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Russell G Foster

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  • Sleep: A Very Short Introduction by Steven W. Lockley
    Sleep: A Very Short Introduction (English, Paperback)

    Why do we need sleep? What happens when we don't get enough? From the biology and psychology of sleep and the history of sleep in science, art, and literature; to the impact of a 24/7 society and the role of society in causing sleep disruption, this Very Short Introduction answers everything you've ever wanted to know about sleep.

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  • Rhythms of Life by Russell G. Foster
    Rhythms of Life (English, Paperback)

    Why can't teenagers get out of bed in the morning? How do bees tell the time? Why do some plants open and close their flowers at the same time each day? Why do so many people suffer the misery of jet lag? In this fascinating book, Russell Foster and Leon Kreitzman explain the significance of the biological clock, showing how it has played an essential role in evolution and why it continues to play...

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