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Sasha Dugdale

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  • Ten Poems about Walking by Sasha Dugdale
    Ten Poems about Walking (English, Paperback) Sasha Dugdale $6.95
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  • Centres of Cataclysm by Sasha Dugdale
    Centres of Cataclysm (English, Paperback) Sasha Dugdale

    Modern Poetry in Translation is one of the UK's most innovative and prestigious poetry magazines, founded in 1965 by Ted Hughes and Daniel Weissbort.

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  • Joy by Sasha Dugdale
    Joy (English, Paperback) Sasha Dugdale

    Dugdale's Forward-prize-winning 'joy' gives its title to this major collection of long poems and sequences.

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  • The Tangled Route by Sasha Dugdale
    The Tangled Route (Paperback) Sasha Dugdale

    A focus on new and classic Uruguayan poetry: new translations of Liber Falco, Horacio Cavallo and Ida Vitale, plus poets Laura Chalar and Laura Cesarco Eglin in conversation. Also Ernesto Cardenal in Scots, a poem for Cardenal's 90th birthday, Fedor Svarovsky's Sci-fi poetry, and Iraqi poet Mariam Alatar.

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  • The Estate by Sasha Dugdale
    The Estate (English, Paperback) Sasha Dugdale

    Contains poems, which explore the mysterious solitudes of individual lives. The book opens with a sequence written at the Pushkin family estate. The great Russian poet, setting out to St Petersburg, turns back when a hare runs in front of his horse - an act which saves his life. The poems reflect on such chance or fated moments where paths cross.

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  • Red House by Sasha Dugdale
    Red House (English, Paperback) Sasha Dugdale

    Evokes the ghosts and presences that flit about on the margins of our lives. This title traces the shapes that they leave through folk song, lament and lyric poetry.

    $11.81 $19.95
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  • The Best British Poetry 2012 by Sasha Dugdale
    The Best British Poetry 2012 (English, Paperback) Sasha Dugdale

    The Best British Poetry 2012 presents the finest and most engaging poems found in literary magazines and webzines over the past year. The material gathered represents the rich variety of current UK poetry. Each poem is accompanied by a note by the poet explaining the inspiration for the poem.

    $11.95 $13.07
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  • Black Milk by Vassily Sigarev
    Black Milk (English, Paperback) Vassily Sigarev

    A worm's eye view of post-Communist Russia as seen from the bottom of the heap. Set in a remote railway station, "Black Milk" centres on a young spiv and his pregnant wife, who find themselves stranded. They don't like the place, they don't like the people, and they don't much like each other.

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  • Ladybird by Vassily Sigarev
    Ladybird (English, Paperback) Vassily Sigarev

    Dima, 19, lives with his alcoholic father in a block of flats near the cemetery. Tomorrow he'll join the army and go to fight in Chechnya. Tonight he's trying to have a party. Lera, 20, lives in the same block. She reckons she's won a fortune if she can just borrow 1000 roubles to enter a competition.

    $10.93 $20.95
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  • Twisted Angels 2014: No. 1 by Sasha Dugdale
    Twisted Angels 2014: No. 1 (Paperback) Joao Sanchez

    'Twisted Angels' focusses on bold and experimental poetry from Brazil, work by contemporary poets such as Angelica Freitas and Nicolas Behr and new translations of the preeminent Brazilian poet Carlos Drummond de Andrade. We also feature the poetry of Italian filmmaker Pier Paulo Pasolini,Tsvetaeva and South Korean poet Kim Hyesoon.

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  • Scorched Glass by Sasha Dugdale
    Scorched Glass (Paperback) Sasha Dugdale

    MPT's spring issue 'Scorched Glass' features a focus on modern Iranian poetry: new translations of Forugh Farrokhzad, Reza Baraheni, Ziba Karbassi, Nima Yushij and others, and an interview with Iranian critic and translator Atafeh Tahaee. Also in this issue: Tedi Lopez Mills, Jack Mapanje, Guy Goffette, Choman Hardi and Charlie Louth.

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  • I Wish by Sasha Dugdale
    I Wish (Paperback) Sasha Dugdale

    'I WISH' features world poetry for children: new translations of poems from Russia, Taiwan, Mexico, Eritrea and Poland. Also a discussion between former children's laureate Michael Rosen and Russian bestselling poet Marina Boroditskaya about children's poetry and politics. Also four Burmese women poets in translations by UK-based female poets.

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  • The Singing of the Scythe by Sasha Dugdale
    The Singing of the Scythe (Paperback) Langlands & Bell

    'The Singing of the Scythe' focuses on poetry of the First World War, featuring the poetry we guarantee you won't have come across in this centenary year: concrete poems about the occupied city of Antwerp, Punjabi folksongs by soldiers wives, passionate poems from Italian, Russian and Flemish poets. Also poems from Argentina and China.

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  • W War of the Beasts and the Animals by Sasha Dugdale
    W War of the Beasts and the Animals (Paperback) Sasha Dugdale

    MPT's autumn issue `War of the Beasts and the Animals' features a focus on Ukrainian and Russian poetry, including work relating to the war in Donbas by Ukrainian poets, Serhiy Zhadan and Oksana Lutsyshyna and new political work by Russian poets, including Maria Stepanova and Timur Kibirov.

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