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  • The Sleepwalkers by Arthur Koestler
    The Sleepwalkers (English, Paperback) Arthur Koestler

    Dissects the sterile distinction between 'sciences' and 'humanities' to bring to life the whole history of cosmology from the Babylonians to Newton. The author shows how the tragic split between science and religion arose and how the modern world-view replaced the medieval world-view in the scientific revolution of the seventeenth century.

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  • Acting in an Uncertain World by Michel Callon
    Acting in an Uncertain World (English, Paperback) Michel Callon, Yannick Barthe

    A call for a new form of democracy in which "hybrid forums" composed of experts and laypeople address such sociotechnical controversies as hazardous waste, genetically modified organisms, and nanotechnology.

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  • Grant Writer's Handbook, The: How To Write A Research Proposal And Succeed by Gerard M. Crawley
    Grant Writer's Handbook, The: How To Write A Research Proposal And Succeed (English, Paperback) Gerard M. Crawley, Eoin O'Sullivan

    How to Write a Research Grant Proposal - and Succeed provides useful and practical advice on all aspects of proposal writing, including developing proposal ideas, drafting the proposal, dealing with referees, and budgeting.

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  • Science and the Politics of Openness by Brigitte Nerlich
    Science and the Politics of Openness (English, Hardback) Brigitte Nerlich

    The book critically questions the assumption that making science more open and public could solve various issues around scientific credibility, trust, and legitimacy. Chapters in this book explore the risks and benefits of this perspective with relation to transparency, responsibility, experts and faith. -- .

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  • The Nuts and Bolts of Grant Writing by Cynthia E. Carr
    The Nuts and Bolts of Grant Writing (English, Paperback) Cynthia E. Carr

    Using examples from a variety of disciplines, this helpful guide verses readers in the best practices for planning, writing and winning research grants, offering novices the tools they need to begin writing grants and allowing those with more experience to sharpen their skills.

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  • Designs on Nature by Sheila Jasanoff
    Designs on Nature (English, Paperback) Sheila Jasanoff

    Compares the politics and policy of the life sciences in Britain, Germany, the United States, and in the European Union as a whole. This book shows how public and private actors in each setting evaluated manifestations of biotechnology and tried to reassure themselves about their safety.

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  • Presentation Skills for Scientists by Edward Zanders
    Presentation Skills for Scientists (English, Paperback) Edward Zanders, Lindsay MacLeod

    Provides a concise, practical guide to preparing and delivering scientific presentations with impact. With annotated video examples on an associated website the material is specifically tailored to the needs of busy scientists, from students to researchers in both academia and industry. Includes practical exercises and solutions to overcome common problems.

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  • The Overproduction of Truth by Gianfranco Pacchioni
    The Overproduction of Truth (English, Hardback) Gianfranco Pacchioni

    This is a critical assessment of policies and behaviour in science production and publication, touching upon the tumultuous growth of scientific journals in parallel with the growth of self-declared scientists worldwide. The author investigates these problems of science and how this can seriously affect the relationship between science and society.

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  • Science Not Silence by Stephanie Fine Sasse
    Science Not Silence (English, Paperback) Stephanie Fine Sasse

    Signs, artwork, stories, and photographs from the March for Science Movement and community.

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  • Exploring Inductive Risk by Kevin C. Elliott
    Exploring Inductive Risk (English, Paperback) Kevin C. Elliott

    This book brings together eleven case studies of inductive risk-the chance that scientific inference is incorrect-that range over a wide variety of scientific contexts and fields. The chapters are designed to illustrate the pervasiveness of inductive risk, assist scientists and policymakers in responding to it, and productively move theoretical discussions of the topic forward.

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  • Leading your Research Team in Science by Ritsert C. Jansen
    Leading your Research Team in Science (English, Paperback) Ritsert C. Jansen

    This short and practical guide offers valuable recommendations, stories and exercises, to guide readers towards a really successful career as an independent investigator in science. A must-read for early-career researchers, as well as those advising them and anyone else serious about science. This title is available as Open Access via Cambridge Core.

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  • The Dilemmas of Wonderland by Yakov Ben-Haim
    The Dilemmas of Wonderland (English, Hardback) Yakov Ben-Haim

    Innovations create opportunities and dilemmas. They can be more uncertain and potentially worse than existing options. To use or not to use a new and promising but unfamiliar and uncertain innovation? This book offers a new direction, with practical conceptual tools for understanding and managing dilemmas of innovation.

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  • The Blockchain and the New Architecture of Trust by Kevin Werbach
    The Blockchain and the New Architecture of Trust (English, Hardback) Kevin Werbach

    How the blockchain-a system built on foundations of mutual mistrust-can become trustworthy.

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  • Bending Science by Thomas O. McGarity
    Bending Science (English, Paperback) Thomas O. McGarity, Wendy Wagner

    McGarity and Wagner reveal the range of sophisticated legal and financial tactics political and corporate advocates use to discredit or suppress research on potential human health hazards. This book exposes an astonishing pattern of corruption and makes a compelling case for reforms to safeguard both the integrity of science and the public health.

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  • How Economics Shapes Science by Paula Stephan
    How Economics Shapes Science (English, Paperback) Paula Stephan

    At a time when science is seen as an engine of economic growth, Paula Stephan brings a keen understanding of the cost-benefit calculations made by individuals and institutions as they compete for resources and reputation in scientific fields. She highlights especially the growing gap between the biomedical sciences and physics/engineering.

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  • Marketing for Scientists by Marc J. Kuchner
    Marketing for Scientists (English, Paperback) Marc J. Kuchner

    Provides detailed advice about how to land a good scientist job, win funding, and shape the public debate. This title argues that marketing is a critical component of the modern scientific endeavour, not only advancing personal careers but also society's knowledge. It approaches marketing as a science in itself.

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  • Thou Shalt Innovate by Avi Jorisch
    Thou Shalt Innovate (English, Hardback) Avi Jorisch

    Thou Shalt Innovate profiles wondrous Israeli innovations that are collectively changing the lives of billions of people around the world and explores why Israeli innovators of all faiths feel a compulsion to make the world better. Featured stories include Israeli ingenuity in agriculture, medicine, water, and defense, but the heart and soul of this book revolves around the global impact of world...

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  • The War on Science by Shawn Lawrence Otto
    The War on Science (English, Paperback) Shawn Lawrence Otto

    Examines the current state of science in the political sphere, looking at how strategies for alleviating global warming are resisted by powerful interests and faith-based objections to the teaching of evolution erupt from the public.

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  • Jfk's Data Race by Robert D Palmer
    Jfk's Data Race (English, Paperback) Robert D Palmer $27.76 $33.65
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