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Sarah Kaplan

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  • Creative Destruction by Richard Foster
    Creative Destruction (English, Paperback) Richard Foster, Sarah Kaplan

    Turning conventional wisdom on its head, a Senior Partner and an Innovation Specialist from McKinsey & Company debunk the myth that high-octane, built-to-last companies can continue to excel year after year and reveal the dynamic strategies ofdiscontinuity and creative destruction these corporations must adopt in order to maintain excellence and remain competitive....

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  • The 360 Degrees Corporation by Sarah Kaplan
    The 360 Degrees Corporation (English, Hardback) Sarah Kaplan

    Going beyond the business case for diversity or sustainability, this book offers guidance to leaders as they navigate the competing demands of stakeholders. Sarah Kaplan argues that conflicting needs, rather than being confusing or problematic, can actually be the source of organizational adaptability and resilience, and shows how companies can not only cope with real tradeoffs but actually thrive and innovate around these tensions.

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