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    The Challenger Sale (Paperback) Matthew Dixon, Brent Adamson

    Shares the secret to sales success: don't just build relationships with customers. This title argues that classic relationship-building is the wrong approach.

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    The Raving Fans! (Paperback) Kenneth Blanchard, Sheldon Bowles

    With a new foreword by Ken Blanchard A straightforward and snappy guide to successful customer service from the author of the bestselling The One Minute Manager.

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  • Contagious"/
    Contagious (English, Paperback) Jonah Berger

    How to make products, ideas and behaviours really catch on.

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  • How
    How to Master the Art of Selling (English, Paperback) T. Hopkins

    A revised and updated edition of 'How to Master the Art of Selling', which educates on how to succeed in sales, including new information on using the latest research techniques and using e-mail and online resources to generate deals more quickly and efficiently.

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  • 500
    500 Social Media Marketing Tips (English, Paperback) Andrew Macarthy

    UPDATED SUMMER 2015 | #1 WEB MARKETING BOOK ON AMAZON UK and US | OVER 60,000 COPIES SOLD |Struggling With Social Media Marketing? Few likes on your company's Facebook page? Not seeing social media ROI? Unsure how to make the most of social media marketing, or even where to start?500 Social Media Marketing Tips can help!500 Social Media Marketing Tips is your guide to social media for business,...

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    The Trusted Advisor (Paperback) David H. Maister, Robert Galford

    In order to survive, today's professionals must earn the trust of their clients and re-earn it throughout their careers. Now David Maister, the famed "guru's guru," joins forces with a pair of elite consultants to deliver a dynamic must read for successfully negotiating relationships in today's bold new economy.

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  • Brands
    Brands Win Championships (Paperback) Jeremy Allen Darlow

    Defense doesn't win championships. Defense wins games. Brands win championships. ...

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  • It's
    It's Not How Good You are, it's How Good You Want to be (English, Paperback) Paul Arden

    A handbook of how to succeed in life by an advertising guru.

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    2 stars

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  • Magnetic
    Magnetic Sponsoring (English, Hardback) Mike Dillard

    Magnetic Sponsoring is unlike anything you've ever seen or read before when it comes to building a network marketing or MLM business. ...

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    From Zero to Hero (English, Paperback) Jeffrey Knott $15.42 $18.95
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    The Psychology of Selling (English, Paperback) Brian Tracy

    Brian Tracy, one of the top professional speakers and sales trainers in the world today, found that his most important breakthrough in selling was the discovery that it is the "Psychology of Selling" that is more important than the techniques and methods of selling.

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    The Art of Wholesaling Properties (English, Paperback) Aram Shah, Alex Virelles

    The Art of Wholesaling Properties: How to Buy and Sell Real Estate without Cash or Credit distills the experiences of two of the nation's largest real estate wholesalers who, all told, have flipped over one thousand homes. Aram Shah and Alex Virelles present a step-by-step guide that explains how others may replicate their proven methods in their own wholesaling ventures.Reading this book will...

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    The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing (Paperback) Al Ries, Jack Trout

    Identifies the definitive rules that govern the world of marketing. This book examines marketing campaigns that have succeeded and others that have failed, and why good ideas didn't live up to expectations. It contains real-life examples and commonsense suggestions.

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  • Sell
    Sell or be Sold (English, Hardback) Grant Cardone

    "Whether you're a salesperson, sales manager, or entrepreneur, Sell Or Be Sold is your guide to effectively selling yourself, your products, and your ideas to anyone!"--Jacket.

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    The Irresistible Consultant's Guide to Winning Clients (English, Paperback) David A Fields

    Learn the fundamentals of attracting clients, and catapult your business to new levels!

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    The Attention Merchants (English, Hardback) Tim Wu

    From Tim Wu, author of the award-winning The Master Switch and who coined the phrase "net neutrality"--a revelatory look at the rise of "attention harvesting," and its transformative effect on our society and our selves. Attention merchant: an industrial-scale harvester of human attention. A firm whose business model is the mass capture of attention for resale to advertisers.In nearly every moment...

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    The Complete Guide to Writing Questionnaires (English, Paperback) David F Harris

    The Complete Guide to Writing Questionnaires is a user-friendly comprehensive guide for planning and writing questionnaires. It contains a framework for writing questionnaires that begins with planning research to support decision-making, conducting qualitative research, and planning the questionnaire before you begin writing questions. It provides guidelines to make questions clear, answerable,...

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  • Beach
    Beach Money (English, Paperback) Jordan Adler

    Unravel the mystery around creating a large residual income in network marketing! Have you ever wondered if the average person can really make it big in network marketing? Have the secrets to success in network marketing always been a mystery to you? Have you given up on your dream lifestyle because it just seems too difficult or too far out of reach? Beach Money shows you how to compress a...

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    The Effortless Experience (Paperback) Matthew Dixon, Nicholas Toman

    Conventional Wisdom holds that to increase loyalty, companies must "delight" customers by exceeding service expectations. But no matter how exciting special deals may be, the "dazzle factor" does not solve customer problems.This book presents a breakthrough idea about how to win customer loyalty.

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