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Sarah Sparrow

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  • A Guide For Murdered Children by Sarah Sparrow
    A Guide For Murdered Children (English, Hardback) Sarah Sparrow

    After finding a job running a cold case squad in suburban Detroit, ex-NYPD detective Willow Wylde discovers a series of church basement meetings where the souls of murdered children, inhabiting the bodies of adults, congregate and plot their revenge.

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  • Paleo for Beginners by Sarah Sparrow
    Paleo for Beginners (English, Paperback) Sarah Sparrow

    Are you looking for ways to get healthier? Do you want to boost your energy naturally? Welcome to a new way of eating and living that has helped many individuals lose weight, increase their energy and feel all around good for the first time in many years. While the Paleo Diet is not new, the hype and attention it has been receiving over the past few years has brought it to the forefront of...

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  • Phytochemicals by Sarah Sparrow
    Phytochemicals (English, Paperback) Sarah Sparrow

    Phytochemicals are bioactive compounds found in natural sources, particularly in plant foods. These elements work with the existing nutrients and fiber in fruits and vegetables to boost the body's immune system to make it resistant to diseases and infections.Filling up one's diet with fruits and vegetables that are rich in phytochemicals lowers the risk of developing chronic diseases like cancer,...

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  • Paleo Diet Cookbook by Sarah Sparrow
    Paleo Diet Cookbook (English, Paperback) Sarah Sparrow

    Losing weight is difficult. It takes hard work, motivation and knowledge. You can be completely committed to a meal plan or diet, but if you are eating the wrong things then you will not be getting the results that you deserve. You might think that you have tried everything out there in your efforts to lose weight, but all of the systems that you have tried are flawed. That is because diets offer...

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  • Paleo Breakfast Recipes by Sarah Sparrow
    Paleo Breakfast Recipes (English, Paperback) Sarah Sparrow

    The Paleolithic diet is a simple answer to today's unhealthy Western eating patterns. The Paleo diet asks: What if we ate the way our ancestors ate? What if we returned to the foods that existed before high blood pressure, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases were commonplace? It focuses on meat, fruits, vegetables and nuts, while avoiding grains, dairy, legumes, refined sugar and processed...

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  • Gluten Free Diet by Sarah Sparrow
    Gluten Free Diet (English, Paperback) Sarah Sparrow

    What is a gluten free diet? How do you start this diet? Will this diet be beneficial for someone who does not have celiac disease, gluten intolerance or wheat allergy?If you are looking for information on gluten-free diet, "GLUTEN FREE DIET: Gluten-Free Diet for Beginners, Including Gluten-Free Foods and Recipes" is the perfect guide for you. This book answers all the questions you may have...

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  • 21 Superfoods for the Elderly by Sarah Sparrow
    21 Superfoods for the Elderly (English, Paperback) Sarah Sparrow

    When one hears the word superfood, food groups that are high in vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and antioxidants quickly come to mind. These foods are high in fiber content, and have typically low amount of calories. Superfoods are recommended for everyone, as we all need to eat foods that are high in nutrition in order to have a healthy body. The elderly will particularly benefit from these...

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  • Spiral Slicer Vegetable Recipes by Sarah Sparrow
    Spiral Slicer Vegetable Recipes (English, Paperback) Sarah Sparrow

    Spiral slicers have made a big impact on the way raw food enthusiasts, vegans, vegetarians, and health conscious cooks make their meals. If you wanted pasta, noodles, or thin slices, you once had to use an old-fashioned and sometimes dangerous mandolin; or have expert skills to make those tiny slices yourself with a an extra-sharp kitchen knife. And those kitchen tools still never made the grade...

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