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Scott Olsen

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  • Golden Section by Scott Olsen
    Golden Section (English, Paperback) Scott Olsen

    What was the golden secret known to Leonardo da Vinci, Kepler, Plato and the ancient magicians? Can there really be a key to nature and life itself? This book aims to unravel a mystery, a code that seems to underly life, the universe and everything, a pattern we instinctively recognise as beautiful, and which nature herself uses at every scale.

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  • The Golden Section by Scott Olsen
    The Golden Section (English, Hardback) Scott Olsen

    Tells the story of the golden section, a line segment divided into two parts such that the ratio of the short portion to the longer portion is equal to the ratio of the longer portion to the whole, and its impact on civilization and the natural world.

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  • Bay to Ocean 2018 by W Scott Olsen
    Bay to Ocean 2018 (English, Paperback) W Scott Olsen

    The Eastern Shore Writers Association is proud to showcase the year's best poetry, essays, short stories and cover art from two dozen members, as chosen by editor and author W. Scott Olsen. Spanning the Delmarva Peninsula, which includes portions of Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia, ESWA supports the professional networking and advancement of its members through meetings, workshops, and the annual...

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