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Ryan Kelly

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  • Lucifer Book Five by Ryan Kelly
    Lucifer Book Five (English, Paperback) Ryan Kelly, Mike Carey

    Cast out of Heaven, thrown down to rule in Hell, Lucifer Morningstar has resigned his post and abandoned his kingdom for the mortal city of Los Angeles.

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  • Saucer State by Paul Cornell
    Saucer State (English, Paperback) Paul Cornell, Ryan Kelly

    "Originally published as Saucer state issues #1-6."

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  • Cry Havoc Volume 1: Mything in Action by Si Spurrier
    Cry Havoc Volume 1: Mything in Action (English, Paperback) Si Spurrier, Ryan Kelly

    Meet Lou: a street musician savaged by a supernatural terror. Meet Lou: crossing war-torn Afghanistan with a unit of shapeshifting soldiers. Meet Lou: a monstress held captive by the rogue beast she was sent to kill. This book interweaves three stages of a remarkable life into a critically-exalted saga of military, myth and mania.


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  • Philippians by Ryan Kelly
    Philippians (English, Paperback) Ryan Kelly

    In this 12-week study, pastor Ryan Kelly helps readers embrace and apply Paul's message in his letter to the Philippians, encouraging them to endure hardships as faithful citizens of Christ's kingdom. Part of theKnowing the Bible series.

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  • Three Volume 1 by Kieron Gillen
    Three Volume 1 (English, Paperback) Kieron Gillen, Ryan Kelly

    In ancient Sparta, three Helot slaves run for their lives! Pursuing them are three hundred of their Spartan masters! Kieron Gillen (Phonogram, Iron Man), Ryan Kelly (Local, Saucer Country), and Jordie Bellaire (The Manhattan Projects, Nowhere Men) join forces to tell a legend for our times.

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  • New York Four by Brian Wood
    New York Four (English, Paperback) Brian Wood, Ryan Kelly

    Just starting her freshman year at NYU, Riley is about to find out what an adventure - and a mystery - living in New York City can be. The ultimate insider's guide to NYC is seen through the eyes of Brooklyn-born Riley. Raised by stuffy, literati parents, Riley's a shy, straight-A student who convinces three other NYU brainiacs to join a research group for fast cash. What Riley doesn't bank on is...

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  • Stronghold, Vol 1 by Phil Hester
    Stronghold, Vol 1 (English, Paperback) Phil Hester, Ryan Kelly

    Michael Grey believes he's an ordinary, unassuming, Midwestern insurance underwriter ? and that's the way the operatives of Stronghold would like to keep it. They're the ones that wiped his memory and gave him this identity in the first place ? because Michael's actually an alien entity of incalculable power. And if he ever discovers the truth about himself (or, even worse, falls in love with,...

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  • Dmz The Deluxe Edition Book Three by Ryan Kelly
    Dmz The Deluxe Edition Book Three (English, Hardback) Ryan Kelly, Brian Wood

    In the near future, America's worst nightmare has come true. With military adventurism overseas bogging down the Army and National Guard, the US government mistakenly neglects the very real threat of anti-establishment militias scattered across the 50 states.

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  • Crux by Mike Carey
    Crux (English, Paperback) Mike Carey, Peter Gross

    "Based on characters created by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth, and Mike Dringenberg."

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  • Star Wars Volume 2: From the Ruins of Alderaan by Dr Brian Wood
    Star Wars Volume 2: From the Ruins of Alderaan (English, Paperback) Dr Brian Wood, Carlos D'Anda

    Leia sends Wedge Antilles and Luke Skywalker to be "captured" by the empire so she can search for a new rebel base, but Darth Vader sees through her plan and sends an agent after Luke.

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  • Northlanders 03 by Brian Wood
    Northlanders 03 (German, Paperback) Brian Wood, Ryan Kelly

    Der dritte Band der postmodernen Wikingersaga versammelt eine Reihe von Kurzgeschichten, in denen verschiedene Personen im Mittelpunkt stehen. Die Kunst der Wikinger im Nahkampf wird hier auf spannende Weise ebenso veranschaulicht wie die Rolle der Frauen in einer von Männern dominierten Welt oder der Beginn des Wikingerzeitalters. Davide Gianfelice, der Zeichner des ersten Bandes, ist wieder...

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  • Northlanders 02 by Brian Wood
    Northlanders 02 (German, Paperback) Brian Wood, Ryan Kelly

    Zwei Völker, zwei Killer. Aber das Land ist nicht groß genug für beide! Der neue, abgeschlossene Band der Vertigo-Serie von Brian Wood (DMZ) spielt im von Wikingern besetzten Irland und erzählt vom mitreißenden Duell zwischen einem einsamen, brutalen Widerstandskämpfer und seinem verbissenen Verfolger, einem durchtriebenen Wikingerkrieger. Ryan Kelly (Lucifer) hat diese dramatische...

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  • Dmz Vol. 8 by Riccardo Burchielli
    Dmz Vol. 8 (English, Paperback) Riccardo Burchielli, Ryan Kelly

    "DMZ created by Brian Wood and Riccardo Burchielli."

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  • Northlanders Vol. 2 by Ryan Kelly
    Northlanders Vol. 2 (English, Paperback) Ryan Kelly, Brian Wood

    "Clontarf, Ireland. A.D. 1014. The Norse occupation rules the Emerald Isle with an iron fist. But one loyal son of the land refuses to kneel before the Viking conquerors"--Cover p.[4]

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  • Lucifer Vol 11: Evensong by Mike Carey
    Lucifer Vol 11: Evensong (English, Paperback) Mike Carey, Professor Peter Gross

    "Originally published in single magazine form as Lucifer: Nirvana and Lucifer 70-75"--T.p. verso.

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  • The Unwritten Vol. 3 by Peter Gross
    The Unwritten Vol. 3 (English, Paperback) Peter Gross, Ryan Kelly

    The third volume of the critically acclaimed "New York Times"-bestselling new series from the Eisner-nominated creative team of Carey and Gross. This volume includes "Dead Man's Knock," featuring the launch of the long-awaited new Tommy Taylor novel.

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