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Scott McCloud

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  • Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud
    Understanding Comics (English, Paperback) Scott McCloud

    - Neil GaimanPraised throughout the cartoon industry by such luminaries as Art Spiegelman, Matt Groening, and Will Eisner, Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics is a seminal examination of comics art: its rich history, surprising technical components, and major cultural significance.

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  • A Contract with God by Will Eisner
    A Contract with God (English, Hardback) Will Eisner

    A gorgeous, collectible hardcover edition of Will Eisner's pioneering graphic novel to celebrate the author's 100th birthday.

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  • Making Comics by Scott McCloud
    Making Comics (English, Paperback) Scott McCloud

    In a voice that mixes dry humor and clear, concise instruction, McCloud's cartoon narrator shows readers how to master the human condition through word and image in a brilliantly minimalist way. Comic book devotees as well as the most uninitiated will marvel at this journey into a once-underappreciated art form.

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  • Reinventing Comics by Scott McCloud
    Reinventing Comics (English, Paperback) Scott McCloud

    The new century manifesto on the many futures of comics art...

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  • Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud
    Understanding Comics (English, Hardback) Scott McCloud

    Traces the 3,000 year history of storytelling through pictures, discussing the language and images used

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  • Comics richtig lesen by Scott McCloud
    Comics richtig lesen (German, Paperback) Scott McCloud $24.28
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  • The Sculptor by Scott McCloud
    The Sculptor (English, Hardback) Scott McCloud

    Thanks to a deal with Death, young sculptor David gains the ability to sculpt anything he can imagine, but he only has two hundred days to live, a situation complicated by indecision and his discovery of true love.

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  • Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud
    Understanding Comics (Hardback) Scott McCloud

    This detail-packed book includes a history of comics that reaches back to pre-Columbian picture manuscripts and Egyptian monuments and a running analysis of comics as art, literature, and communication.

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  • Making Comics by Scott McCloud
    Making Comics (English, Hardback) Scott McCloud $35.68 $39.15
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  • Zot! by Scott McCloud
    Zot! (English, Paperback) Scott McCloud

    Zachary T Paleozogt, known as Zot is a teenage hero from an alternate Earth. Jaunting back and forth between the worlds seems exciting for Zot at first, but there are subtle differences in the essential nature of the two planets that take some getting used to. Nevertheless, Zot eagerly takes on Earth's challenges with the most amusing outcomes.

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  • Sculptor by Scott McCloud
    Sculptor (English, Hardback) Scott McCloud

    Much anticipated graphic novel from the creator of Understanding Comics

    4 stars

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  • Superman Adventures Vol. 1 by Scott McCloud
    Superman Adventures Vol. 1 (English, Paperback) Scott McCloud, Rick Burchett

    Mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent, Superman, has to convince the citizens of Metropolis that he is indeed a force for good when arch-villain Lex Luthor unleashes a terrifying robot-clone on the city. Superman has his work cut out to keep the city safe, and his true identity a secret.

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  • Superman Adventures Vol. 2 by Scott McCloud
    Superman Adventures Vol. 2 (English, Paperback) Scott McCloud

    Features the Man of Steel who must keep Metropolis safe from enemies near and far.

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  • Big Problem, A by Scott McCloud
    Big Problem, A (English, Hardback) Scott McCloud, Rick Burchett

    As if being shrunk down to two inches tall weren't enough of a problem for the Man of Steel, now the Kryptonian villain Jax-Ur has used Professor Hamilton's size-changing device to become a giant! And with Mala still at his side, it's obvious that Metropolis isn't big enough for the three of them!

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  • Be Careful What You Wish For. . . by Scott McCloud
    Be Careful What You Wish For. . . (English, Hardback) Scott McCloud, Rick Burchett

    Metallo strikes at the Last Son of Krypton through a woman who's been going around Metropolis claiming to be Superman's girlfriend!

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  • Eye to Eye by Scott McCloud
    Eye to Eye (English, Hardback) Scott McCloud

    Superman is hit with a prototype gravity device while trying to foil a heist at S.T.A.R. Labs, resulting in his increasing his mass so he can barely move!

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  • The Best American Comics by Scott McCloud
    The Best American Comics (English, Hardback) Scott McCloud

    Scott McCloud, "just about the smartest guy in comics" (Frank Miller), picks the best graphic pieces of the year.

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  • 24 Hour Comics by Scott McCloud
    24 Hour Comics (English, Paperback) Scott McCloud, Neil Gaiman

    The challenge: create an entire 24-page comic book in 24 consecutive hours.Hundreds of cartoonists have taken this challenge, turning out works that wereamazing, amusing, or revelatory. Four-time Harvey Award and Eisner Award winnerScott McCloud, comicdom's top theoretician and inventor of the 24-hour comic,explains the concept and presents nine of the best.Includes stories by Neil Gaiman, Al...

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