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  • Britain's Royal Families by Alison Weir
    Britain's Royal Families (English, Paperback) Alison Weir

    Fascinating and authoritative of Britain's royal families from Henry VIII to Elizabeth I to Queen Victoria, by leading popular historian Alison Weir 'George III is alleged to have married secretly, on 17th April, 1759, a Quakeress called Hannah Lightfoot.

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  • Lancaster And York by Alison Weir
    Lancaster And York (Paperback) Alison Weir

    The war between the houses of Lancaster and York for the throne of England was characterised by treachery, deceit and - at St Albans, Blore Hill and Towton, - some of the bloodiest and most dramatic battles on England's soil.

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  • The Six Wives Of Henry VIII by Alison Weir
    The Six Wives Of Henry VIII (Paperback) Alison Weir

    One of the most powerful monarchs in British history, Henry VIII ruled England in unprecedented splendour. In this remarkable composite biography, Alison Weir brings Henry's six wives vividly to life, revealing each as a distinct and compelling personality in her own right.

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  • Eleanor Of Aquitaine by Alison Weir
    Eleanor Of Aquitaine (Paperback) Alison Weir

    Eleanor, Duchess of Aquitaine was one of the leading personalities of the Middle Ages and also one of the most controversial. Eleanor married in turn Louis VII of France and Henry II of England, and was the mother of Richard the Lionheart and King John.

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  • Elizabeth, The Queen by Alison Weir
    Elizabeth, The Queen (Paperback) Alison Weir

    In her highly praised The Six Wives of Henry VIII and its sequel, Children of England, Alison Weir examined the private lives of the early Tudor kings and queens, and chronicled the childhood and youth of one of England's most successful monarchs, Elizabeth I.

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  • Traitors of the Tower by Alison Weir
    Traitors of the Tower (English, Paperback) Alison Weir

    More than four hundred years ago, seven people were beheaded in the Tower of London. Traitors of the Tower is a short, sharp shot of royal revenge from the master of popular history and one of Britain's top-selling historians, Alison Weir.

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  • Elizabeth of York by Alison Weir
    Elizabeth of York (English, Paperback) Alison Weir

    Elizabeth of York would have ruled England, but for the fact that she was a woman. Heiress to the royal House of York, she schemed to marry Richard III, the man who had deposed and probably killed her brothers, and it is possible that she then conspired to put Henry Tudor on the throne. This book is a portrait of this beloved queen.

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  • Henry VIII by Alison Weir
    Henry VIII (Paperback) Alison Weir

    'This magnificent biography of Henry VIII is set against the cultural, social and political background of his court - the most spectacular court ever seen in England - and the splendour of his many sumptuous palaces.

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  • The Captive Queen by Alison Weir
    The Captive Queen (English, Paperback) Alison Weir

    It is the year 1152, and a beautiful woman rides through France, fleeing her crown, her two young daughters and a shattered marriage. between father and sons, as Henry's children take up arms against him - and finally between Henry and Eleanor herself.

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  • The Lady Elizabeth by Alison Weir
    The Lady Elizabeth (English, Paperback) Alison Weir

    She is destined to ascend the throne, and deferred to as the King's heiress, but that all changes when her mother Anne Boleyn - Henry`s great passion and folly - is executed for treason.

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  • The Lady In The Tower by Alison Weir
    The Lady In The Tower (Paperback) Alison Weir

    On 2 May, 1536, in an act unprecedented in English history, Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII's second wife, was imprisoned in the Tower of London. Did Cromwell, for reasons of his own, construct a case against Anne and her faction, and then present compelling evidence before the King?

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  • A Dangerous Inheritance by Alison Weir
    A Dangerous Inheritance (English, Paperback) Alison Weir

    Two women separated by time are linked by the most famous murder mystery in history, the Princes in the Tower.

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  • Against Our Better Judgment by Alison Weir
    Against Our Better Judgment (English, Paperback) Alison Weir

    "Prodigiously documented... Alison Weir must be highly commended for throwing such a brilliantly hard light on the relationship between the United States and Israel. I hope this marvelous book gets all the attention it deserves." ? Ambassador Andrew Killgore Soon after WWII, US statesman Dean Acheson warned that creating Israel on land already inhabited by Palestinians would ?imperil? both...

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  • Richard III and the Princes in the Tower by Alison Weir
    Richard III and the Princes in the Tower (Paperback) Alison Weir

    Includes a new foreword by the author The story of the death, in sinister circumstances, of the boy-king Edward V and his younger brother Richard, Duke of York, is one of the most fascinating murder mysteries in English history.

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  • Katherine of Aragon, the True Queen by Alison Weir
    Katherine of Aragon, the True Queen (English, Paperback) Alison Weir

    Bestselling author and acclaimed historian Alison Weir takes on what no fiction writer has done before: creating a dramatic six-book series in which each novel covers one of King Henry VIII's wives. In this captivating opening volume, Weir brings to life the tumultuous tale of Katherine of Aragon, Henry's first, devoted, and "true" queen....

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  • The Life of Elizabeth I by Alison Weir
    The Life of Elizabeth I (English, Paperback) Alison Weir


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  • Jane Seymour, the Haunted Queen by Alison Weir
    Jane Seymour, the Haunted Queen (English, Hardback) Alison Weir

    Acclaimed author and historian Alison Weir continues her epic Six Tudor Queens series with this third captivating novel, which brings to life Jane Seymour, King Henry VIII's most cherished bride and mother of his only legitimate male heir....

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    5 stars

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  • The Wars of the Roses by Alison Weir
    The Wars of the Roses (English, Paperback) Alison Weir

    Chronicles the struggles of the Lancaster and York families to control the British monarchy, while offering profiles of such figures as Katherine of Valois, Elizabeth Wydville, and Margaret of Anjou

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  • Princes in the Tower, the by Alison Weir
    Princes in the Tower, the (English, Paperback) Alison Weir

    Offers a solution to the centuries-old mystery of the fate of the boy king Edward V and his younger brother, who were believed killed by their uncle, Richard III

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  • Mistress of the Monarchy by Alison Weir
    Mistress of the Monarchy (English, Paperback) Alison Weir

    Acclaimed author Alison Weir brings to life the extraordinary tale of Katherine Swynford, a royal mistress who became one of the most crucial figures in the history of Great Britain. Born in the mid-fourteenth century, Katherine de Roët was only twelve when she married Hugh Swynford, an impoverished knight. But her story had truly begun two years earlier, when she was appointed governess to the...

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