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S L Gallant

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  • G.I. Joe: G.I. Joe A Real American Hero, Vol. 6 Real American Hero Volume 6 by S. L. Gallant
    G.I. Joe: G.I. Joe A Real American Hero, Vol. 6 Real American Hero Volume 6 (English, Paperback) S. L. Gallant

    "G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero Volume 6".

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  • G.I. Joe Special Missions Volume 2 by Jamal Igle
    G.I. Joe Special Missions Volume 2 (English, Paperback) Jamal Igle, William Rosado

    When a cobra satellite drops from space to crash in the Australian outback, Scarlett and the Special Missions team enters the race to retrieve it. But the murderous, marauding, motorcycle maniacs who call themselves the Dreadnoks are in the neighborhood, too, led by Zartan.

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  • G.I. Joe: Cobra: v. 4 by Antonio Fuso
    G.I. Joe: Cobra: v. 4 (English, Paperback) Antonio Fuso, S. L. Gallant

    Chuckles, a GI JOE agent that managed to infiltrate Cobra only to suffer at the hands of the sinister organization, was last seen in the custody of none other than Cobra Commander! But is he a prisoner...or an honored guest? Can the man whose life was ruined by pretending to join Cobra have finally given in?

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  • Shrek & Madagascar by Jasper Bark
    Shrek & Madagascar (English, Paperback) Jasper Bark, John Green

    All-new comic strip adventures starring those animals of Madagascar, Shrek and many other beloved Dreamworks favorites! Shrek his friends and the Madagascar crew star in these awesome comic tales!"

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  • G. I. Joe, Vol. 4 by S. L. Gallant
    G. I. Joe, Vol. 4 (English, Paperback) S. L. Gallant, Alex Cal

    With the MASS device finally operational, GI Joe rushes to uncover anything they can about the mysterious Cobra. But to what lengths will Cobra go to keep their enemies at bay? GI Joe ramps up the action, as the Joes fight back against an enemy that can strike from anywhere!

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  • Pink Panther Volume 1 by S. L. Gallant
    Pink Panther Volume 1 (English, Paperback) S. L. Gallant, Adrian Ropp

    The cool cat is back! Generations of kids grew up loving the Pink Panther's unique style and wit on Saturday morning cartoons. This graphic novel is packed full-a pink with new stories that bring the trademark Pink Panther flair for confounding The Inspector and The Little Man to legions of new families and fans.

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  • G.I. Joe A Real American Hero, Vol. 14 by S. L. Gallant
    G.I. Joe A Real American Hero, Vol. 14 (English, Paperback) S. L. Gallant

    G I JOE has been fighting the evil forces of COBRA for decades, but now COBRA is ready to unleash its master plan on an unsuspecting G I JOE, in "Cobra World Order!" This title collects the prelude issue numbered 0 and issues numbered 219-221.

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  • G.I. Joe Omnibus Volume 1 by Robert Atkins
    G.I. Joe Omnibus Volume 1 (English, Paperback) Robert Atkins, S. L. Gallant

    Collects the tales of the G I Joe's discovering and squaring off against Cobra. This title includes G I Joe issues numbered 0-13 and the Helix one-shot.

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  • G.I. Joe Vol. 2 by S. L. Gallant
    G.I. Joe Vol. 2 (English, Paperback) S. L. Gallant, Chuck Dixon

    G I JOE squares off against COBRA, face-to-face and for the first time. But the battle doesn't go anything like what you think! This title lets you to follow Snake Eyes and Mainframe on their two-man crusade to prove COBRA's existence.

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  • G.I. Joe Movie Prequel by S. L. Gallant
    G.I. Joe Movie Prequel (English, Paperback) S. L. Gallant, Joe Corroney

    Features stories of Duke, Destro, The Baroness, and Snake Eyes. This work helps you to learn how Duke and Ripcord became friends in one of their earlier missions. It allows you to see Destro in action across the globe, outwitting terrorists who try to rip him off.

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  • Classic G.I. Joe, Vol. 21 by Larry Hama
    Classic G.I. Joe, Vol. 21 (English, Paperback) Larry Hama, S L Gallant

    The classic series continues! Original writer Larry Hama is back, carrying on the fan-favorite storyline that he began in 1982, now with artist SL Gallant. Longtime fans can continue following the adventures of their favorite characters from the legendary toy line....

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