

    ? Provides step-by-step instructions for students who will be writing their first research proposal in the social and behavioral sciences....

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  • A Cross Section of Nursing Research
    A Cross Section of Nursing Research (English, Paperback) Roberta J. Peteva

    ? The 39 research articles in this collection illustrate a wide variety of models for both quantitative and qualitative nursing research....

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  • Success at Statistics
    Success at Statistics (English, Paperback) Fred Pyrczak

    ? This comprehensive text covers all the traditional topics in a first-semester course....

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  • Writing Literature Reviews
    Writing Literature Reviews (English, Paperback) Jose L. Galvan, Melisa C. Galvan

    ? Guides students in the preparation of literature reviews for term projects, theses, and dissertations....

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  • Interpreting Basic Statistics
    Interpreting Basic Statistics (English, Paperback) Zealure C. Holcomb, Keith S. Cox

    ? Students get valuable practice in interpreting statistical reporting as it actually appears in journals. In each of the 62 exercises, your students will read a brief excerpt of statistical reporting from a published research article....

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  • Children, Nature and Food (English, Hardback) Mara Miele, Monica Truninger

    Children and young people's food practices and lifestyles are perhaps more visible, under surveillance and contested than ever before. There are unprecedented levels of public and media debate concerning young people's behaviour, health, education and leisure activities, including eating out. Food issues in particular have recently gained remarkable attention by the media, Jamie Oliver's...

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  • Action Research in Practice (English, Paperback) Gill Coleman

    Action research is developing into the technique of choice for individuals developing strategy in organizations in areas where emergent ideas and new paradigms are important; change management, sustainability, social responsibility. Gill Coleman's Action Research in Practice is designed as an accessible and practical introduction to action research thinking and practice for managers and...

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  • Representations of 'Roman' Catholicism in Armenia, Ethiopia and Central Europe (English, Hardback) Christiane Esche-Ramshorne

    The focus of this book lies in the pilgrim compounds for foreign communities at the Vatican in the Renaissance, namely those of Ethiopia, Armenia, Hungary and Germany. How did pilgrims from such different nations share sacred space in the single-faith pilgrimage destination of Rome? What were the consequences for the arts of the presence of these nations in Rome? Without taking an Eurocentric...

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  • The State and the Paradox of Customary Law in Africa
    The State and the Paradox of Customary Law in Africa (English, Hardback) Markus Virgil Hoehne

    Customary law and so called 'traditional authorities' continue to play vital roles in many African societies today. The codification and co-optation or oppression by 'the state' have been identified as major problems impinging on the dynamism of the living customary law and the independence and downward-accountability of traditional authorities. But what does customary law and traditional...

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  • Global Rankings and the Geopolitics of Higher Education
    Global Rankings and the Geopolitics of Higher Education (English, Paperback) Ellen Hazelkorn

    Global rankings and the Geopolitics of Higher Education is an examination of the impact and influence that university rankings have had on higher education, policy and public opinion in recent years. Bringing together some of the most informed authorities on this very complex issue, this edited collection of specially commissioned chapters examines the changes affecting higher education and the...

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  • Art, Travel and Collecting in Colonial India, C.1797-1905 (English, Hardback) Natasha Eaton

    Filling in gaps in a largely neglected cultural period, this study proposes that Mughal and Hindu visuality interrupted and undermined British cultural and administrative hegemony in India. Close examination of the lives of various objects reveals that, as they moved between temples, palaces, the bazaar, museums, private collections, and traveling exhibitions, these objects demonstrated their...

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