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  • You Are Cordially Invited... by Sally McLean
    You Are Cordially Invited... (English, Paperback) Sally McLean

    Devon is on the way to her sister's wedding, when her car breaks down. That night she meets a handsome man in a bar. How was she to know he was her sister's fiancé, who she'd never met. Trying to avoid the consequences of her actions, Devon has a chance encounter with a stranger and offers to drive him across the country. As the two get to know each other, a mutual attraction grows and he helps...

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  • Seventh Soul by Sally McLean
    Seventh Soul (English, Paperback) Sally McLean

    Jeffrey Prescott (aka The Sprigham Soul Stealer) kidnapped and killed six of his students as part of a ritual to gain immortality. Cassidy Walsh was going to be his seventh, and final, victim, but she was rescued just in time by her father, the local Sheriff, who shot and killed Prescott.Fifteen months later, sent away to live with her cousin Alex, Cassidy is still trying to come to terms with the...

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  • Paranormal Inc. by Sally McLean
    Paranormal Inc. (English, Paperback) Sally McLean

    Laura Kerrigan needs a writer with credibility. John Garner is a writer who just needs a job - even if it means working for a magazine about the paranormal. Together they will investigate the strange world of UFOs, ghosts, and all manner of strange phenomena. What could possibly go wrong?

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  • Talking with Myself by Sally McLean
    Talking with Myself (English, Paperback) Sally McLean

    Sally McLean has been a poet for most of her adult life, penning her first poem - "Lights, Camera, Action" at the age of fifteen, which won her first place in a local newspaper literary competition. She has since been published in several poetry and short fiction anthologies in Australia, Canada, the USA and UK, and was named in the 2004 "Who's Who of Poetry", published internationally in late...

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  • Hobbes Falls by Sally McLean
    Hobbes Falls (English, Paperback) Sally McLean

    Lindsay Hayward and her father are making a fresh start and the keyword is 'normal'. Shouldn't be too hard in a small town like Hobbes Falls. Except for the fact that the first friend Lindsay makes is killed by a terrifying creature that is stalking the town and, according to the dead girl's ghost, it's all Lindsay's fault. Throw in a group of mean girls and an unwanted sidekick, and it's...

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  • Chasing Pegasus by Sally McLean
    Chasing Pegasus (English, Paperback) Sally McLean

    A theatrical play for eight women and two men. Running time (without interval): 75 minutes.A celebration of what makes us different, and through that discovery, a recognition of what makes us ultimately the same, "CHASING PEGASUS (A PLAY IN TEN CHORDS)" focuses on the continuing quest of humankind to become more than the sum of our parts. A housewife, two teenagers, a school teacher, an...

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  • O for a Muse of Fire by Sally McLean
    O for a Muse of Fire (English, Paperback) Sally McLean

    Volume 1 of the ActorSpeak collection of works, O For A Muse Of Fire is a collection of quotes about acting and the creative process from the pioneers of theatre craft, sourced from down through the ages and around the world.With contributions from leading lights of the theatre world in days gone by, from Aristotle to Edwin Booth to Dame Ellen Terry to Mae Busch and more, paired with original pop...

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  • Fated by Sally McLean
    Fated (English, Paperback) Sally McLean

    Lindsay Hayward has a destiny and its not a good one. She's going to destroy the world. But destiny can be changed, at least according to her best friend Simon. As she tries to find a way to change her future, Lindsay also discovers there is a dark rage growing inside her - one that could have terrible consequences for those around her.

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